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    Today, 3:24 PM · 171 replies and 5471 views.
    While the two types of players may never be compatible, it doesn't necessarily mean that they can't share the same space. What Frontier has failed to do is provide gameplay for the latter, while not also providing context for the former. Powerplay is a prime example. It would've a good outlet for PvP IMO if you could earn merits through PvP, with rewards based on how fair the fight is. An underdog should earnmore than two even combatants, whil the seal clubber should earn the least
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    Today, 10:44 AM · 239 replies and 3546 views.
    In my opinion, it wouldn't really work. Player-killers deliberately attack soft targets, and the number of optional military modules they carry aren't there to help them kill their target. That's what WEAPONS are for. The only reason why player-killers carry the optional hardware is because: There's nothing else they need to bring with them. It gives them time to combat log if it turns out their target is willing to fight back. In my opinion, there are are three things that should make open a healthier place for PvP: Repurpose the CQC rating in the main game to instead show an ELO style-rating for PvP combat. Let the original Combat Rating be a measure of how well we perform against the non-members of the galaxy. Add opt-in avenues for PvP that reward close fights or being the underdog. One of Powerplay's flaws IMO was that there was no reward for PvP combat at all. Which would impress the unwashed masses more? Killing the UPS driver, or killing the Red Baron? Allowing players to align...
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    Today, 9:29 AM · 171 replies and 5471 views.
    That's because everyone is different. I like to compare PvP to spicy food. Some people can't tolerate spiciness at all. Some people like it hot, the hotter the better. Some people prefer having just a bit of a kick, and will season their meal to taste Some will try the hot stuff from time to time, then once again swear "never again." And some jerks think it's funny to loosen the cap on the shaker, so that the next person to use it will have their meal ruined. The trick to open world PvP is to ensure is to ensure that there is wide selection on the menu, and to make sure the jerks aren't in control of the kitchen.
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    Today, 1:37 AM · 80 replies and 2846 views.
    It wasn't logical. And Sandro wasn't so much convinced as he was berated by jealous rants ad nauseum from people who would lose nothing if Open had slightly bigger rewards. If you Solo/Group you are only competing with NPCs, so what do you care what anyone else gets? And if you're playing "competitively" (ie passive aggressively) from Solo/Group then that kind of sniping from the shadows shouldn't be rewarded. It's just bullying without any personal risk. Ethically, it's no better than SDC invading PGs.
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    Yesterday, 5:55 PM · 171 replies and 5471 views.
    Thanks to how peer-to-peer and matchmaking works, it really depends upon when and where you are. When I started work at 7am, I would get stalked frequently in open by player-killers. I was playing during local prime-time, so it was to be expected. When my work schedule changed to a 5am start, player-killer activity became so low that I haven't even been stalked ONCE so far at EITHER CG. My play window is now frequently when most potential players are at work/school, so I'm surprised to see anyone, let alone a hostile player.
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    Yesterday, 5:40 PM · 171 replies and 5471 views.
    Cobra's small enough and nimble enough to do the old flip 'n' boost to stop in a hurry.
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    Yesterday, 1:29 PM · 46 replies and 1748 views.
    How is this different from your typical AAA game? These games typically release at $60 retail, six months later they're down to $40, after a year, they're $30, and you can pick them up for $10 if you wait for Black Friday. Sometimes with a really popular game, this process will be delayed, but it happens sooner or later. People complain about Early Access as if it was a new thing. It's been around for ages. The only difference is that on consoles, you typically pay MORE for it. ;)
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    Yesterday, 10:23 AM · 11 replies and 498 views.
    Darkfyre99 replied to a thread Andromeda in Dangerous Discussion
    Light pollution sucks. These days, if I step outside my home and look up, I'm lucky to see a dozen stars with my unadapted eyes... four of which are in Orion. I have to drive an hour just to get some decent star gazing in, and about three if I want to see the Milky Way galaxy. Relevant article is relevant. ;)
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    Yesterday, 10:06 AM · 6 replies and 98 views.
    FYI, you can rename your custom.binds file. After you do that, the game will list THAT particular combination as an option to select, allowing you to change the hardware you use without having to rebind your controls every single time. edit: ninja'd ;)
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    Yesterday, 9:54 AM · 4 replies and 134 views.
    You also forgot the Gentleman Adventurer! types. Individuals who push the limits of what is possible not to expand human knowledge, but to have their name immortalized in history as having been the first somewhere.
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    I like your attitude in play style. Too bad you're an imperial slave, or we could work together
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