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  • drew's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 AM · 7007 replies and 596126 views.
    I have plans. Whether any of them survive contact with open mode remains to be seen. ;) It will be what it will be. Cheers, Drew.
  • drew's Avatar
    Today, 7:23 AM · 22 replies and 1427 views.
    Salomé has flown out into the void (as a player character) a number of times. She went to Beagle point, not via teleport but by good old fashioned slog across the stars. During her various travels she scanned and 'first discovered' quite a few systems. She was looking for something too... Cheers, Drew.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 4:09 AM · 5 replies and 93 views.
    This should anser a lot of your questions with any luck ---> Should have pledge to Antal and been independent :D if you dont mind me say sir
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 2:49 AM · 9 replies and 177 views.
    This guide will help you farm them about 5 to 10 times quicker than random scanning or sitting outside a station
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:27 PM · 73 replies and 2993 views.
    Me too! Cheers, Drew.
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:09 PM · 60 replies and 3434 views.
    It is on the list of things to discuss. No promises though. :) No offence taken! I listen to the criticism and try to learn from it. As was pointed out on the main Rift thread, i signed up for this and should take any flak for how the story turns out - it's my content at the end of the day. Some will love it, some will say it's too complicated, some will say 'Meh', some will say 'After all this time, is that it?' etc. etc. ... ;) There are lots of complexities involved, not least the game itself evolving massively over the time-scales involved in ways that weren't known at the start. I get a small slice of dev time for which I'm very grateful. I have tried to write an interesting story for folks to discuss, figure, 'tin-foil' and enjoy. I've made decisions on what to adjust as we've gone along. I've tried not to 'over-hype' it, but there's a fine line between getting people to notice and over-promoting things. I have learnt a lot along the way and would be a lot wiser going into it a second time...
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:34 PM · 60 replies and 3434 views.
    I would agree, but as far as I know (!) we're not there yet with the technology. Yes, this is fair criticism - I'd love to see more exploration tools - more sophisticated scanners and so on - it would make putting together an exploration story much more engaging. With clues - the trouble us, until you see how people are responding to clues, it's difficult to tell in advance whether the clue was too easy or not. Hence the injection of subsequent clues if folks aren't going where you hoped they would go. :) Cheers,
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:29 PM · 60 replies and 3434 views.
    This was awfully difficult to balance between being trivial and impossible. Having seen the community in action since I would do in differently if I did it again - it was a learning experience. For the curious I will write up an explanation of how each clue led to the next at some point when I have a little spare time. :) At a high-level it was designed to be stepping stones. Eg. Reorte to Riedquat was the teaser. Heart and Soul a visible milestone on the way and so on. The only clues that were in the first book were that something odd was going on, it was called the Formidine Rift and you had to follow the R-R line. Cheers, Drew.
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:08 PM · 60 replies and 3434 views.
    Spot on. I know the additional clue is a bit contrived - and I accept that criticism, but it had to be unlocked at a certain point in time to allow the book to be finished. Cheers, Drew.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:06 AM · 7387 replies and 439568 views.
    Getting confused regarding the following. can any one confirm; 'shooting wanted ships reduces influence of their faction' is this still the case?
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:29 AM · 112 replies and 3435 views.
    Thanks for putting in so much hard work and effort to highlight this. A few simple questions. 'shooting wanted ships reduces influence of their faction' is this still the case? Regarding the example in 2. Influence gains are distributed as losses to all other factions in relation to their influence. Does this mean that in this case bounty hunting is actually damaging the influence of the controlling faction?
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    Made a Facebook group to organize the California commanders. Check it out here:
  2. Next time you want to be a troll, think again, okay?
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    Yeah, I copy and paste good.
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    Hailing all North American Commanders!!
    A network site has been created for all pilots residing in the New Word, giving you a better chance to find players in your Timezone. Wether you are in a group or a solo player you are welcomed to stop by. The only requirement for registration is that you live in North America.
    The EDNA project is now complete!!
    Check it out.
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    Sorry. Stupid of me. You of course have a right to your opinion. I got riled up. Please forgive me. Honesty is a big thing for me, and I like getting to the point.
    I was rude to you for no reason because you didn't agree with me. Please forgive me.

    Fly safe Commander.
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    .......But raising that type of arguments they are mostly ignored and are not making any thinking engagement in 99% of people that read that kind of questions and doubts. Instead I noticed that there sometimes one guy decides to defend something by creating yet another problems but no one else try to think. Instead they make excuses that I mentioned in my posts. For me it is quite annoying. I am always trying to ask questions. It don't makes me genius at all but at least I am trying. I am really happy that I meet at least some people that shares that view. Otherwise I would drown under all those people with excuse thoughts and argument that FUN factor must beat everything no matte what
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    Oh, now I see what I forgot to mention from original EFII Slaves

    Yes I read your post. I like that I am not alone in team of rational thinkers Good that there are more experienced people than me here that shares similar view. I post my thoughts after I saw vid with guy in cobra MkII pulling stunts -200 to 400 m/s and that struck me. In sidewinder I noticed sthat acceleration seems little to fast but I thought OK devs was mentioning G forces so I hope they hold it i reasonable limit... Till that video with cobra As I almost didn't meet much people with any arguing about that, more was excited like kids so I wanted to try and make discussion about it.
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    Thank you for agreeing. Not many people are wiling to use reason and logic with also respect to science that is beauty. And it hurts when so many people just throw dirt at it because for them it is no fun.
  9. In memory of my Dad who pass 2/3/13
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