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    Today, 7:50 AM · 103 replies and 3912 views.
    A minor nitpit but... refactoring doesn't mean what you think it does ;)
  • Toumal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:00 PM · 103 replies and 3912 views.
    I'd say that while there has been a lot of really awesome progress, some of the designs are... misguided. The full-on focus on combat for example, with Sandro wracking his brain over weapon cooldowns and gimbal jitter, when what the game needs now is more *reasons* to play. Multicrew was a complete dud for me, because again it's just a slightly different way to do the same thing we've always done: Blowing up ships. To that end, I find the whole thargoid thing to be alright. Not amazing, since there's also no unique gameplay involved, but at least you're combining the existing gameplay actions to trigger well-made visual sequences - and having some unique locations in the game is always good. The biggest star in the game however is definitely the galaxy, followed by the combat. It's just that we kinda yearn for more than these two main ingredients.
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    Yesterday, 7:54 PM · 2129 replies and 194518 views.
    Yeah? Why? So 2018 we are not allowed to quote him on what he says today. And 2019 we are not allowed to quote him on what he says next year. So basically, he is allowed to change both his vision, the scope of delivery, and the delivery date, indefinitely? No.
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    Yesterday, 7:46 PM · 103 replies and 3912 views.
    Cosmo, you old space plague, you must be a parasite - 'cuz you're in my mind! :) Elite Dangerous has excellent short term motivators, some good mid-term motivators, but very few long-term motivators. What are those, you ask? Short term motivators are things that are immediately gratifying, i.e. an enemy ship going poof after a satisfying and visceral fight. Mid term motivators are the next big ship and the next engineer upgrade. They're the result of many short term motivated actions via credits and materials. (Note that credits are no motivation by themselves) Long term motivators are things you can do as a result of and using the assets you gained via mid-term motivated actions. So you got that Anaconda, what do you do with it? Right now, not much. You can try Powerplay but that's not something you own so the personal motivation is low. What can be a motivator are player groups, but also things that you could build that are bigger than any single player's ship. Right now, such features are...
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:33 PM · 103 replies and 3912 views.
    Yes, the core-game must be improved, but at the same time, they should also work towards adding initial (basic) versions of EVA and Atmospheric landings. These things can be paid major updates during season 3.
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    Yesterday, 6:58 PM · 103 replies and 3912 views.
    It is possible for Elite Dangerous and the community to grow and thrive for another 5 to 10 years. This is ONLY possible if Frontier adds Space Legs (EVA), Atmospheric Landings and sandbox features to improve the core-game (in-game socialization, emergent gameplay, player groups such as guilds). Without deeper sandbox and social tools the community will stagnate. People will complain or stop playing due to a lack of depth. Space Legs is a new level of immersion and promised during the Kickstarter. It is like putting a game within a game, but absolutely necessary to attract new people to buy ED. These are gamers who play first-person shooters and survival games. Most of them haven't yet gotten into Elite Dangerous due to the lack of EVA. Atmospheric landings is also a kickstarter promise. These are massive additions to the game, so Frontier should add it gradually with several major updates. Many people will buy EVA and Atmospheric Landings for sure. Many people pledged and bought the game solely...
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:18 PM · 26 replies and 1477 views.
    Why do your screenshots have a weird lensing effect.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:11 PM
    Respected former Irish ambassador calls for ĎIrexití from Europe Dr. Ray Bassett, who most recently served as Irelandís ambassador to Canada, argues that Ireland is taking far too docile and conciliatory an approach in allowing EU leadership in Brussels to assume that Ireland will remain a part of the EU no matter what. "The present instruction is that, at all costs, no indication can be given by our officials that our continued membership of the EU is in any doubt, regardless of the outcome of negotiations on Brexit. The policy is very much at odds with our national interest and in effect, no Irish government can give that assurance,Ē he said, according to the Belfast Telegraph. "In the end, membership of the EU is a matter for the people of Ireland. If the terms offered to Ireland after Brexit mean we simply cannot live with them, then clearly our membership of the EU will be up for grabs." He added that ďwe certainly hope we can continue as an active and supportive member of the EU, but we...
    4 replies and 94 views.
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    Yesterday, 8:14 AM · 168 replies and 9190 views.
    If they added some material exchange and storage system for players that would make it less of a dull grind.
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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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    Thanks again, at this stage its either laugh at it or cry!
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    Thanks for the rep, still shaking my head over that TOS... what were they thinking?
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    Ohh a fuzzy who actually still plays, all my fuzzy friends seem to given up on game because they feel its too hard lol. Do you play on mobius at all if so give me a poke. Woof woof ^..^
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    Had to rep you for the sig alone. Deep.
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    i for some reason, cant give you any rep, so here, have a nice visitor message instead!

    +1 for being great.
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    lol :-) You're welcome :-)
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    Yes that's me. Wish that Gaea Mission had been less of a disappointment. Elite, so far, over delivers ... See you in space some time.
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    Ta for rep.
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