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  • Adept's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 AM · 38633 replies and 2445219 views.
    I feel you'll be bitterly disapointed. If they get planetside stuff out, it will be a separate Cryengine level you can explore, not a procedural planetary body.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 2:14 AM · 17 replies and 433 views.
    kofeyh replied to a thread [Ships] T-9 Heavy buffs in 2.3 Beta Discussions
    No they wanted everyone to use Anaconda. This is why it has only slightly less damage output than Corvette, has the best jump range of any ship, has ridiculously good handling, copious amounts of armour and endless numbers of internal modules. The "Mighty Anaconda" was blessed with the same sort of ratio that Python had, and Python was utterly nerfed into the ground. If Frontier didn't want Anaconda to be the be-all end-all ship, it would not currently be about the best at every conceivable game play mechanic possible. Frontier claim there are no endgame ships. But the 'conda is every bit a living breathing statement that it absolutely is. Type-9 if anything should be marginally cheaper; but it's still $60-70 million credits cheaper than Anaconda, with a similar trade fit; it's rebuy is also less, along with cheaper running costs. It should also be noted that the ship you fly affects the ships sent as part of missions or interdictions; Anaconda for elite drivers typically means at the least, another...
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 2:10 AM · 17 replies and 433 views.
    kofeyh replied to a thread [Ships] T-9 Heavy buffs in 2.3 Beta Discussions
    You are talking about the Panther Clipper, which will be the pure-trader equivalent of Cutter. Type-9 is already quite cheap and inexpensive to maintain; it also carries a respectable payload and has good profit potential. I'd prefer it stays cheap and remains a solid upgrade path.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 2:03 AM · 11 replies and 175 views.
    Strip 50-100t additional, and unlock the lowest class 5 slot as a general slot, and the "top 1% of all passenger liners" actually aligns with the oft seen statement. That final weight loss will also see another slight heat adjustment in favour of not having fires break out on deck, every jump; never mind the slight range gain (closer to orca, which is currently the better option). Win-win. :)
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 1:57 AM · 11 replies and 195 views.
    kofeyh replied to a thread [Ships] Big Three Masslock in 2.3 Beta Discussions
    Exaggerating a claim doesn't make it true; the combined mass-lock factor from 20 Corvettes, will absolutely mass lock a cutter. However a single corvette cannot. And frankly if Corvette could masslock a Cutter, it doesn't change anything beyond making a different ship the example of the problem you lament. Bingo. It is a game mechanic. It's magic, to achieve a desired goal. Given the OP starts with "Cutter's lording it over.." it's pretty clear this isn't a complaint about masslock specifically, so much as "i want my ship to masslock the other guy". Which is fine. But at cross purposes with the actual suggestion. :)
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 1:49 AM · 38633 replies and 2445219 views.
    Spacegame Bromance? :D That'll appear in SC no doubt ;)
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 1:44 AM · 11 replies and 195 views.
    kofeyh replied to a thread [Ships] Big Three Masslock in 2.3 Beta Discussions
    Without an avenue for escape, all that will happen is more traders will complain about being shot, and the rate of combat logging will go up; and anyone left in open, will simply leave. Yes mass lock makes no sense, neither do most of the hull mass values in game. I think finding a different avenue for ship balance other than "remove strategic retreat option" would be advisable; I'm all for people being culpable but try to consider the broader impact of mass lock on prey when there is little chance of escape. It has very big connotations. Not the least of which this automatically transfers to AI, let alone any other impact. If escape now means forgone conclusion of total ship loss due to survival times blowing out by a factor of 4-5, you're not going to get any traction on that.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 1:42 AM · 29 replies and 789 views.
    Did Frontier give a reason? Please tell me it wasn't because people complained about being held accountable for in-game actions.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 1:19 AM · 29 replies and 789 views.
    I will never understand Frontier's "all care no responsibility" decision to make the ship-owner culpable for idiotic crew behaviour, alone. This does not foster crew who honour law and act in accordance with articles of war (as in, not shoot everything that moves, or anything that isn't moving in case it tries to move). I think both need to wear the crime, personally. Frontier, please consider ensuring crew members are held accountable for actions; this is going against the entire notion that there are boundaries and laws in the game; whether we are there in body or spirit (in the form of telepresence) the 'intent' is the important bit of the law, and if one fires on a friendly, then the intent is to do harm, so you get a bounty, and you get a bounty - everyone get's a bounty!
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 1:15 AM · 6 replies and 139 views.
    Sure, however how big the life support is, is a terrible way to constrain jump range; for the record literally every Beluga driver will go for lightweight modification to get the mass down to something approaching a sane level; never mind that that mass reduction also improves handling.
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 1:05 AM · 38633 replies and 2445219 views.
    Oh I think we all have! Some of the relentless optimism was genuinely entertaining :D
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 12:53 AM · 38633 replies and 2445219 views.
    Nope, not really. We've been told that the Magical 3.0 will reveal the ultimate greatness of the Vision - but there's no sign of that yet.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 12:51 AM · 35 replies and 702 views.
    "Captain, we are ready to make for light speed." 'excellent, ensign; make the jump' 4-3-2-1 engage <fire breaks out> Every beluga, everywhere. All the time. I mean D rated thrusters help, but not much. Trogdor the Burninator Beluga. Burn'n the peasants. TROGDORRRRR!
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 12:25 AM · 38633 replies and 2445219 views.
    What planet tech would that be? Star Citizen may be pretty - but I wouldn't call it a highly detailed universe :D
  • vindicator jones's Avatar
    Today, 12:18 AM · 12 replies and 454 views.
    Im going to run a kickstarter so we can get Vasily his own Voicepack for Voice Attack! LOL.. Joking of course! HAR HAR HAR.... You funny guy.. I have sent vasily out in the hamilton to track you down in game, lol ;) Glad you liked it! thankyou!
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 12:01 AM · 2023 replies and 102506 views.
    Cobra 4 vs any of the big 3, disabling/countering shields with rails?? Lololololol. Yeeeeah.... right. Maybe if the illuminati are drugging the big 3 pilots. Rails on a small ship, burning through thousands of MJ of shields enough to convince a big 3 pilot to use Assuming the rail cobra lives that long, they will have a heat sig that will light up like a xmas tree completely eliminating their small ship advantage. I could rip them apart with an SLF before they could even drop my shields, and have done exactly this vs Elite beta testers trying out your "deluxe" Cobra 4. The only hope of a Cobra 4 is use mines/torps/stealth to dive bomb my ship before they get whittled to pieces by the larger ship. This is a valid strat, but takes ages and is easily countered by emissive + missiles/kinetic weapons. A couple solid hits from PA volleys and they are toast with non-functioning external modules. And Cobra 4s are exceedingly easy to hit with PAs when they turn for their next strafing run.
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:45 PM · 7 replies and 185 views.
    Thanks for that :) Now if you'll excuse me for 5 minutes.
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:40 PM · 6 replies and 172 views.
    Mon dieu! Ein Frrp war!
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:27 PM · 38633 replies and 2445219 views.
    They'll be making shows about the "making of" shows next.
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:19 PM · 2 replies and 35 views.
    First off - try it on a different computer, then a different USB 2 port on the motherboard. Then try a powered USB2 hub attached to a USB2 port on the motherboard. Unplug the PS/2 cable between throttle and stick and make sure there's no bent pins, and plug it back in fully. Check your event log for USB2 power issues. If still no joy, and its under warranty, send it right back. If its out of warranty - and you feel like performing surgery, take it apart and look for pinched or chafing wires inside, loose sockets, and cracked or lifted solder joints.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:29 PM · 1 replies and 66 views.
    This is the background to the restriction: Closing.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:20 PM · 2023 replies and 102506 views.
    An engineered Corvette with SCBs can have absolute shields that are 168x bigger than a stock Cobra mk4. So yeah, I'd say that engineering works both ways and massively favors the bigger ships without question.
  • Comrade Napoleon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:05 PM · 11 replies and 283 views.
    Fly safe CMDR :) Cheers Cmdr's
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