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  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 40 replies and 1007 views.
    Lately they nail the date and start pretty early - around 9 - 10 am. If beta rollout is any evidence this might be a long wait for servers to come back. I would say 4pm at latest.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 79 replies and 3374 views.
    It is possible, but heavy roadblocking by both Microsoft and Sony will make this very long wait before that happens. FD uses their own servers, just accounting and integration is unique for each of platforms. Nope. They are same. FD uses their own servers and their own network stack.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 4:23 AM · 4 replies and 129 views.
    Nice summary! :)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:38 PM · 41 replies and 1409 views.
    Not gonna ask.... Edit... Says the mod with the MLP avatar. I'll see myself out...
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:36 PM · 199 replies and 5536 views.
    Directors cashing in on successful launch of both PC and ED, releasing ordinary shares. What did I miss there? As for David's share falling, we already established he is in formal minority now. Jobs also was. As long there's no some serious fail with deliveries and sales (and if there is FD is in trouble anyway), I just don't see anything changing in leadership. Not every company has US style directional behaviour as EA or other companies. Seems like success to me (or again, what did I miss).
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:18 PM · 11 replies and 843 views.
    Reconfirm for Wine 2.16 Staging - hang on ED Horizons 64-bit. I will retire ED 32-bit check next week, along with 2.4 launch.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:47 PM · 8239 replies and 594530 views.
    You literally throw anything to wall to see what sticks. That's how those huge SC pledge goals were created. As for shooting I just had very interesting discussion with friend this evening. We discussed how all games, especially massive online games, despite any good intentions ends up being shooting or hitting other entities with magic spear. Like it or not, that's what hits with most of *active* game playing audience. Of course, there are people who will like other aspects of your game, but most of them will instantly connect with pew pew and everything else will be boring to them. Also this is most easiest way to balance and measure skill or success in game. Anything else is very, very hard to measure as success. Major issue is that these big games, graphically and concept wise, take lot of time and money to develop. Thus those who actually pay will call the shots. Lucky is that developer who finds a way to add more than pew pew in a game and gets away with it. Also biggest paradox and crux is...
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:49 PM · 27 replies and 424 views.
    Lol. You're a real upstanding citizen. ;)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:13 PM · 51 replies and 1657 views.
    Sure, there's precedence for paying in advance for undeveloped content, but that doesn't make it the best idea in all cases. What someone does with their money is their own business, but in general I would say you should be very careful with plonking down money for something before its even made. There *are* execptions.... the Elite Dangerous kickstarter was obviously one. Many people (myself included) put down money on this project before anything was available. That was a gamble and it paid off. There have been many other kickstarter gambles I've made that have not. Kickstarter is a crowd funding system for getting projects off the ground. As far as gaming goes it makes the most sense for small/indie devs who do not have the capability of getting publishers behind them. However, there *are* risks with it. You as a backer assume financial risk. If that's fine then more power to ya. The point here is that Kickstarter is not the best platorm *now* with which to develop Elite further. Dale...
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:46 PM · 8 replies and 166 views.
    I just checked in and confirmed that missions should remain active but will expire at the designated time regardless of server downtime or outtages or version upgrades.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:12 PM · 51 replies and 1657 views.
    Well said. I agree 100%.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:10 PM · 11 replies and 246 views.
    I like the idea, so long as it's not some kind of 'loot crate' gimmick. (You know.... gotta pay something to unlock it, etc.) I think that adding more salvage like you suggest would be very cool! We already have some of that, of course, but primarily it's just cargo and mission stuff that you find. It would be neat to find more usable stuff like ship components and rares.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:07 PM · 41 replies and 1602 views.
    You evil pickle, you... ;) That's great, OP! Glad that the community came through for you. :D
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:05 PM · 8239 replies and 594530 views.
    Ok, guys. I can see Yaffle's eye starting to twitch over there and it's weirding me out. Y'all better get back on Star Citizen and not Elite Dangerous! I'll distract him as long as I can but I wouldn't wanna be on the receiving end of an off-topic Yaflehammer....
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:02 PM · 12 replies and 342 views.
    My guess Steam would increase buyer's satisfaction a lot if they would went away of showing player's reviews as frontal element and just point out at professional or vetted player reviews. Majority of reviews are complain board entries, they are just not weighted POVs to give overall impression of the game.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:01 PM · 8 replies and 166 views.
    AFAIK the only thing that commanders may lose before 2.4 is their powerplay pledge, if they have zero merits:
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:59 PM · 14 replies and 481 views.
    War were delcared.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:57 PM · 8 replies and 166 views.
    Welcome to the forum! You should be fine. When 2.4 goes live your current gamestate/statistics/progress should be intact.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:52 PM · 8239 replies and 594530 views.
    But isn't that essentially a problem? It will always start as MVP. For all these years with ED I have grown to accept that it will take very long time to get there where majority of players will feel very happy about feature set. That's why I always have shrugged on Chris loud claims that he will do everything at once, not at measly MVP. But problem is you CAN'T do it differently. It is huge, almost impossible task. It takes incredible amount of money (ED certainly have costed FD around 75M at this point) and it takes long time to get somewhere. While I wanted ED to have a lot more on launch, I also didn't expect it to have planetary landings or walking around at 1.0. It wasn't just possible. Star Citizen is just huge additional reality check on fantasy about 'ready at once' game.
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