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    Today, 11:58 AM · 35 replies and 3554 views.
    Uh -This is the wrong time to do this, isn't it? Im at: Pleiades Sector DQ-Y C0 A5 at 7.6Mm speed 250-300Km/s Not a single USS has spawned in half of Rogue One. Should I stick with Rogue one or start Series 2 of The Expanse? Also just come here and kill me okay. Maybe I should go get a Guardian Relic instead.
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    Today, 10:03 AM · 17 replies and 518 views.
    Same, except I'm starting in about half an hour. Two CGs right now. Both require you to go inside the healing Thargoid wrecks near Maia. One CG for scanners (peace) One CG for weapons (war) Get hauling and be there when the septic tank hits the air conditioning.
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    Today, 9:57 AM · 28 replies and 617 views.
    Shock Mines push you off course. If they have Ion Disruptor secondary then that works nicely with someone tailing with fixies. The Ion blow stops them coming or turning and the shock spoils their aim.
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    Today, 5:31 AM · 9 replies and 222 views.
    I take a fairly strong stance against slavery. But I have sold 33 slaves so I'm not clean. Two batches. One and 32. See the Diplomatic Corps were trying to target a specific system. At the time there was a mechanic where if a faction's influence was below 2% you would expand into their "slot". And we didn't want that. We wanted to go into a system further away. With a higher population. Better economy. And this half dead anarchy faction was sitting in the way. So I took on the task of running a few missions for them so that they would gain a percent.
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    Today, 5:07 AM · 7 replies and 221 views.
    I dunno, sometimes you need to poke about a bit. I like to see who the hollow squares are and check their paintwork. It can can take a little time if you have to check INARA for their license.
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    Yesterday, 10:55 PM · 166 replies and 5392 views.
    This. Though the dancing didn't do anything for me...
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    Yesterday, 8:56 PM · 29 replies and 771 views.
    A 1060 will be ok with settings turned down, but really I think you'd want a 1070 or higher for a good experience. I run a 980Ti, which is slightly worse than the 1070, but faster than the 1060. I can turn most settings up, and run with HMD at 1.5ss, which gets rid of a lot of sparkle you can get at lower resolutions. Can't help with any demos, though - I'm down south! PC World did have a few demo rooms (there was one in Reading), but I think they disappeared a while ago.
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    Yesterday, 8:51 PM · 28 replies and 617 views.
    I've completely screwed up the outfitting of all my ships. :D I really should have watched one of these videos before, lol.
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    Yesterday, 8:27 PM · 6 replies and 321 views.
    You're late to the party my friend. Ross 128 has been an Alliance system since July and it's late September now. Luhman 16 is full and won't take anymore inbound expansions. Sol is God-locked by Frontier or Hutton Truckers and Earth Defenese Fleet and that Alliance faction would already have gone in there; and the other Ross 128 factions are native so they won't retreat anywhere. Is this another "innocent trader caught up in someone else's war" thread? It seems to be a pretty regular trope with the Feds these days. Just to remind you: Ross 128 is a toxic hard labour maximum security Prison Mine. Where capital punishment was reinstated just to reduce the overcrowding. The lore around this place is nasty - and those defending it are not on the side of the good and the just.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:20 PM · 28 replies and 617 views.
    No it's a thing, and pretty cool actually. I run that load out myself on the trade ships, but I've never managed to hit anyone with them. Probably a mix of Thruster Disablers, Shield Disablers and extra damage. Something like this:
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    Yesterday, 8:18 PM · 18 replies and 1057 views.
    You think Saturn is not quite accurate? Try googling: "Juno images". The high res stuff coming from Jupiter right now looks like the surface has taken some really good acid at a great party.
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    Yesterday, 8:13 PM · 29 replies and 771 views.
    I've never bothered with the extra stuff. While I did sometimes have my tablet open at a trade site or similar while I was playing on the screen, I don't miss any of it in VR. On the few occasions I've needed to look stuff up, I just use BigScreen and swap between the two as needed (clunky, but works surprisingly well). The only problem is the number of people I've ignored the o7 from as I can't be bothered to find my keyboard (by touch). I should probably write a VoiceAttack macro to resolve that one. :)
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    Yesterday, 8:09 PM · 250 replies and 4101 views.
    Except it is. Whatever you do to the "balance" of combat and trading ships, PvP is always going to be expensive and inconvenient to a trader. I don't understand your example... both rallying and F1 have a very limited number of people that take part.
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    Yesterday, 8:07 PM · 29 replies and 771 views.
    VR is killing my game. I've got an okay sim pit and big screen and recently got a Rift. The lack of connection to the real world is a bit of a problem for staying basically social with the family. The experience is compelling, but my situational awareness was already pretty good with TrackIR. And Elite requires a lot of stuff on the second screen. Discord, comms, team forum, copying destinations into galmap, trade sites, and a film for the repetitive sessions. I've been in game a LOT less since I picked up VR, even though the experience IS amazing. But maybe that's just my life getting in the way.
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    Yesterday, 8:06 PM · 250 replies and 4101 views.
    Me too. I also have no problem with Open as it is, or the ships as they are (though improvements are always welcome). :D
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    Yesterday, 7:16 PM · 29 replies and 771 views.
    No. It's short-sighted mode. :)
  • CMDR Crank Larson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:50 PM · 447 replies and 13969 views.
    You were doing so well up until that statement. :p
  • CMDR Crank Larson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:49 PM · 250 replies and 4101 views.
    Which is like trying to get someone who hates marmite to eat it... It's a wasted exercise.
  • CMDR Crank Larson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:47 PM · 116 replies and 3696 views.
    Erm... Sounds to me like that would be in Mass Effect, rather than E: D. :D
  • CMDR Crank Larson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:42 PM · 447 replies and 13969 views.
    Personally, I agree. But people don't play computer games for honour. Your last sentence sums it up. I treat the E: D galaxy as our own... Humans have personality flaws. A lot of them. We all need to deal with them. :) Shieldless in Open heading towards a CG really isn't a good idea.
  • CMDR Crank Larson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:31 PM · 116 replies and 3696 views.
    Even though we've had two CGs per week since they were introduced into the game... And I'm sure this will continue into the foreseeable future. However, there is no direct link with 2.4. We are waiting with optimism/pessimism (delete as appropriate) to see what 2.4 brings us.
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    Yesterday, 6:28 PM · 20 replies and 661 views.
    Yes, that's my preference too. Tutorials are for learning to fly. After that, you should be dropped in the deep end. :) System security levels should mean something, but we shouldn't be wrapping cotton wool around new players.
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    Yesterday, 5:55 PM · 250 replies and 4101 views.
    Which is what a lot of us have been attempting to explain. :)
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    Yesterday, 4:59 PM · 40 replies and 2369 views.
    I originally got the Vive, so my first games were bought through SteamVR. I got rid of the Vive and got a Rift in the sales. I was pleased to find that all my SteamVR games still work with the Rift (especially The Lab, which is excellent). I've only bought a couple of games through Oculus, but probably won't buy any more just in case - I don't expect to have the Rift for too long after the Pimax is released.
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    Yesterday, 4:55 PM · 102 replies and 2969 views.
    I think he was confused as to the target of his hate. I took it to mean that he realised, while posting, that it wasn't in fact CQC... But he'd put too much effort into the post already to not publish it. :D
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