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  • Raiko's Avatar
    Today, 11:03 AM · 49 replies and 1130 views.
    I don't think there will be a Norse translation of, "I said Cookiebots, not Boogiebots!"
  • drakhyr's Avatar
    Today, 10:57 AM · 49 replies and 1130 views.
    It appears that the half-term special at Polly's Scandinavian Supply Shack in Nithhogg is flame-grilled eagle. Available in a choice of charred, blackened or ash. Yours for only the cost of a one-way ticket to Ratatosk (plus the downpayment on the loan for a new Eagle).
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Today, 10:56 AM · 49 replies and 1130 views.
    I was going to post a link to EDTS, which I've never used but I know that a lot (lol) of other BRC cmdrs use, but Cookiehole beat me - nothing new there! ;) If you're playing with the Raikogram in excel anyway though, you can use the solver plugin to solve travelling salesman problems, which is what I normally do. I tend to chuck everything Buckyball related into excel anyway. Just Google for "excel solver travelling salesman". The solver plugin is a part of excel, it's not a third party plugin, you just need to activate it. As most of our races only have four or five stops, and since number of jumps is a smaller number than lightyears, I usually have a go manually first and then check with excel.
  • drakhyr's Avatar
    Today, 9:40 AM · 49 replies and 1130 views.
    To be honest, my normal route plotting program is the mkI pen-and-paper approach (well, technically pencil and paper):
  • superflyguy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:13 PM · 27 replies and 1507 views.
    always looking for an edge . i said 'an edge', not 'the edge'
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:07 PM · 88 replies and 7516 views.
    I would be amazed if there's anything space based in the Hind Nebula, considering the Asteroid Base there the system has been visited a lot this last year.
  • drakhyr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:16 PM · 30 replies and 889 views.
    Again, my experience differs; out of the dozen plus such missions I've done over the past 2-3 days, only once have I had such an occurrence (and you can jump out to orbital cruise and back in again, rather than re-logging). Admittedly I've only had two or three stacked at a time. Personally I'm just pleased to see that since 2.4, multiple missions to the same system will actually send you to different targets, and different planets/moons, rather than all sending you to the same place!
  • drakhyr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:39 PM · 30 replies and 889 views.
    This does not match my own experience. Over the past 2-3 days I have done maybe a dozen planetary surface scan missions, all for a faction currently at peace (and with which I am allied). Payouts have ranged from 200k to 3.1m, and in probably around two-thirds of cases the target has been defended with trespass zone, skimmers and defence turrets. It sounds like OP may just have had a bad patch of RNG.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:34 PM · 32 replies and 1382 views.
    Ozric replied to a thread No 5th Aegis CG in Aliens
    Good. If you can defend and counter all the weapons they have, then it makes the whole thing rather pointless. They should be a challenge if you want to try and fight them. I don't think we'll be getting a way of following their wakes anytime soon, or probably, anytime.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:12 PM · 983 replies and 87366 views.
    Ozric replied to a thread INRA Base Discoveries in Aliens
    Well it's hard as they're 218Mb each :p However this is a crop of one and if you zoom right in you'll notice how the metal fixings don't lose any quality, but the writing's already blurred. I can't see anything behind the writing though, maybe it's cause the lighting's different but I don't think so. Click the picture to get a fullscreen version.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:48 PM · 983 replies and 87366 views.
    Ozric replied to a thread INRA Base Discoveries in Aliens
    I doubt you'll get them to be honest, the writing is deliberately blurred. I take my screenshots at 6k resolution and you still can't read what they say. I only managed to make out water and coffee beans when I first posted that picture, didn't notice toilet roll, but I'm glad they had some at least :D
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:18 PM · 88 replies and 7516 views.
    A last defiant line of defence, in a battle against overwhelming odds, where the invaders are halted by a virus... I know where my money is :D
  • superflyguy's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 11:07 PM · 49 replies and 1130 views.
    i'm away all next week so a 'blot' may be my only option. so i might as well make it a good one! naturally i spent so long faffing about trying to get 'the perfect shot' of the Buckyball Beer Mat canister that it exploded as i was about to press f10, so you'll have to make do with this! (@thor's eye) intent to sadly miss (another) race. probably
  • superflyguy's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 7:39 PM · 27 replies and 1507 views.
    run submitted. when entering start & finish times there is no 'seconds' option, felt a bit strange. possibly more important, there is no field for video submission. it's here :
  • superflyguy's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:15 PM · 27 replies and 1507 views.
    wow that was pretty intense. nailed my practice run and then took a wrong turn in the twiddly bit on the left side of the map. didn't cost too much time but annoying none the less. i'll submit my time when i have taken the beauty shots. packing a bag for Ceres Tarn. it sounds lovely
  • superflyguy's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 9:29 PM · 27 replies and 1507 views.
    ok, i'll trythios again. fliver: CMDR <-lightspeed-> (superflyguy) nav: my compass & map Aldiss Terminal - Pegasi Sector IR-W d1-90 We come in pieces (Scarab SRV) 19 Oct 3303 20:29:00 somebody has to go first and it's the only chance i'll get to be top of the leaderboard intent to try and locate base dwelling Thargoids!
  • drakhyr's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 6:37 PM · 49 replies and 1130 views.
    Having spent the last couple of days sacrificing time and materials on the altars of various engineers, I decided I might as well carry this through with the suggested sacrifice to the gods. Well, Thor, it being his day and all. Intent to race: Cmdr Samwell Drakhyr The Squirrel: Eagle Stop That Pigeon The Wyrm: Diamondback Explorer Black Maria Battle cry: Uggi stál ormr! * *roughly "Fear the steel serpent", though I haven't a clue about the correct form of the verb ugga
  • Raiko's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 1:23 PM · 61 replies and 2395 views.
    Why not have a go at our current race Yggdrasil - link in my signature - instead? By the way, did you voice the awesome Galnet story for my Fat Tony's Festival of Racing event? If so then, I've been meaning to tank you. Consider this an IOU for a pint sometime. Hopefully I'll be at next year's Lavecon. :)
  • Raiko's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 1:42 AM · 276 replies and 7722 views.
    I've not received any further submissions, or had any mistakes pointed out, so the provisional tables are now final standings. The first post has been updated. Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to all the winners, I had a great time running the festival, next time I'll go for something with a few less leaderboards though. Special thanks to Alec and Sushi who's random forum comments gave the moments of inspiration that changed the Ironbucky Trophy from a name I'd thought up into the vicious thing it became. Also to the Reddit Elite Miners without whom I wouldn't have found Smeaton Port orbiting that evil little moon. :D The Lonnegan Brothers will be back at Weyl Gateway in the Alacarakmo system very soon hosting The Bootlegger Challenge Rebootlegged, which incorporates an updated version of the Black Riband. Until then it's goodbye from Fat Tony!
  • Raiko's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 12:24 AM · 49 replies and 1130 views.
    I love everything about this race, especially the artwork. And this bit: Can't stop laughing. :D Intent to race, I'll do it properly later when I can think of a battlecry and can get time to play and do a blot. I'll use CMDR Raiko in both events. I've got an un-named Imperial Eagle somewhere that I've never used (got added as a Kickstarter reward when the iEagle was added to the game) for The Squirrel, but what are your thoughts on entering in different ships? I'll be having a go at The Wyrm in The Nomad, but I'd quite like to have a go in an FdL or Python for Viking Raiding Party / Scourge of the North. :)
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