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    Today, 9:16 PM · 55 replies and 950 views.
    A-rated and engineered Python, a Type-9 as well, and all that's left for purchasing an A-rated Anaconda is buying the hull (I always get the modules first, and then engineer them) and a good use for a 300+ million credit ship (Python is better for my normal activities). All without grinding.
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    Today, 9:05 PM · 55 replies and 950 views.
    Agreed, though I think they're expressing a valid alternative and way of approaching the game in general which can provide some insight to those that are having a challenge progressing in the game as they think they should. Progress in the game is largely self-defining. You don't have to have the biggest ship etc. to get along just fine. It all depends what you're after, but regardless of that, you should enjoy the game for yourself at any rate, or I don't really see the point in bothering with it.
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    Today, 9:01 PM · 55 replies and 950 views.
    Cheers, Commander, and well said. I personally don't care much for the larger ships anyway, so this is something that's pretty easy for me to not have to "grind" through. My Commander's RP choices make it so that he isn't particularly in favor of the Federation and especially not the Empire, so I haven't ranked up in navy standings with either, and more than likely never will. Sure, this means that some of the content and capability is gated off from me, but for me as a player, it's something which I can easily write off as not being worth it to me. There are many ways to go about enjoying this game, and being a bit of a space junky as I am, getting the purported best ships out there for the sake of it just doesn't appeal to me very much. Again, to each their own, but my fully combat loaded exploration Vulture seems to be a very capable ship to me and I've enjoyed using it immensely over the last couple of years. My ship's story is far from complete. Here's a write-up on the ship and an overview...
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    Today, 8:56 PM · 55 replies and 950 views.
    I play the game to experience life as a Commander in the early 34th century of the Elite Universe. I also play the game to fly space ships (and ground vehicles) as fast as possible, in a variety of environments. The former means that I'd prefer the game to have more obstacles to overcome, and decisions to weigh, because it is what you encounter that makes such a journey interesting, not the destination at the end. The latter means that pretty much everything I do in the game is simply an excuse to fly my space ships. When I look back over the last four years, it isn't the credits I've earned that most jump out at me. It's the things I've done that most stand out: The Lugh campaign, which was one of the first instances where brave freedom fighters expelled the Evil Galactic Federation from their borders Learning how to fly fast in Supercruise The same goes for orbital cruise insertions
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    Today, 4:32 PM · 55 replies and 950 views.
    Credits come as you play the game still though, so I have a fully loaded Python (and a handful of other ships as well) more or less as a bonus for playing. It has some uses in the game as well, but I certainly wouldn't give up my Vulture, Eagles, and Cobra for it though. My Dolphin and DbE, yeah, maybe.
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    Today, 4:25 PM · 243 replies and 4225 views.
    Thankfully, I remembered to bookmark the last time I did a "how much is a credit worth" calculation. I prefer to use the price of grain as a metric for fictional buying power, since everyone needs to eat, but beer's good too.
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    Today, 4:17 PM · 243 replies and 4225 views.
    It depends upon what you mean by "barely worked." Version one of the economic simulation worked like what you'd expect an economy to work. If an agricultural station wasn't supplied with farm machinery, fertilizer, or biowaste, then it wouldn't be able to produce things like grain, coffee, or tea as efficiently as possible. Stockpiles of tea and coffee would dwindle as Commanders bought these Commodities faster than the station produced them. This would, of course, drive the price of tea and coffee up. As demand for the inputs in the production chain increased, efficiency would decrease, until production reached a minimum level, which simulated the background activities of NPCs. A system left alone would eventually see its stockpiles increase again. For players like myself, who appreciate this level of detail, and are more experience oriented than goal oriented, this was great. Unfortunately, like many developers before them, they didn't anticipate what their player base will do with this level...
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    Today, 4:13 PM · 55 replies and 950 views.
    The main bit of "grind" for me would be unlocking and leveling up the Engineers. I'm not worried about "god rolls" so much, since I'm not into the PVP meta, just access to the top tiers they offer. I'm not for the "craft and trash" mechanic at all, so have been going about it in the alternate ways, when I can be bothered to. So far, this is something that I haven't invested much of my time into. Who knows how many billions of credits worth of commodities you need to level up Marco Qwent all the way. Too many it seems. So, I'm content to mostly just go about playing the game my own way and not really worry about the Engineers. I get along well enough as it is without them, though I do have tier 5 FSD range mods on all my ships. That wasn't too much of a "grind," since I could just sell exploration data to those Engineers and I'm an explorer anyway. Also, my Python is the biggest ship I'll likely bother getting in the game, though the Chieftain is pretty cool looking, so we'll see how that might fit into...
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    Today, 12:59 PM · 53 replies and 1814 views.
    According to mflorianz' talk about E: D's audio a couple of years ago, they put specific low-frequency impulses into /the multicannon firing sfx/ just for buttkickers. I've been fascinated by the idea since seeing that, and got a Buttkickers as soon as noticing they were in stock locally and on sale Anecdotally, others have said that they experience serious bass in game. If I take the 'simple route' of letting the game output in stereo, there's a lot more going on below my bottom than I see currently with 7.1. The only effects that I do feel now (FSD enter/exit) are so strong that they cause the BK amp to clip.
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    Today, 12:21 PM · 53 replies and 1814 views.
    That's very interesting. It implies that there is a <60Hz signal somewhere in the game, it's just not on the SUB channel to begin with. Your globbing all the channels onto SUB (then filtering off >60Hz) restores it to SUB. I don't suppose I could prevail upon you to replicate my VM setup and verify that there is little to nothing being sent by ED on channel 4, when you have time?
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    Today, 11:53 AM · 379 replies and 17526 views.
    The reason why so many people seem to be so accepting of stuff like Fontus (or in my case, Star Citizen) is simple ignorance. I've always been a bit of a science nerd, but I can't expect to know everything. Like most people, I rely on experts. The main reason why Fontus immediately set off my bovine excrement detector is that I had experience: Bicycling Having to empty a dehumidifier, or fill a humidifier, until our family could afford central climate control Looking at solar panels for our home, until I realized that our roof is facing the wrong way for them :( 2012 me didn't have much experience with game development. Generally, I knew that money goes in one end, time passes, and a game comes out the other. ;) I knew there was a lot of stuff that happened during that time, but it was a black box as far as I was concerned.
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    Today, 11:19 AM · 53 replies and 1814 views.
    Ok, let me make the question simpler: I've highlighted where to look on Voicemeeter in these two screenshots. This is what no LFE activity looks like: LFE activity (drop from supercruise)
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    Today, 11:19 AM · 43 replies and 1448 views.
    Maybe so, but I remember that docking with rotational correction and FA off used to take me a minute or two just to line up, and now it's like there's a magnet that nixes the side rotation + centrifugal acceleration. Likewise, the landing speed conditions for surfaces seem a bit more forgiving. But yeah, maybe I am just more use to my new hotas because lining up for the mail slot is easier now too. Could also be because I was using a X52 Pro before, ha! Yeah that could explain it. That stick is very clunky and inaccurate by comparison.
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    Today, 11:09 AM · 43 replies and 1448 views.
    Just checking, is FA off easier now? I remember it being a bit hard. The Isonona video inspired me to try once again to go full FA off, and it seems like no big deal anymore to fly through canyons, land on planets, scoop cargo (off planet surfaces even), or dock at a rotating station with rotational correction off as well. I use Hotas and Pedals as well. ThrustMaster T.16000M FCS + MFG Crosswind Pedals. Stick is for Pitch + Yaw, Pedals are for Roll.
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    Today, 10:53 AM · 180 replies and 5864 views.
    While I sincerely hope that the OP's quote of SJA was in reference to the run of the mill NPCs we encounter in Human space, I suspect that this is yet another adaptation of the Thargoids' AI and that they will be getting some cool new moves. Luckily I am parked in the Pleiades so I can enjoy this new marvel first hand either way. Tbh, I haven't been able to kill a Thargoid solo since the last round of updates with the dodging Cyclops and more aggressive Thargon swarm. If they are being buffed even further, then the Thargoids will definitely become a Wing-necessary event! Which is fine with me, because I am sure I can find a wing if I need to in Aegis Core or some other Thargoid fighting group.
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    Today, 10:14 AM · 379 replies and 17526 views.
    In a nutshell: thermodynamics. It requires a LOT of energy for water to transition from liquid to a gas. The same amount of energy needs to be accounted for for the reverse, to condense water from a gas to a liquid. For that you need a heat pump, to move heat from the condenser to the radiator. I bicycle at lot, both for fun, and to save myself money I can spend on things like video games and peripherals. On a hot and humid day (ideal conditions, according to Fontas), and under those conditions, I typically consume one 24oz (0.75 liters) water bottle every 20 minutes. That's over two liters an hour. Fontas is essentially a dehumidifier with a water bottle attached. The technology to do this is mature, and the costs and energies required are well known. A quick search on Amazon for a dehumidifier that can produce, at most, 50 pints (about 24 liters) a day, or one liter an hour, costs $200, requires 520 watts of power, and weighs 36 pounds. If I need two liters of water an hour, that's 72 pounds...
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    Today, 8:49 AM · 123 replies and 2455 views.
    I've tried the Anaconda a time or two in various Betas. Like all big ships, its Supercruise handling sucks. When I fly for fun and profit, I prefer better Supercruise handling. When I fly just for fun, I prefer excellent Supercruise handling. I very rarely fly just for profit, so I see no point in rushing to acquire an Anaconda if there isn't a job I need it for. It's like going out and buying an expensive pneumatic nail gun, when all you need to do your hobby woodworking is a $2 hammer. Of course, after 500 hours of play since my last reset, I have all the modules needed to outfit an Anaconda, already engineered, and I could buy the hull pretty easily at the moment by selling the little used ships of my fleet. But as I said, I presently have no job for it to perform that isn't done better by my Python. Not only is the Python's Supercruise handling better, but it can dock with outposts. The only thing I envision using an Anaconda for is deep space exploration. Until exploration is fleshed out...
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    Today, 7:51 AM · 53 replies and 1814 views.
    I'd be very happy if Voicemeeter users could check whether Elite, when presented with a 7.1 Voicemeeter virtual device as Windows default device, is outputting anything on channel 4*. Look at the channel visualiser in input strip #4, just right of the 'red dot' panning control. *No jokes about not Channel 4 not being broadcast in your area until 1982, please ;)
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    Today, 12:59 AM · 55 replies and 1172 views.
    I am torn. Engineering vs Thargoids is likely to make it very difficult to balance the fights for all players and hence force Frontier to enact auto-leveling of the Thargoid AI difficulty. It would also just add a grind without adding gameplay that couldn't be better added by other things. If they do allow AX weapon engineering, it should only be under the conditions: - only to add secondary effects - only if the increase power is NOT RNG, but instead gives PREDICTABLE power increases. This is the ONLY way you could keep the fights vs Thargoids balanced.
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    Today, 12:46 AM · 16 replies and 600 views.
    Yeah but to be fair, the OP was asking for advice on a Corvette. The Cutter can slot an extra flak cannon and boost to 470+ so it's not quite the same thing. I've watched your videos with the Cutter and it's quite a bit different. Not necessarily easier, but the Cutter just has a different set of issues/benefits. Imo, the Anaconda might be the best of the three, if you can mod the engines and hull well enough.
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