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    Yesterday, 9:55 PM · 18 replies and 454 views.
    I thought corrosive shells were not scalable? ie: You may as well just put it on your least powerful multi-cannon, and put other magic spells on the rest?
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:52 PM · 13 replies and 451 views.
    That and it's the same as the past two years of combat CGs of course...
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:05 PM · 487 replies and 39966 views.
    Right on Commander ;) Could you (and Zarking) provide a pic? What platform are you on?
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:54 PM · 10 replies and 143 views.
    AFAIK it's just based on whoever arrived first. ETA your first statement is correct, and of course each player has their own latency/quality issues.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:44 PM · 10 replies and 143 views.
    If you are hosting the instance bandwidth comes into play. Each client needs a small amount of bandwidth, the 'faster' your internet connection, the more clients you can host in your instance. Latency is how long the signal takes to do the round trip from your house to theirs (or the server). If your data is taking a convoluted path (or packets are lost & resent) it can be improved, but the physical distance between you & the other players (and servers) cannot be overcome. An example of high speed, poor latency is satellite communication. The signal may take half a second to bounce off the satellite & another half second to return. An overland connection will be a much shorter physical distance.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:36 PM · 17 replies and 416 views.
    As 777Driver says a vector indicator would be ideal. A while back I suggested a 'bubble' around the ship orientation display in the HUD.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:28 PM · 10 replies and 267 views.
    I had the same issue overnight, selecting the mobile template from that bottom combo box fixed it, the request desktop box in Chrome was already unticked (like you I hadn't changed anything).
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:20 PM · 248 replies and 7159 views.
    ED is Peer to Peer. The servers won't get switched off anytime soon.
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:36 PM · 13 replies and 382 views.
    Yes, but at the very least allow 4 people in a Wing to be any combination of traditional Wing members and/or multi-poo? eg:- 3 ships, one of which has 2 crew. 2 ships, both with 2 crew. 2 ships, one with 3 crew. That said, I wouldn't really want any more effort put into multi-crew until there's actually some meaningful worthwhile gameplay to utilise through it TBH!
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:21 PM · 43 replies and 1137 views.
    Salvaging one area I can imagine some nice new elements of gameplay being introduced for maybe? -
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:26 AM · 53 replies and 1691 views.
    There were balancing issues before The Engineers, and then it's gone bonkers IMHO. Performance increases with little/no consideration - G5 being generally a no brainer. And then magic spell side effects which are convoluted and confused things rather than compliment IMHO. If side effects were thrown out the door, and G1-5 modifications actually considered and balanced, the game would be a better place IMHO.
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:25 AM · 446 replies and 20122 views.
    Could you therefore suggest what's actually led to that speculation and/or lack of faith is a tragagabajillion times more harmful then?
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:49 AM · 13 replies and 382 views.
    Agreed... Four people should be able to form a Wing or multi-crew(s) in any combination... Then all we need is some development effort finally put into something actually meaningful and interesting in the game to do...
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:52 AM · 8 replies and 502 views.
    Put other mechanics/gameplay in place first? Improve mining. Offer NPC wingmen. Offer more involved combat scenarios (missions). THEN plumb in multi-crew so you have so other content to actually leverage to make it more interesting. We're two+ years into the game but much of the core content is still paper thin. Is it suprising that multi-crew is so dull when there's been so little investment in the core gameplay/mechanics and therefore so little for it to make use of? -!?p=5227174#post5227174
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:31 AM · 167 replies and 6516 views.
    Or just an a toggle between the current holograph and an alternative representation which is a direct line of sight representation (from the pilots eyes if they were simply to look at the target). I think just that simply change would give a nice alternative tool to use...
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    Thank you for the rep Cmdr, yet
    again )
    Fly sober
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    Thank you for the rep Cmdr
    Fly safe - fly sober
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    Nelif, I just perused your links at the bottom of your message here and found them most helpful. +1 Rep to you and thank you. -- Cybermykl
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    Railguns were not removed or completely reworked (as I would have preferred), but they were brought down to an acceptable level of nuisance. I can't see the shield potions being "adjusted" like that though. The very concept is terrible, and Sandro seems to think they will work as a kind of quick-time-event... Which is a horrible idea from bad console games
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    It's pretty painful to see how several people will angrily defend the status quo. Any status quo.

    Especially those who feel they have found the current cheese, and I suppose are unhappy about the idea that now that they have mastered the game, something would change. How anybody can be happy about the mess that is shield cells, I'll never know. I have noticed that many of those defending them have turned up so late that they have always been there for them.
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    Trimming Edtracker board to fit in Maplin project box. Can you show how you modded the Edtracker cicvuit board?
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