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  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Today, 12:33 PM · 111 replies and 10909 views.
    Also FE2 (and presumably FFE) were written in assembly language - about as low-level as you can get without manually bunging in hexadecimal codes for the machine code :) This resulted in very tight, compact code and the Amiga version executable of FE2 was only 400K in size! Contrast that with today's machines we play E: D on. E: D is written in a high level language - Visual C++ I believe. Even after compilation, there will still be a certain amount of bloat in the resultant game, and it's not realistic to write game code in assembler these days - you'd have to be mad. Mad I say! Plus the advantage of writing the game in a higher level language is you can port it to other platforms.
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Today, 11:41 AM · 106 replies and 8431 views.
    By the way I thought I'd share the ValueFormula class I came up with in Python for these formulae. This is what Captain's Log uses... from math import ceil class ValueFormula(object): # Both forumlae taken from MattG's forum post, see #
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 106 replies and 8431 views.
    Sure thing! I've done this procedure before when testing the old CL1.x's estimated values to compare them in the same manner ;) That was back in the bad old days before formulae and I basically had a high and low range for each type of body as opposed to this wonderful stuff here :)
  • Mobius's Avatar
    Today, 2:03 AM · 380 replies and 11245 views.
    My Answer to your question is that yes it is totally Fair, the rules for open are that there are no rules, you want to blow up noobs cmdrs then go ahead, you want to attack players trying to earn a living at a CG then yes its fair, you want to interdict players in smaller ships than yours, sure its totally fair. because open is a mode the allows it to be fair for anyone who thinks its fair. If players don't think its fair then join a PVE group that makes things fair for all players.
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Today, 12:29 AM · 286 replies and 21533 views.
    Well I'm pretty sure they already know of these things, after all, they do plot latitude and longitude lines on the unscanned planet sphere. They already know how to figure out a planet's north & south, and you are supplied with LAT/LON coords whilst in flight and on the ground in a SRV. They just need to go that one little step further and allow us to type in juuuust one LAT/LON coordinate and mark a waypoint ;) Bookmarks come later ;)
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:38 PM · 106 replies and 8431 views.
    I've just added these formulae into Captain's Log 2.1.0 beta which I'm working on now, and I'm out gathering some exploration data in my alt account - doing the Road To Riches for that ;) So I'll have a look for any of the anomalous WW's and see if I can discern a pattern. My playing time is somewhat limited, because family-man ;) but I'll do a bit of surveying every now and then and see what, if anything, crops up. This is all excellent work, guys :)
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:21 PM · 380 replies and 11245 views.
    Science! types probably just want to Science stuff hassle-free, and especially not want to be bothered by being attacked - guarded by other CMDR's or not. They're simply not interested in that kind of emergent gameplay, which naturally contrasts with the type of emergent gameplay which gets your juices flowing. This is where the contention lies does it not? Thus the only solution for Science! types is to either go Solo, or in a private group, currently. I've already explained to you two very good reasons why at the goid wrecks having your ship right outside the door is basically essential :) So I'll reiterate, Frontier, this is looking like awful game design more than anything else.
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:43 PM · 380 replies and 11245 views.
    Thank you for proving the point :) This is what I'm getting at with Dale's post - Frontier are basically wasting everyone's time adding content like the 'goid wreck sites, when they also state that wanton destruction is allowed. The game design as-is, completely sucks in that case. Couple that with... (Okay so I'm not a Mobius member to begin with. Joined once, hardly touched it, saw no point in keeping in it, don't have a wish to rejoin) As someone else pointed out, Mr Baron, ships don't recall within the bounds of the wreck site, so it's going to be a long trek to reach the ship via SRV - plus due to the nature of the content Frontier added, various things degrade the SRV's and there are times when you need to dash back to the ship before your oxygen runs out.
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:10 PM · 380 replies and 11245 views.
    I suppose it depends on what's considered 'harassment'. Say a group of 4 or 5 Science! types goes down to a 'goid wreck site on a planet and park their ships there in order to do research. Then some other player comes along and blows up their parked ships. I'm wondering where that is on the fine line between what's considered PvP and what's considered harassment. Some might say it's PvP in a literal sense because it's one player shooting at other player's ships with the intent to blow them up. Others might not count that as PvP, because, well it should be obvious - those ships are just sitting there inert, the players are in SRV's - there's no real danger to the player shooting at those ships is there? Where's the 'battle' in that scenario? Some might count that as crossing the line towards 'harassment'. But yeah - is that scenario fair? I'd say no. Others might say "yes because I'm roleplaying as a CMDR who doesn't want the geeks to inadvertently trigger war between humans and 'goids" - then next...
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:52 AM · 380 replies and 11245 views.
    You're correct in everything you say above, because it basically says the BGS is irrelevant, because a player doesn't need anything to justify their actions within the game, because 'cutthroat galaxy' and 'just hunt other commanders'. It's basically a free for all. If Frontier switched the BGS off and everything was made static, the change wouldn't be noticeable. You'd still be able to buy at A and sell for B, and get killed by a player who's just hunting other commanders. The BGS is wasted effort :) Sure, those who group together and take the BGS a bit more seriously than others would notice, but at the end of the day, you can surely ignore all the man-hours put into creating a BGS, Powerplay, and just hunt other commanders, because Frontier designed it this way and they're fine with that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging the rabid player-killers, they're blazing their own trail by blazing other player's trails, because that's what was advertised and obviously what Frontier wants :)
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:08 AM · 380 replies and 11245 views.
    Let's look at what he said... He said it's not fair, the moral justification 'depends' , and it is allowed.
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:34 AM · 380 replies and 11245 views.
    Dale from Frontier explained why. It's a dystopian universe set in a cutthroat galaxy where you can 'just hunt other commanders' - Frontier advertised it this way and this appears to have been their intention all along. Frontier were just really, really bad at communicating what they wanted the game to be, advertising in-game roles of Trader, Pirate, Bounty Hunter, and Explorer. This appears to have fooled a lot of people (myself included) into believing that marketing slogans like 'cutthroat galaxy' and 'just hunt other commanders' were supposed to be taken within a context of the BGS and the 4 touted roles and not to be taken literally. Dale just confirmed here that they are to be taken literally. Which is fine, but... Either this means people like me have been wrong right from the start about Frontier's intent - which now seems to be the case - or Frontier are completely wasting theirs and everyone else's time even making up the 4 touted roles and the BGS, because how can you reconcile...
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:56 AM · 380 replies and 11245 views.
    Oh yeah I totally agree with that. In fact the first time I was blown up by another player, about 2 years ago, was the last time it happened. Any other time I blew up, I did it to myself with no other player involved ;) (Not counting the 2.3 beta - that time I had 3 duels with a mate of mine between his Cutter and my 'armed explorer' RNGineered Conda. It was 2-1 to the Cutter but the duels made me adapt my tactics and in the end I prevailed the 3rd time)
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:02 AM · 111 replies and 10909 views.
    Oh I'm no young whippersnapper ;) Been in the IT business for many a decade. I was only speaking within the context of a gaming PC, fully realising that 8, 16, and 32-bit systems are still alive and well - just not so good for running contemporary games ;)
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