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  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 AM · 7 replies and 236 views.
    They are not exactly the same as the mega ships, although they are quite large.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:22 AM · 18 replies and 447 views.
    Godspeed, Cassini. o7
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:22 AM · 38 replies and 1023 views.
    Pepperidge Farm remembers....
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:21 AM · 44 replies and 2990 views.
    Very interesting! Congrats, commander! Hmm.... So these pirates were obviously way more advanced since they had jump capability. What's odd is that the log file written by the security officer mentioned that the pirate ships had entered super cruise. How would people on a generation ship even know about that? That technology had not been invented yet when the generation ships left. You'd think the pirates would have made more money just you know...selling the location of this ship to others rather than butchering everyone on board and stealing whatever old, useless tech is there. Also, why the heck is this security officer writing his log while he's under fire at the end? lol.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 2:33 AM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    I work in IT so my ability to interact like a normal human is already below average on a good day. ;)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:48 PM · 21 replies and 564 views.
    Sorry, but this is not a productive thread to have on the forum. Like it or not, Elite Dangerous is a popular game and Frontier are working hard to accommodate old time backers and new players (on different platforms!) at the same time. To have a thread on the official forums with the express purpose of discouraging new players from becoming part of the community is simply not gonna fly.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:48 PM · 42 replies and 715 views.
    Well, OP...I tried to post in character and RP and all. Guess it's not meant to be today. lol.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:33 PM · 42 replies and 715 views.
    The Emperor is strangely silent on this matter, isn't she? Still... traitors to the Empire must be dealt with lest sedition take root. Salome may have been an honored Imperial Senator once, but now she has no rank and no citizenship. She has been found guilty of treason by the Imperial Courts. She has escaped justice once and now her life is unfortunately forfeit.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:10 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    I know what'll cheer you up....
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:48 PM · 5 replies and 293 views.
    So FD had a little fun with their patch notes.... We don't need to rake them over the coals for it. Basically you are proving the point about salty forums. Closing.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:50 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    You're gonna need a bigger platform I think. On topic - patch = yay :) Thanks for the hard work, FD.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:59 AM · 41038 replies and 2691639 views.
    Dance babe dance magic dance. Smoke and mirrors discussion while other unexpected new gamers are sucked into this. Why media and gamers haven't joined in chorus to shut it down before it scams more people I have no slightlest idea.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:28 AM · 6 replies and 344 views.
    My ship has blackjack! And.... It's really nice is what I'm saying. :p
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:18 AM · 71 replies and 2276 views.
    There you go chuckling again.... :) Me... unfortunately I'll be at work, so I can't be part of the, ah.... 'user generated content'. :)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:15 AM · 14 replies and 361 views.
    DMV of the future. :)
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