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    Today, 8:48 PM · 8410 replies and 604314 views.
    Heh! Well, I remained steadfast in my support for years, but lately I've felt progressively more pessimistic about the project. I suppose everyone has their own 'breaking point'. Gamescom 2017 was it for me. I'll happily put down cash when it's released and we can play an actual fun & working game. Until then... 'peace, out!' and all....
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 7:48 PM · 8410 replies and 604314 views.
    ATC NPCs with decision trees and animations? I think the game has enough pie in the sky goals already. :rolleyes:
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 7:46 PM · 50 replies and 831 views.
    On the contrary..... have some rep for using correct spelling. ....And pink. :)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 7:40 PM · 19 replies and 420 views.
    I get the impression that having permit locks on bubble systems is mainly just because there needed to be some rewards to attach to faction rep grinding (aside from a couple of ships anyway). Well, that and it was a mechanic that existed in at least Frontier: Elite 2. It doesn't add much in and of itself, no.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 6:22 PM · 11 replies and 341 views.
    It's a rather dystopian future, innit? :p
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 PM · 36 replies and 689 views.
    Moved to suggestions and updated the thread title to better reflect the subject matter.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 4:20 PM · 8410 replies and 604314 views.
    To be fair, recent mainstream gaming media articles has been doing just that (except for few painfully obvious paid for articles).
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 PM · 17 replies and 2058 views.
    I will make a guess that they will require incredible amounts of power, will disable your shields and won't work well on human ship hulls and shields.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 4:03 PM · 139 replies and 3743 views.
    That's funny since my entry into the franchise started with FE2. I never played Elite. FE2, though, I enjoyed. :) Played it a bunch.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 3:48 PM · 17 replies and 2058 views.
    Awesome, Paige, thanks!
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:24 PM · 4 replies and 93 views.
    Does this PSA fall under the new no-PSA rule? (tightens grip on ban hammer) ;)
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 2:06 PM · 8410 replies and 604314 views.
    I think second one is a bit worse. As gamers we can dream aright, but let's not fool ourselves.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 1:30 PM · 8410 replies and 604314 views.
    Make believe system. It is ancient as gambling. Chris taps in - and frankly only reason SC isn't pure open scam for me it is because Chris believes that himself - that 'you can put almost everything in game so let's put everything' feeling lot of gamers definitely have. Just check out these forums for 'what would happen if we cross breed ED, SC, NMS, etc. etc.' and other nonsense. Lot of people, even bright, clever people I know personally, believe it is just that easy and that CIG is able to do that. What CIG really struggles is to make anything scripted real. They know gamers will call them out on being fake as crap if they just do scripted stuff - despite the fact you can do very immerse things with scripting, just need to be creative and oohhh, you need solid QA team. So it ends up them not knowing really how to achieve that. That's however would be lesser of their problems if they would have at least basic gameplay loop going. NPCs as traffic controllers ain't that.
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