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    Yesterday, 10:17 PM · 32 replies and 458 views.
    Toumal replied to a thread 16 Players Per Instance? in Xbox One
    My guess is that certain things are owned by one player only. This is merely a matter of authority though, you still have to propagate everything within a tick to all peers for the changes to count. But yeah, they probably switched to having all or most npc owned by one peer, in the hope that there's less chance of that particular peer dropping out. Dropping and reconnecting peers are a nightmare in distributed systems. Consolidation after a split brain is mostly impossible. Also the guys at google are sharp, their "Operational Transformation" is clever.
  • Toumal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:48 PM · 32 replies and 458 views.
    Toumal replied to a thread 16 Players Per Instance? in Xbox One
    I'm afraid it's nothing like that. What you described is client/server. As far as we know ED uses P2P, and indeed every indication points to there never being one "host player". Instead, you have a group of equal peers, each owning a part of the objects in the instance. When a peer leaves, all the objects that he owned are transferred and owned by another peer. The only server in this case is Frontier's matchmaking server, which keeps track of all the instances in the game, and replies to requests by players who want to drop out at a certain location and are looking for an instance. These instance searches take a range of parameters like what private group you're in, which players you have blocked, etc - based on that you get a result instance with a list of IP addresses of all the peers. A core attribute of P2P networking is that the peer with the worst connection determines the transmission speed of ALL peers, hence the need for measuring the health of an instance. This is why sometimes you can't...
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:35 PM · 1 replies and 66 views.
    Good idea. Some more lawful roles.
  • rote1's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:06 AM · 56 replies and 1567 views.
    It has, provided you enabled port forwarding in Elite (network settings menu), your router and windows firewall
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:44 AM · 38 replies and 2353 views.
    I just want to know if we can land on the planet with the alien base after this.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:38 AM
    It's like this: 1. Shoot wanted ship 2. Wait for Federal Security Ships 3. It's 3 VS 1 wanted NPC 4. Let FSS do much damage 5. Collect bounty reward Another example:
    66 replies and 1133 views.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:22 AM · 63 replies and 13700 views.
    Nice I like it. This one is still awesome.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:12 AM · 3 replies and 67 views.
    This is a great idea, it would add a lot of depth to the game.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:08 AM · 3 replies and 170 views.
    Frontier should use real-life photos of nebula and put them in the game. Then it should look more accurate.
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  • Cosmo's Avatar
    22/04/2017, 3:45 PM · 157 replies and 3436 views.
    There is more to do in 2.3. It didn't add a lot of content though. Most of the additions are technical and social (character creator and multicrew). 2.2 is a massive downgrade. I rather have 2.3. Frontier said they'll release some patches to fix the bugs.
  • rote1's Avatar
    22/04/2017, 12:38 PM · 30 replies and 1224 views.
    Might not be a bug, apparently we can now see others getting interdicted, resulting in a couple of cool effects.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    22/04/2017, 9:03 AM · 129 replies and 3463 views.
    Cosmo replied to a thread I love Elite. in Dangerous Discussion
    Elite Dangerous is a great game. It has flaws and the old features need improvements (CQC, Powerplay, Roles more depth, integration, variety, less grinding), but it's great already.
  • Toumal's Avatar
    22/04/2017, 8:49 AM · 40807 replies and 2667740 views.
    I am offended by your allegation that gamers complain all the time, and wish to complain about it! ;) But yes. Thing is there's justified and unjustified complaints. A feature completion tracker can not be unjustified. Also remember when i complained that LOD lacked proper gunfire feedback to the player? Hardly what you could call destructive criticism. Complaints can be a source of improvement. They shouldn't be the only source though. FD, take note ;) SC has a lot riding on 3.0, but even in the best case scenario they are late and they overpromised, bigtime.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    22/04/2017, 8:46 AM · 20 replies and 524 views.
    Some interesting suggestions. I think PP also needs: Guilds to make it player driven (can be added instantly without someone from Frontier to manually add it) Guild territory control that is player managed Don't make people wait for rewards. Make credits optional. No or very slow rep decay No wanted status everywhere outside your power's bubble
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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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    Thanks again, at this stage its either laugh at it or cry!
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    Thanks for the rep, still shaking my head over that TOS... what were they thinking?
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    Ohh a fuzzy who actually still plays, all my fuzzy friends seem to given up on game because they feel its too hard lol. Do you play on mobius at all if so give me a poke. Woof woof ^..^
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    Had to rep you for the sig alone. Deep.
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    i for some reason, cant give you any rep, so here, have a nice visitor message instead!

    +1 for being great.
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    lol :-) You're welcome :-)
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    Yes that's me. Wish that Gaea Mission had been less of a disappointment. Elite, so far, over delivers ... See you in space some time.
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    Ta for rep.
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