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    Yesterday, 11:12 PM · 193 replies and 4524 views.
    I would say pretty much yes!. (Its not a feature I would have a problem with per se honestly) but given all modes having equal influence on the BGS is a core design feature, the BGS players would have a field day if FD ever bring it in. Only chance of it happening imo, and its a bleak future if it does, is if the game fails, FD turn the servers off but release the code to the public domain to allow people to run private instances. David Braben promised this is what will happen If/When FD eventually cease support for the game.
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    Yesterday, 11:02 PM · 371 replies and 14261 views.
    you touch on a truth... and swing and a miss at the same time imo. why you are wrong (imo) the people paying you for killing the pirate are DIFFERENT factions who have a contract out on the criminal.... this is perfectly plausible. mission stacking missions from the SAME mission giver is not comparable as its the SAME person paying you many times.... where you have a point (imo) is since 2.3 in a wing every player magically gets the full bounty for every kill if they get a shot on a target, and this IS a deliberate design choice and not a loophole. It makes no sense and screams "videogame logic". Personally I hate it.... imo a small 10% mark up from the pilots federation as an incentive to reduce the risk of insurance claims, is plausible...... for the rest imo the answer should never have been magic multiplication of bounty payments, but for the game to spawn MORE high level high bounty targets depending on the number and the power of your wing, and to give split payments to each wing...
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM · 371 replies and 14261 views.
    I did it............. once, purely to help friends turn over a system. after doing it I made a lot of money (relatively its peanuts now) far more than in a "straight" session at the time... and it very nearly ruined the game for me.... so now I don't do it.... you say it isn't as bad as clogging....... I would say that is purely subjective. your group has decided 1 is ok and the other is poor form..... tbh I say they are 2 peas in the same pod. hypothetically it means I could never ever hope to compete with you in any BGS shenanigans because I wont do it........ (I am not asking players to be punished for doing it mind you)
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    Yesterday, 10:40 PM · 193 replies and 4524 views.
    wow..... you know they were only trying to be friendly right? for better or for worse (in many ways worse) ED is a multiplayer MMO *Even in solo* this means some (a lot) of sacrifices need to be made for the loner type players.... This sucks and to a large extent I am with you.... but no need to be rude to folk trying to help you enjoy the game..... because here is the thing, FD are NOT going to add difficulty levels in the game. For what ever reason "your way" is not working and so you have to accept that, for the game as it is now, it is the wrong way. It is like me banging on about how earning levels were better at launch and the game was way more rewarding when you bought a new ship...... I truly believe this to be the case.... but at the end of the day, that time has gone and it will never come back btw tier 1-3 eng mods are laughably easy to get without "grinding" if you have picked up the bits you have undoubtedly seen when naturally playing I am certain you will already have the mats for...
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:54 PM · 14 replies and 175 views.
    Yes, it could definitely be an NPC.. I think people possibly having trouble answering (like I am) because I've never complied with a demand yet! Next pirate I meet, I will .. jettison items from cargo bay .. just to see what happens.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:51 PM · 1 replies and 54 views.
    Mint. Congratulations on your Elite Explorer rank Cmdr. Many have tried, and quite few .. have died! :D If I hear distant singing on Comms, I'll be sure to check if the Mouse That Bit is passing by! o7
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    Yesterday, 7:50 PM · 12 replies and 330 views.
    If you want to take out FSD with seeker missiles, suggest spending some rep with (Liz Ryder) on Drag Munition special effect . (there's also a Penetrator Munition - module specialist - for dumbfire missiles)?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:26 PM · 78 replies and 1528 views.
    Rule number one in CZ for me is if you start taking hits from something on your six o'clock, stop whatever you're doing IMMEDIATELY and deal with ( or move away from ) any and all present threats, first. Really good fun. I never ever go into RES but love CZ's. Imperial Eagle myself, though I have had a whirl in FdL. Can get some 10 rebuys per one Python delivery mission on the iEagle, so small ship is definitely the way to go if you want to learn the ropes. Work up to something bigger fine but obviously don't break the bank, it's not worth the stress for some backwater faction. In PvE I tend to let ally ships choose the targets and attempt to assist them, definitely gets you more bonds. You might get a stray one to target but as said in rule number one, the tendency is to fixate on your target and ships can sneak up behind you, so kills aren't the be and end all (RTB for repairs is a major interruption). Break off, hopefully you can finish him later.
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    Yesterday, 6:03 PM · 154 replies and 2444 views.
    I don't think Frontier can be expected to produce a second NPC spectrum for Solo mode, in fact .. if you think the NPC's are too easy, in solo, why not play in open and meet some high end players? edit: It's an evolving situation and Dale's post in your link highlights, Frontier are not unaware of the need for both playability and challenge.
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    Yesterday, 5:24 PM · 371 replies and 14261 views.
    1stly i do NOT judge players for mode switching so please do not think i am having a go at you per se.... however you hit the nail on the head WHY it is bad and needs to be fixed imo..... if 1 player group DONT mode swap and take the missions offered and work for 1 faction, another group DO swap and work for an opposing faction, who do you think will win? i dont do it, but i DO feel pressured to and absolutely feel i am letting the side down by not doing it...... I do agree with you, 0/0 missions is a nonsense, its why i want to see an end to the relogging mission board refresh AS WELL AS a fix for too few missions on the board for your ship. so long as 1 group mod swap to stack and another dont.... it is impossible to balance the game correctly, which is why FD must make board refresh an official thing by pressing a button without relogging OR (my preferred choice) fix it.
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    Yesterday, 5:11 PM · 193 replies and 4524 views.
    imo the weapon bug came at exactly the wrong time :(..... FD should have removed the mods but KEPT the AI as they were for a bit and see how the chips fell. instead imo they panicked and out went the baby with the bath water.
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    Yesterday, 5:01 PM · 24 replies and 1018 views.
    have you tried the CV1 after your DK2 or just looking at the tech specs of the resolution gain? I agree CV1 is not perfect, but its a huge improvement in perceived resolution over the DK2 mostly due to the SDE being massively reduced. the CV1 makes way better use of more of the screens than DK2 and its lenses are much better - albeit leading to god rays in some instances. oculus rift and htc vive both use samsung panels, the vive panels are larger offering slightly better FOV, but slightly perceived lower resolution and more SDE the new samsung VR screens rumoured to be in the next generation of HMDs are really nice, but for now, i think rift and vive VR hmds are in a good place. AFAIK we do not even know for sure if the new LG HMDs are getting a consumer release yet.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:52 PM · 193 replies and 4524 views.
    the snag here is, it kind of goes against the logic of a pirate..... what pirate worth his/her salt would scan a noob in say a T6, but loaded with gold, and say.. naaaah... noob! i am gonna find me a deadly pilot in a specced out python to pirate.? imo noobs SHOULD be being pirated by all pirates IF they have expensive loot they are fair game..... BUT the pirates need to pirate properly.... demand ships power down and drop gold.... ... the wiggle room could be if only harmless they ask for a little less (because videogame) but even a new player should be expected to know how to follow orders from a pirate. serial killer npcs should be very rare indeed.... but instead have assassins sent after player who have been taking on well paid "dangerous" missions and the contectual text make it clear WHY they are being hunted down - much like in 1st encounters, my attackers told me i was being attacked for "messing with or working with XYZ" ... and if a noob has been doing that, well, they bought it on...
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:44 PM · 193 replies and 4524 views.
    you nailed it with your last 3 words.... as far as arena shooters go warthunder is pretty good.... but for me, a game like ED is purely about getting into the role, and, to me, having a subset of competitive players in the game, who are not looking for a semi plausible game but just looking to built a PvP meta ship and prioritise attacking hollow boxes just take me out of the experience and ram home "videogame"......... ED desperately needs more variety in AI going right up to some pretty skilled pilots, imo it desperately needs more npcs to interact with but (vitally imo) they all need to play their role correctly - which is something imo players just cant be expected or trusted to do and TBH the current AI are very hit and miss with too - but at least dont TRY to exploit the game for me, other than a bit of co-op with friends, i can take or leave other players in my game, (tho it is nice seeing other "pilots federation members" within the context of how the lore is written about said members) but as...
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:46 PM · 24 replies and 1018 views.
    my guess is, we may see a vive 1b, which comes with the new steamVR 2.0 tracking, the new mounting system and perhaps a knuckles based controller.... but other than the budget all in 1 headset from oculus, i am not expecting anything new from oculus for the next 12 months, and i doubt HTC will be bringing out a totally new vive yet. LGs steamVR HMD offers some improved bits, but i am not 100% sure if this is getting a consumer release or will be for more "industry" stuff... imo if you want new consumer HMDs you probably want to be looking at the new MS certified HMDs with inside out tracking, and a hybrid between vive wands and oculus touch controls.
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    Yesterday, 2:21 PM · 78 replies and 1705 views.
    i thought plusnet WERE BT?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:36 PM · 12 replies and 499 views.
    Winterwalker replied to a thread [Gameplay] is this an exploit? in Elite Dangerous Support
    4 to weps .. improves heat dissipation (so you don't overheat as quickly) I believe. -- The way the comms panel is set up he could have been messaging furiously, "I'm allied to Borthers of Aeron, leave that NPC alone!" for all we know really. Similar thing could happen if you were in a stock sidewinder versus a stock anaconda, sometimes you're horribly outmatched but if you don't check out who's in the instance with you, this can happen in two seconds or twenty, same outcome. People are right, we need to know your shield and hull strength before being able to score his guns really. And yes, you are all offense .. Put the NPC down, and pips to sys while you invetigate, the new contact in the area I think.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:09 PM · 371 replies and 14261 views.
    indeed... it blows my mind that once you have looked in the mission board, that switching modes changes the mission list... imo this has never been a good design... it makes no sense from a logic point of view and encourages players to do actions which ultimately can spoil the game...... imo it needs to either be fixed so as not to work OR needs to be embraced that board refreshing is a feature and put a button to recycle the mission board without mode swapping (the latter i do not like either, but at least if i KNOW its a feature and not a lame exploit i can roll with it) . OTOH there should never ever be a scenario that there are simply NO missions available. the 0/0 missions - when you are not hated by a faction - should just not ever be a thing.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:51 PM · 193 replies and 4524 views.
    not sure how much work it would be, but..... there is another potential boon to this... if there is a mission to take a T9 with 400T of what ever to a system currently under attack from some nasty wing of pirates.......... as well as a "kill" bunch of nasty pirates mission... how cool to be able to take BOTH missions, fly out there in my FGS, clean up the area, and it have the double whammy of the game knowing i had done the 1st mission 1st, thus reducing the risk when i then swap into the T9 and do the delivery mission after it.... OR i could just take the delivery mission and take my chances.. my choice. however this would take a persistence tied to our game save which simply does not exist in the game right now.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:42 PM · 29 replies and 1080 views.
    Yeah .. I would think you have some kind of adventure, SRV exploding sends a signal to your ship to get to your location, and you get to the landing spot either on foot or with your junior birdman rocket pack. If ship destroyed, surely you go into an escape pod chloroformed or in some kind of statiss. Your beacon is found and you're traded on several blackmarkets before being liberated and returned to your point of origin. Just because you've never failed to refind your last station on rebuy, doesn't mean thousands of pilots are never seen again, every day of the week?
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:29 PM · 371 replies and 14261 views.
    I dont think (not 100% sure) i disagree with any of the above, and i dont thing it is at odds with what i said in general.... mission stacking is no problem at all, its the completion of all the mission stack in 1 go i have issue with, and IF its true that the mission stacking bug is why the numbers were inflating to such high numbers,.,.... well my only response to that is For Fudges Sake!!! because not all of us did the mode swapping stack everything we can from one misson givers dance. i only put out there about whether the mission system can cope with more missions or not, due to the "failed to communicate with server time out" which I and many of my friends got....... i do not know WHY it happened but it DID used to happen, quite a lot. it sounds like 2.4 B1 has some good improvements, sadly i was on hols, by the time i got back, and downloaded, and i had planned to have a good session on it last night.... well... that did not work out so well... :( but what ever happens i hope we get more...
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:10 PM · 12 replies and 139 views.
    Some good ideas there Iskariot. Would be awesome in the long term to have SJA AI assistance in the side seat .. don't know if they do or not as part of their program but if NPC's manage pips, translate to my ship? Pretty indepth though, so your modifiers would be a good place to start and maybe the Crew Lounge lists NPC crew by specialism .. one catergory giving you one set of modifiers, another giving you a different set? Sure you've thought of that. Many out there wouldn't mind Zeeman's escorts either .. hire a crew person, stick them in the spare seat with no effect. I would, but ultimately people might see Frontier as selling themselves short unless escort crew were a catergory of their own and free to hire (maybe they'd pay you for the chance to intern seeing as all they're really good for is making a cup of tea?) +1
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:50 AM · 78 replies and 1705 views.
    really? to each their own, i was with sky internet for years, i really have nothing but positives to say about their service.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:45 AM · 193 replies and 4524 views.
    CZs ARE the most challenging thing in the game... you can be in for 30mins everything going swimmingly, then a new spawn enters and if they all decide to attack you, things can go south very fast in a balanced build at least. The pirate lord missions... on one hand i sort of like the idea that you have to be there at a time and a place for them... on the other hand, if i only have 30 mins i cant always be doing with them....... personally i would keep some as they are, but also add pirate lord wrinkles into normal kill x number of pirate missions, so you get a message telling you that pirate lord neckbeard has been spotted in your vicintity and if you kill them - whilst you are already doing a kill pirate mission - you get a bonus
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