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    Today, 8:12 PM
    Frontier actually did something I didn't expect, and actually punished the exploiters. Not as severely as they should've, in my opinion, but its a step in the right direction at last. And so, as a reward to Frontier, I'm going to do something I decided not to after the whole Telepresence debacle. I'm going to buy a new paint pack for one of my ships. The following ships I'd like to be able to paint another color besides the default one, or the "Black Friday" one I have access to: Diamondback Explorer Python Type-7 Transporter Problem is, I can't decide which ship I should choose.
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    Today, 6:01 PM · 133 replies and 2952 views.
    But we don't warp spacetime for a living. We shift stuff into Witchspace for a living. Which is great for getting around the limitations imposed by Newtonian and Einsteinian physics. Unfortunately, it does a very poor job of actually generating gravity.
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    Today, 5:48 PM · 85 replies and 1637 views.
    Some people consider this sort of trade data mining and sharing to be the trading equivalent of using aim bots while playing a shooter. I'm personally kind of ambivalent about these sort of sites myself. On the one hand, I am amazed about some of the third party information sites in the game, and actually use them on occasion to get information when I don't access to the game myself. On the other hand, it IS part of the lore of the game that the Pilots' Federation regularly assassinates any who break the "code of silence" regarding trade data, because we don't want the rubes to know what goods are REALLY worth. By all rights, these websites should NOT exist in the game universe. Applying in-game rules to out of game websites would be a BAD thing, IMO, and ultimately futile. And on the other foot, when I go trading, what I make is usually relatively close to the "best profit" available, and I've noticed frequently the information on those sites are badly out of date. Given that I have more...
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    Today, 4:27 PM · 68 replies and 1830 views.
    Since the only way he could've gotten into that situation was by cheating in the first place, I'll simply grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.
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    Today, 4:20 PM · 133 replies and 2952 views.
    Any ONE of those things does not mean that gravity generation doesn't exist, true. It is all of them together, as well as the lack of obvious secondary and tertiary uses, such as reaction-less drives, tractor beams, anti-grav suspension systems, or gravitic weaponry, that supports Frontier's position that artificial gravity technology doesn't exist in their universe. It's simply Occam's Razor: the simplest explanation is the best one. Which is the simpler explanation? Human beings in Elite Universe, as a whole, are so monumentally stupid, that not ONE person was able to see the obvious economic and military benefits the application of this technology would bring beyond "I can walk around in microgravity!," or the technology for gravity generation doesn't exist? Not really. The accurate behavior of smoke in zero-g looked "fake," so Frontier changed how it was handled, so that it would behave as people expected it to. See "the coconut effect" and "reality is unrealistic" (warning: TV Tropes links)...
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    Today, 2:45 PM · 5 replies and 66 views.
    Before getting my Vive, I used my joysticks POV hat as both a way to look around, and to manually activate the various panels. One of the first things I did after getting my Vive was to disable the "activate on look" function of those panels, as I found that extremely annoying. Since I already had that function programmed into my POV hat already, I still use it to activate the panels when I want them open, and not when I'm trying to track something off to the side.
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    Today, 2:39 PM · 32 replies and 508 views.
    Like everyone else, I have to say YES, it's worth it. Tried playing on the monitor a few months after getting my Vive for some reason I can't remember, and didn't even last five minutes before rebooting the game in VR. It is simply THAT much better.
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    Today, 1:17 PM · 139 replies and 2820 views.
    I am glad that Frontier is finally doing something about this exploit. It is long overdue. Hopefully, they'll stop dragging their feet when other exploits come to light, as well as combat logging.
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    Today, 11:13 AM · 90 replies and 4092 views.
    Definitely going to join you in supporting Frontier with some paint job purchases after this :)
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    Today, 11:11 AM · 830 replies and 24420 views.
    Wrong. I am going to buy a crapton of paintjobs now to show my support for this action of swift justice.
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    Today, 11:09 AM · 830 replies and 24420 views.
    Punishment for the crime. If all they did was remove the cheats, then there would still be incentive to cheat. A temporary benefit with no downside is still a net benefit. Frontier's choice was very mild imo. No one was banned. They got to keep their unrelated mods. That's extremely generous.
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    Today, 11:02 AM · 148 replies and 4571 views.
    Lol, yup. PvP should be a lot more satisfying now that things are a little cleaner! Though there is still plenty of imba stats left in the game. Progress is happening :)
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    Today, 10:57 AM · 28 replies and 929 views.
    I loved the hauler too. For my folly, i have all its paint jobs. Pity that even space taxiing has been taken away from it by ship transfers. Wouldn't it be nice if there were sub-outpost starports that only had small pads, limited by demand volume but giving high margin, making you into the overpriced mobile shop in space? Or if there was a way to have lower running costs on a non-combat ship, so that they would higher credits/hr at any size class than a multirole or combat-fitted vessel?
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    Today, 10:48 AM · 133 replies and 2952 views.
    Everything about the game, from the design of the stations and large ships, to the lack of reaction-less drives, tractor beams, and the performance of our ships under high gravity, from SRV and skimmer operation and design, all the way down to little details like the hand holds throughout our cockpits and the electromagnets on the backs of our Remlocs and their mates on our command seats, screams "we don't have gravity generators." If gravity generators existed in the Elite Universe, we should see the effect this technology would have everywhere, and yet in the places where we SHOULD see its effects, we don't. On the other hand, we do have something unique to the Elite Universe: Witchspace. We do have technology that takes advantage of it, in order to achieve FTL travel: the Frame Shift Drive. We do see that the FSD operates in a variety of ways, with distinctly different effects: Hyperspace Jump and Supercruise. And finally, we do see a phenomenon in "normal" space that SHOULD NOT exist if our...
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    Today, 10:45 AM · 267 replies and 15592 views.
    Excellent. Beautiful. Wonderful. Faith has been restored. Thank you Frontier!
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    Today, 10:35 AM · 90 replies and 4092 views.
    The screen shot is extremely encouraging. Would love to hear some official word from Frontier though. Preferably on a stickied thread with comments disabled. :). Or this one would be good!
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    Today, 3:32 AM · 8 replies and 257 views.
    They come in spurts at stations as well. One day I got 16 in a couple hours, the next 3 days... nothing. It's hit and miss, mostly miss unless you have hot tip on a loaded spot. And even then, that's no guarantee.
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    Today, 1:21 AM · 8 replies and 257 views.
    That's as good as any G5 dirties that I've gotten, but I haven't put my back into into it yet. Finding CIF is a PITA... but if you can get enough, then a roll of 140% should be possible. The optimal mass penalty mostly hurts if you're doing a tank build or if you're trying to build for speed. The Corvette isn't going to win any races though so it having +142% won't make a huge difference. For a "combat ship" it's pretty darn slow.
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    Yesterday, 9:19 PM · 27 replies and 1360 views.
    Supremely well done for great justice! Takes a long time to acquire a 1M CR bounty :D.
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    Yesterday, 8:26 PM · 77 replies and 1513 views.
    +1 Rep for the Isaac Arthur video. I finally caught up with his channel. Great stuff. edit: fixed tags
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    Yesterday, 8:20 PM · 77 replies and 1513 views.
    We know of four intelligent, tool using species in the Elite Galaxy, three of which eventually developed space flight: Humans, Thargoids, and the Guardians. The fourth was accidentally wiped out by what would eventually develop into the Empire. But that's four confirmed intelligent species so far. Given the number of Earth-Like worlds out there, plus other worlds with ammonia based life, there are probably other intelligent species out there right now. We just haven't noticed them (yet)
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    Yesterday, 7:53 PM · 186 replies and 10971 views.
    Good luck with the new project! My best MB memory is of the time when you were being the community manager as well as exec producer while production was in full flow and head of fiction, to boot! I was in awe at your pulling it all off, interacting with us, the great unwashed, here, and remaining sane at the same time.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:23 PM · 18 replies and 822 views.
    Hogan Class Bulk Carrier - Tapirape A2
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:40 PM · 52 replies and 1515 views.
    Of course it would contribute, and with FA and RA off, it's only force that can. Imagine the station is a centrifuge filled with fluid. Any bit of dirt floating in that fluid would be moved by the rotational current of the fluid. Air is a fluid. And the ship is a massive bit of dirt. The rotation itself is what causes the appearance of "gravity". And without attitude or rotational correction the ship is subject to this "gravity" and the only force left that can transmit the spin of the station to the ship is the "wind" created by the difference in the inertial reference frames.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:59 PM · 52 replies and 1515 views.
    Sounds like a cool book. But that question precedes any scifi by at several hundred years and still hasn't been fully answered, since you can't answer the complete "why" of it without traveling outside the universe.
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