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    Yesterday, 6:24 PM · 910 replies and 102744 views.
    I suspect that whatever designer(s) asked him not to expose those raw values were ignorant of the fact that they were already exposed in the Companion API. I know jgm ( and others had been spending time working out how the raw values related to in-game values. Basically whatever concerns that designer might have had were already addressed in the live Coriolios, ED Shipyard, and possibly other tools. Sure, the third party devs involved had to put in some extra work to get it working, and would have needed more such work if there was any change to the raw represenation, but they had already done that and would have proven willing to continue. Of course ideally FDev would expose the game UI values in the player journal so as to negate any need for this hackery, but that's the situation third party devs have been in. Putting in that work and having the data was much more preferable than the 2.3 situation of now not having the data at all.
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    Yesterday, 5:38 PM · 2058 replies and 92968 views.
    I'll have a crack at answering your question from my own perspective, I didnt see it previously. It's a long thread and moving fast :D I wouldnt put the API as top priority of course. Main game features are more important by a long shot. I'd just like to see some actual solid commitment to do SOMETHING about it in the near future. The problem is we've had years of conversation asking for improvements and yet no action. I wasnt aware of the #support3rdparty plan but when I saw it I joined in. Mainly because I see the effect of the poorly implemented API first hand. I cant even use my own site as the API has broken for my characters so I cant test or improve it. The companion API is no longer supported so FDev arent going to fix it. If I could get the trade data from the journal that would be a work around but they've not supplied that info.
  • Cmdr Thrudd's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:16 PM · 2058 replies and 92968 views.
    You cant be serious, Parasites? :D I cant speak for the other devs but my donations dont even cover the 40 a month hosting cost. I made my trade site in alpha to help players with a better trading ui while the in game UI game improved (it never did). I've spent 1000's of hours working on the site and supporting the players and you think thats parasitic? What have you done to help the community?
  • Cmdr Thrudd's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:01 PM · 2058 replies and 92968 views.
    After they asked us to not scrape data we all used OCR until the point when FDev said it was ok to use the companion API
  • Cmdr Thrudd's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:24 PM · 2058 replies and 92968 views.
    I cant speak for the other devs but in my case the issue I've been having is that the api we've been using to get data from the devs is now classed as 'no longer supported' so when bugs happen theres nothing they will do to fix it and you can do about it. My characters fail to get data from any queries making testing or even using my own site impossible. I get many emails per week from users demanding I fix my site but the problem isnt with my site its with the no longer supported API just suddenly deciding to not feed data. What many of us have been asking for since alpha is a formal api with documentation and security so we can develop our tools on a solid foundation rather than the current ad-hoc system that can suddenly be pulled out from underneath us invalidating all the hard work weve put in over the years.
  • Cmdr Thrudd's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:16 PM · 2058 replies and 92968 views.
    I've taken my site (Thrudd's Elite Dangerous Tools down in support as well. The lack of 3rd party support over the years has been really disappointing. When I put my site up in ALPHA there was talk of an API and we still haven't got it. Instead we got a journal that didn't include the data I needed and now with the companion API no longer officially supported we're in a pretty bad place. I've put 1000's of hours in to working on my site for the good of the community but am seriously considering just taking the site down as I don't feel there's any future in it. For the last 6 months or so I can't even use it myself due to a API bug meaning I don't get any data from the companion API any more. The new journal gave me nothing to work with regarding trade data or even simple things like station distance from jump in so I cant even convert my site to use that.
  • Athan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:11 PM · 2058 replies and 92968 views.
    Go back and read the entirety of the OP and the answer should be clear. TL;DR - yes. Use of the Companion API was OK'd sometime around Feb 2016. The Player Journal was always meant for general use by players.
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    Yesterday, 1:20 PM · 15 replies and 2948 views.
    This tool will be unavailable for the period of the 3-day #support3rdparty protest. See for details.
  • Athan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:18 PM · 2058 replies and 92968 views.
    I've also now brought down my route planner for the period of this protest. My Dev Tracker RSS feed will stay active however, the better to spot if FDev actually make an official response.
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