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  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 2:46 PM · 7447 replies and 443201 views.
    great find ... we need a thread for that :)
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 2:06 PM · 162 replies and 6720 views.
    i'm generally with schlack here - there should be a reason, why factions align them with superpowers. but i'm mainly concerned about the problem of diminuishing any actions effect in a system by muliplication of superpower bounty redeems. anyway, as FDEV is reverting to get a better idea of the actual effect and we actually do not know, whether the unresponsiveness of many systems in 2.3. was more down to the increased influence effect, or the distribution between superpower aligned minor factions/multiplication of actions, or both, and how the BGS algorythm actually works (maybe it counted any bounty redeem as 2 actions in 2.3. as an effect of the increased influence effect of bounties? - so reverting it makes system more responsive again?), I'm looking forward to new experiences after the patch.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 1:51 PM · 3 replies and 5 views.
    DBE is a great ship - but as a bountyhunter primarily? that's ... uhm, an unusual choice! i fly my DBE often, but for bountyhunting or conflict zones i'd always take its smaller and faster sibling, the DBS. anyway, beside some possible sidegrades (AspScout after its buff in 2.3., if you like to fly something more manouverable), obvious choice next is a vulture. around 10 mio in a starting outfit, up to 20 mio. if you have federal rank, you could as well look at a federal dropship, if your time with the DBE made slower, drifty ships enjoyable :) and welcome to these forums!
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 PM · 5 replies and 65 views.
    - only positive superpower (Empire, Alliance, Federation) reputation decays, and only from Allied to Friendly (75%), where the decay stops. - negative superpower and minor faction reputation decays from hostile to unfriendly, where it stops, too. - as for minor factions to work with, some are givig out permits: ... nice to get those permits by exploration data. - once you own horizons, you can also use exploration data for engineers: - another option is to scour the groups forum for some exploration friendly groups; most groups with a minor faction ingame always have a good usage for the influence gain by exploration data.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 12:45 PM · 8 replies and 121 views.
    love the idea. tip-off mechanics, or the ram tah missions say that the framework for it is somehow in place. you could couple it with some event (for exampel: selling explo data, or selling explo data wich leads to a faction reputation change ... etc. pp.).
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 12:29 PM · 7447 replies and 443201 views.
    from the thread specifically on that subject:
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 12:26 PM · 7447 replies and 443201 views.
    as brought to my attention by @matzov (ty!), after the controlling faction of the megaship in aldebaran expanded some days ago following the usual rules, there is also an minor faction which has expanded to the megaship yesterday. so, system with megaships work like any other inhabited system in terms of expansion, and a megaship is treated as an asset which can be won or lost in a conflict.
  • EdzUp's Avatar
    Today, 12:25 PM · 162 replies and 6720 views.
    From the whole independent perspective it should be harder to hold out against a superpower wanting to move in on your system this will make the game have fringe world's where independents have systems far away from the major powers which will give a nice "wild west" feel to that section of space. Rather like the Lave cluster in FFE. We should be allowed to setup factions far away from the super powers though as this would make it much more interesting how it would all pan out when the faction grows in size.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 12:19 PM · 162 replies and 6720 views.
    thanks! question, as we players don't know how caps and diminuishing returns in busy systems work, will this revert adress the problem described here: as systems get very unresponsive, like padded cells for BGS work, if number of actions go back up, i think that makes a lot of frustration for players ... people are running hundreds of missions and they neither win or loose influence, as the multiplication of a single action to multiple actions by superpower bounty redeems is diminuishing any other effort in the system.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 11:32 AM · 15 replies and 137 views.
    can only back that. if you plan to scan stuff out there, take something else than a conda... something with good supercruise handling you enjoy flying, DBE, courier, Adder, AspE, etc. pp. conda is great for covering large distances, and if you want to bring all of it at the same time with you, like srv, fighter bay, afmu, cargo, collector, cabin ...
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 10:29 AM · 7447 replies and 443201 views.
    i have asked that question in the first bgs livestream - whether there is a cap per player. the answer was no, there is no cap on a per player base. i assume there are all kind of softcaps in place. and there is a soft- or hardcap in positive influence gains down to population sizes.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:50 PM · 25 replies and 559 views.
    :D - well done, superior! now enjoy the game kingsize.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:47 PM · 2 replies and 70 views.
    factions are in wrong state. if the anarchy faction in fehu is in boom, things looks very different. but generally, longrange smuggling isn't what it used to be.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:46 PM · 145 replies and 8047 views.
    doesn't work. your contribution goes to the first CG you signed up for. i signed up for both to check stats.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:44 PM · 1 replies and 56 views.
    it already has. since last autumn.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:51 PM · 162 replies and 6720 views.
    interesting post! good test. I can only reply what i have said to elementical above, who also claims that reducing the influence effect of bounties would be the way to go, and the distribution of superpower bounties leads to from FDEV expected results (i mean, we have pirate factions hurting themself by selling their precious loot at their stations, why not having superpower aligned controlling faction hurting themself by redeem superpower bounties?) - reducing the influence effect of bounties would not help with the massive "up" in actions in many systems, which is an effect of multiplying a single bounty redeem with the number of superpower aligned minor factions in system. that is diminuishing any other action in system, and is turning even small population systems (with some superpower aligned minor factions and quite some superpower bounty cash ins) into as unresponsive as very huge population systems, or padded cells for BGS work. if i have a bgs battle with a bountyhunter wing (which that...
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:21 PM · 7447 replies and 443201 views.
    check whether station has a black market ... feds make a lot of stuff illegal, for exampel tobacco in most (all?) cases. combine your mission running with smuggling ... anything to get your actions/transactions in system up.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:36 PM · 29 replies and 809 views.
    if i can do it in a courier, you can do it in a FDL :D that said, death by ramming happens to me in my all frag speed courier, yes... i have one incendiary and one corrosive on my courier ... but after looking at truesilvers excellent guide here and taking the low APV of frags into account (30), which of course are helped quite a bit with the corrosive special, i would probably not bring any incendiary anymore ... but i can't be bothered to reengineer :-)
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:28 PM · 5 replies and 83 views.
    ... or they picked up a "kill pirate lord Pharaoh043" mission ... ;-)
  • Edward Lewis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:25 PM · 45 replies and 1805 views.
    I don't need this!!! *slinks off to the corner to study video*
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:20 PM · 7447 replies and 443201 views.
    as it wasn't posted in this thread, i'll share this impressive gif you, made by voggix of the East India Company, showing the change in influence levels in 10k (!) systems since 2.3.: as you can clearly see, high influence levels are dwindling, lower influence levels go to more midrange levels.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:27 PM · 5 replies and 83 views.
    if you have a high enough bounty anywhere in the bubble, npc bounty hunters will hunt you down, no matter where you go. that's the price of being a criminal ;-)
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:25 PM · 85 replies and 2540 views.
    just very generally, all differences in wording or additional balancing aside: consistent mission board across relogging/modes/serves is necessary, well put @OP
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