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  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 5:01 PM · 65 replies and 2463 views.
    The issue there is that you have to get access to the Sirius system first (via permit) as its the only place you get invite to the engineer is in the stations in the Sirius System. So at the moment, I think the only genuine option is the Exploration data to the Procyon system (which the player groups have agreed to leave alone).
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 12 replies and 306 views.
    There have been a few post by a certain M. Brookes saying that Raxxla is in there but there a no clues (unlike the Rift mystery), no comm relays with cryptic messages and you can't find it by using the population trick on the Galaxy map. It's just there and there's only 400 billion Stars to find it in. enjoy!
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 4:23 PM · 26 replies and 1278 views.
    It's awesome when that happens. The weird thing was that even though we targeted the pirate Farragut and got the wanted scanned on it. Our Wing attacked it and then we got marked as wanted. WE WERE TRYING TO SAVE THE FEDERAL SHIP AND THE FEDS PUT A BOUNTY ON US!!!!!!
  • Thargon's Avatar
    Today, 2:49 PM · 2097 replies and 191302 views.
    Those slides are very old. That's most certainly what ISN'T going to be released in 3.0. Only a very small subset.
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 2:44 PM · 65 replies and 2463 views.
    Taken from Reddit user terenn_nash ;- Procyon isnt blockaded, and will not be attacked. it will be maintained in sirius control to ensure access to qwent is not compromised. It does not have a black market and thus can't be UA bombed. That being said - DONT GRIND OUT MISSIONS for sirius rep. go to this system: Col 285 Sector CX-J c9-8
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM · 18 replies and 772 views.
    This does confuse me;- 2.4 is the most secretive of releases. None of the content has been released yet and they are being very tight lipped about what's coming, so how can you say it's a missed opportunity? Although the take-up of multi-crew was a bit of a disappointment, 2.3 has surprised me with the addition of the new barnacle encounters, thargoid bases and now we're getting the flower ships turning up at those bases. It's building up to a feeling of menace and dread which to tell you the truth is quite a nice distraction from usual Engineer Grind.
  • Geraldine's Avatar
    Today, 10:40 AM · 219 replies and 15484 views.
    Another thought occurred to me, FD ought to consider actually putting the new building itself into the game at some point. Perhaps at Cambridge Starport on Earth once atmospheric landings are added? Perhaps then that image Rubbernuke posted would be pretty damn close! :cool:
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 10:39 AM · 82 replies and 2984 views.
    I've found that I can get quite a few games at most times using this Discod server;- We mentioned it on Lave Radio last week. I would say give it a go and see how you do but if I get get three games in at 8am on a Sunday morning, I think it's a winner. They've arranged it by Timezone and PC/Xbox, so you can get an idea about how many players are about at that time. It's a pity that we have to go to an external app to get that kind of lobby functionality that CQC really needs but it works. We all know that AI bots, a decent lobby and a spectator mode are the three things that would vasltly improve those things but unless people start playing CQC in numbers we ain't going to get them.
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 AM · 25 replies and 1721 views.
  • Geraldine's Avatar
    Today, 8:36 AM · 37 replies and 1806 views.
    I don't think Frontier has much to worry about here. In fact if anyone is going to sue everybody else, it would be Universal. They created a series "some time ago" that was totally ripped off! :D Oh! And I love to see a ship from this series in Elite, complete with sparklers as it's rocket exhaust! :eek:
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 7:55 AM · 73 replies and 33774 views.
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 7:54 AM · 68 replies and 6352 views.
  • Geraldine's Avatar
    Today, 12:30 AM · 285 replies and 15337 views.
    Goodness, I'd love to see that! But Michael Brooks dashed my hopes in another thread when he said it wasn't going to be this...:(
  • Geraldine's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:58 PM · 25 replies and 357 views.
    Spot on Nagual! ;) This was also the reason as stated by Michael Brooks long ago. Well you have to understand that Elite only started with relatively few backers back then in it's early days, Nagual will remember this time well. It wasn't certain (apart from us few early backers that is, we always knew ;) ) just how successful the game would become. FD did the best they could at the time with the resources they had, hence why this decision looks a bit shortsighted now. But, I do agree tho, it is high time to make customised cockpit colours a thing. Either as an in-game option you can change yourself or packs from the store, but that is only something FD themselves could answer. For what it is worth, if it ever is implemented, I hope its just something you can change from the options panel.
  • Thargon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:28 PM · 5 replies and 159 views.
    1000 USD is a good price. But you can get the same result with a normal telescope and a CANON EOS on the back.
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    I followed a link to Major Tom's youtube channel from the SC thread a few weeks back and ended up going through most of his videos and laughing myself sick. Hillarious!
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