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    Today, 1:43 PM · 47 replies and 732 views.
    Yep rank means nothing now. I much preferred rank locked missions and they make sense. Of course more missions are needed, in a system with population in billions we should not be scrabbling around choosing from a handful of missions. I know the number limit is technical (does seem better in 2.4) but it still sucks and I think is why FD felt compelled to remove rank lock
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 12:23 PM · 156 replies and 4568 views.
    In terms of a narrative ED DOES have one. I wish it was more accessable esp if you come back to the game for the 1st time in a while it would be cool to access all of the pertinent galnet articles and have them play via text to speech as you play complete with pause and rewind. Other than that I know procedural missions are never going to be as good as hand crafted but I wish there were more flavour to them . FD could continually be adding new mission templates into the bgs and I really wish they would use our machines to generate them if they are unable to have a decent number and variety server side The lack of basic patrol missions for local security, as well as wingman protect convoy missions and ship delivery missions really is inexcusable imo.
  • Mobius's Avatar
    Today, 1:07 AM · 281 replies and 14697 views.
    Thanks! There are around 30+ cmdrs that volunteer there time in the running of the Mobius group, and they are all told that they are here to support the pve community, its interesting how much goes on in the background to keep our community running smoothly.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 12:52 AM · 343 replies and 13433 views.
    Allitnil certainly has the experience, but I haven't heard his ideas on exploration revamps. Erimus just listed his ideas a page or so back, and they are genius. They don't necessarily require a change to the existing base mechanics and would dramatically enhance the experience of exploration.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:49 PM · 15 replies and 388 views.
    true. The only advantage of the T-9 is that it costs about 200 Million less to outfit in trade mode and can use a C8 biweave for super fast regen. However, the shielded cargo capacity is nearly identical, and the jump range, shield strength, weaponry, module protection, boost speed, agility, hull are all weaker to MUCH weaker on the T-9. Still love the T-9 though, mostly for the amazing (wasted?) cockpit, and the feel of flying a massive-behemoth that actually feels like a massive behemoth ship. Really hope they use the reuse the T9 cockpit on the T10 defender, or something similarly awesome. :)
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:44 PM · 343 replies and 13433 views.
    As much as I like Obsidian as a person and an Elite newscaster, I would prefer to have a more technical expert like Erimus to be a player adviser to Frontier. Obsidian is a great YouTuber and promoter, but Erimus is an Explorer's Explorer with unsurpassed knowledge and experience and quite frankly a richer and deeper source of ideas for mechanics.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:23 PM · 343 replies and 13433 views.
    This is something I have been wanting for a long long time. I think it fits in perfectly with the current high wake jump boost mechanics, and imo should be applied to every kind of boosted jump. The bigger the boost, the more difficult the "interdiction type tunnel" should be. I would even be Ok with having a 20kLY jump range as long as the interdiction tunnel was vitually impossible to beat and failure meaning being thrown 20kLY off course and severely crippled ship, possible completely disabled if the AFMUs are too badly damaged. White dwarf binaries should be quite rare for a variety of reasons. 1) WD precursors are not all that common Pop I&II: B,A,F and Pop II: G 2) stars don't age at the same rate, lower mass stars burn slower and live longer lives on the main sequence (hence Sirius B was initially higher mass than sirius a) 3) stars in the future-WD mass range expand when they die, and this mass can accrete upon the companion star potentially altering its lifespan, or causing it to go...
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:18 PM · 281 replies and 14697 views.
    You are totally missing the point. I was agreeing with you that IF they united they could steam rolling the group and in a PG there is not much a group in open could do about it. You are seeing conflict where there was none. What you are not getting is this is working as intended and as advertised . The BGS is competitive PvE with optional PvP for those who are interested . It ain't rocket science. Players are free to not like it and vote with their wallets but that does not excuse players acting Berks invading PGs
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:18 PM · 15 replies and 388 views.
    I would go with something like this for combat: You can use this shield build with any kind of build though (trade/blockade runs/bounty hunting/etc). The beauty of it is that the regen is so fast that all an NPC needs to do is run out of WEP for a few secs and you almost don't even need the SCBs. It can take quite a lot of punishment, even going toe to toe with the biggest baddest ships you'll find in a high CZ.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:26 PM · 156 replies and 4568 views.
    Cosmetics are not expansions. You are right on 1 count. I KSer they said EVERYTHING would be purchasable by in-game credits but that there would be a cash for credits option on the store front. The majority did not like this and complained p2w (a good point) personally I would have preferred it as it would have encouraged FD to control the economy more (no more quince). BUT FD changed direction due to players asking them to
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:18 PM · 90 replies and 1730 views.
    Separate issue. Clogglers will clog. Increasing the timer will help those who are "victims" of menu logging but not from out and out cheaters. But my phone is constantly ringing (usually ppi junk but I have personal reasons why I have to answer just in case) and a whole host of other reasons. If the phone rings and I have to answer it I am not gonna wait around 60 s just to keep another player happy and am not gonna be happy about just letting my deadly NPC crew die either
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:47 PM · 90 replies and 1730 views.
    I would be ok with FD increased the timer maybe by 10s or so.... On the condition they removed the confirmation at the end of the countdown. There is no upside for it imo. Press leave, let it countdown but logout at the end so I am not waiting whilst phone rings etc
  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:32 PM · 2426 replies and 509522 views.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:18 PM · 281 replies and 14697 views.
    Look you are not wrong (aside from the snide insults) if mobius group united and they wanted to they could probably steam roller any player group in the game. That is the game you bought player competition via PvE actions. This is one part of the game working pretty much as designed. It's competitive PvE. Think of it like team based apple bobbing. The team that gets the most apples in a time limit wins and even if you are losing you DONT get to hold you opponent down to stop him.
  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:14 PM · 281 replies and 14697 views.
    Give the game back to Frontier Developments.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:05 PM · 281 replies and 14697 views.
    Hinted yes, spelled out no. KSer stated multiple open modes with different rules in each with bans for attempting to break them. The most insistent were to have their account locked into a special "hell mode" full of like minded players
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:32 PM · 26 replies and 980 views.
    Not if you're already Elite.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:24 PM · 343 replies and 13433 views.
    I agree 100%. Furthermore, I think the entire scan/discovery/jump/route-plotting mechanics need to be thrown out and started over from scratch so exploration is more hands-on and travel itself requires actual planning and benefits from group effort. Going anywhere humans never been before should feel like edge-of-the-galaxy exploration does. If this means throwing out all previous data, I'm more than fine with that.
  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:14 PM · 36 replies and 747 views.
    Not sure how this thread, or your change of thread title belongs in Suggestions? Unless Frontier Developments has a suggestions forum exclusively for Mobius PvE group? Maybe it should have? I was suggesting that Mobius pull the plug on his PvE groups, thus helping Frontier Developments see their game for what it is. By moving my post from General Discussion to Suggestions you have actually altered my post to something that it is not. Please don't do that. Please put my unaltered post back where it belongs. Thank you. To be clear: the core content of my original post was that Mobius should shut down his private groups. How this could read as a suggestion for Frontier Developments baffles me.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:45 PM · 281 replies and 14697 views.
    Exploit or not as far as frontier are concerned it truly saddens me that we even need these discussions :( ok some some insist open anything goes, if FD can't lock it down and it's not using a cheat then it's fair game. Fine , personally that is not the elite I thought I was buying but what ever I can just keep out. But is it really so unreasonable to expect when going into a PG to respect it's rules even if not hard coded?. Respect . It's not that hard
  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:29 PM
    Mobius and his handful of volunteers managing literally thousands of PvE players in private groups across platforms and time zones are keeping Frontier Developments from facing the issue. Frontier Developments should be providing a PvE environment. Not a handful of volunteers.
    36 replies and 747 views.
  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:07 PM · 281 replies and 14697 views.
    Can't be what?.... ;)
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:56 PM · 156 replies and 4568 views.
    Does anyone remember the original chat for elite 4. You wouldnt even have a ship at the start and would start off doing menial tasks with loaner ships. Iirc there were to be 2 games a single player game like the original trilogy and a multiplayer companion game (maybe like cqc). I like what FD have tried to do with ED but there were a lot of saccrifices made in making ED an mmo
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