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    Today, 2:20 AM · 558 replies and 41481 views.
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    Today, 1:43 AM · 20 replies and 285 views.
    Sorry just skimmed this. Did the player minor faction choose the system and the wrong government type or were they forced to go to that system and forced to be a Democracy by Fdev? Shame you cant buy stuff on the black market.
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    Yesterday, 7:05 PM · 90 replies and 8693 views.
    Soooooooooooo excited!
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    Yesterday, 7:02 PM · 34 replies and 988 views.
    Thanks! It's all very exciting!
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    Yesterday, 7:01 PM · 6 replies and 307 views.
    For real?
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    Yesterday, 6:52 PM · 90 replies and 8693 views.
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    Yesterday, 6:22 PM · 46 replies and 933 views.
    Sylveria replied to a thread Humans First in Dangerous Discussion
    Pretty much, this.
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    Yesterday, 6:16 PM · 46 replies and 933 views.
    Sylveria replied to a thread Humans First in Dangerous Discussion
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:09 PM · 1278 replies and 120989 views.
    Nah I wasn't taking offence - I take pride in what I do and take pride in getting it right - the 2.1.x release has been a particularly problematic one for me - I've been taking lots of valuable feedback not only here but especially on my Captain's Log Discord server over the last 4 days and have been pulling all-nighters to get 2.1.x straightened out - I event went as far as repairing a guy's GALAXY.db last night over Discord (I can't do that for everyone though, that'd be like a full time job ;) ) A lot of the bother was due to trying to update my toolset to Python 3.5 64-bit - combined with trying to use a new method of building the code into an executable, which interacted in unwelcome ways with Windows 10. That's why I reverted back to the tried-and-working 32-bit Python 3.4 for the 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 releases. I wanted to get 2.1.x properly running for when ED 2.4 goes live, which is tomorrow. And of course, forum text never ever comes out right - you can't properly have a conversation on forums...
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:42 PM · 1278 replies and 120989 views.
    I build and develop this on Windows 10. There are no viruses infecting it and it is not malware. I lost the password to my Class II code signing certificate about 2 weeks ago so I can no longer sign the binaries like I have been doing for previous releases - which is why Windows 10 whines when starting the installer. Obtaining a new class II code signing certificate is going to take time and money, and I hardly receive any donations at all so it basically has to come out of my own pocket - so that's on a very low priority at the moment. As well as uninstalling CL2, try renaming any CaptainsLog2 folder residing in %localappdata%. Oh and uninstall Avast - I wouldn't trust that or any other of the big antivirus products - they're not needed these days and I know saying this is going to be contentious, but they're nothing more than bloated pieces of software made by companies for whom it's in their self-interest to display scary big red alert windows at anything that runs code. And I used to run Avast,...
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:20 PM · 43 replies and 1113 views.
    I have indeed managed to ship quite a few 100's of tons of explosives to Eurybia, in between the most awful release of CL2 2.1.x I've ever experienced and having to issue multiple point releases over the weekend. ;) CG's aren't particularly enjoyable - repeatedly buy stuff <here> and sell it <there>. If I get the time tonight I'll do more, though.
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:39 AM · 1278 replies and 120989 views.
    "All kinds of errors" simply isn't enough info to go on. :rolleyes:
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:00 AM · 7 replies and 261 views.
    According to eddb your nearest station from Colonia with a 5A Frame Shift Drive is 21,743.38 LY away ;) Dunno if EDDB is accurate for the Colonia region though.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:46 AM · 8 replies and 189 views.
    Liz has always been a bit on the killy side bless her. Had a chat with her over tea. Said she didnt mind me helping out on the sciencey side of stuffs with the other Prof. So if you are in Maia can you do a few missions for teh Ryder revolutionary party. As the chaps from Utopia say
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:38 AM · 236 replies and 16563 views.
    We just have to hit that top tier before the thargoids have at us!
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    24/09/2017, 11:52 PM · 1278 replies and 120989 views.
    Looks like you have a trip db which can't be found. A possible remedy is going to %localappdata%\CaptainsLog2 in File Browser, and editing the captainslog2.INI file, and set activedb = v2default This should load the default trip database. I've actually right now put a safety check in the source code to check to see if the configured trip DB exists and if not, set the trip DB to load to v2default. This fix will go into the next release, which won't be tonight as I'm exhausted having fixed a ton of stuff and made two releases today as well as the other releases in the last few days :)
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    24/09/2017, 10:06 PM · 1278 replies and 120989 views.
    A major showstopper bug fixed, amongst other bugfixes and enhancements/adjustments. Uninstall previous version of 2.x before installing this one. Download links at : Changelog - BUGFIX : When validating Target Destination XYZ upper and lower bounds, ensure you are checking X and X, Y and Y and, Z and Z, instead of X&X, Y&X, and Z&X, dummy. - BUGFIX : Don't set the overlay estimated system value with the estimated total trip value - that's a paddlin'
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