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  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 7:48 PM · 8390 replies and 603282 views.
    ATC NPCs with decision trees and animations? I think the game has enough pie in the sky goals already. :rolleyes:
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 7:46 PM · 47 replies and 730 views.
    On the contrary..... have some rep for using correct spelling. ....And pink. :)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 7:40 PM · 17 replies and 310 views.
    I get the impression that having permit locks on bubble systems is mainly just because there needed to be some rewards to attach to faction rep grinding (aside from a couple of ships anyway). Well, that and it was a mechanic that existed in at least Frontier: Elite 2. It doesn't add much in and of itself, no.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 6:22 PM · 7 replies and 224 views.
    It's a rather dystopian future, innit? :p
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 PM · 36 replies and 619 views.
    Moved to suggestions and updated the thread title to better reflect the subject matter.
  • Cobra1984's Avatar
    Today, 5:01 PM · 8390 replies and 603282 views.
    No, they are talking about modelling the actual ATC controller as an individual AI character in the game - if you look through the flashy stuff then you miss 99% of what they want to achieve: "Because our flight operators are actually like physically placed in the station, so... you could basically stand in the station, see him talking to someone and whoever is on the ship will see the same thing. So it's a... uh... ONE TO ONE TRANSITION. Let's say that station gets attacked or that guy is out of an emergency or whatever, he's not there, we have a BACKUP system that picks up with just a generic computer voice and that will handle the flight operation then."
  • Cobra1984's Avatar
    Today, 4:58 PM · 8390 replies and 603282 views.
    An article that pushes the conversation into the FUTURE and away from the circus that is going on RIGHT NOW. That's what CIG marketing is all about.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 4:29 PM · 8 replies and 146 views.
    Tuesday. You need to have carry over merits from last week or fresh merits this week to stay in.
  • Cobra1984's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 PM · 8390 replies and 603282 views.
    At what point does any of the gaming press actually step forward and start warning people that this thing is stuck in development hell, they don't seem to have a clue what they're doing and you shouldn't touch it with a bargepole never mind throw money at it. You know, actually INFORM people for a change.
  • Cobra1984's Avatar
    Today, 4:08 PM · 8390 replies and 603282 views.
    They've lost the plot now haven't they, we are actually in the process of watching them completely loose the plot. Face over IP and now an ATC controller who walks about and drinks his coffee, I don't actually know what it is they are supposed to be building any more. These things have nothing whatsoever to do with gameplay, it's all... I don't even know! I've used Radar Contact for FSX for donkey's years, it provides decent and realistic ATC way above the default FSX ATC. Anyone who has used an ATC package for a flight sim knows what I'm talking about, RC4 does an amazing job, it's a super complex piece of software. This thing CIG are talking about has nothing to do with anything, they have some kind of movie character giving it "howdy partner! Get yourself down to hangar one!" and the character is supposed to have some kind of AI generated life outside of doing that GET AWAY OUT OF HERE WITH THAT RUBBISH! It's actually embarrassing, it's like something a ten year old would come up with. They've...
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 4:03 PM · 129 replies and 3422 views.
    That's funny since my entry into the franchise started with FE2. I never played Elite. FE2, though, I enjoyed. :) Played it a bunch.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:24 PM · 4 replies and 90 views.
    Does this PSA fall under the new no-PSA rule? (tightens grip on ban hammer) ;)
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM
    Hi Chaps, Just a quick line to let folk know that Antal pledges and member of the Antal Reddit group are out Maia providing bodyguard and escort help. Say hi in game if you'd like to give them a hand or need support. They can also be contacted via discord
    7 replies and 160 views.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 2:42 PM · 26 replies and 379 views.
    Popped into our lovely Off Topic section. :)
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 2:39 PM · 236 replies and 12240 views.
    Ok thread reopened. Please stay on topic. Thanks all.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 2:16 PM · 236 replies and 12240 views.
    Thread closed pending moderation.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 12:59 PM · 9 replies and 281 views.
    Closed as a duplicate of:
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 12:54 PM · 6 replies and 90 views.
    Presumably this would only be available to the creator / owner of the Private Group?
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    Thanks for the rep Yaffle, glad you liked the animation.

    Fly safe o7
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    Thanks for my 1st rep; from one ex-lecturer to a current one.
    May I also take the opportunity to say that I love your CMDR name.
    Being of a certain age, I can't help but notice that your avatar does bear a striking resemblance to a fellow academic of yesteryear, one Professor Yaffle? Could you possibly be one and the same?
    If so, please pass on my regards to Emily and B.P. if you're still in contact.

    Kind regards,

    CMDR C-Dweller
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    Thanks for the rep, Commander o7
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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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    Rep appreciated Cmdr
  6. Suggestion for closed threads to be a different color on the main board, or some kind od symbol next to them, even a letter C - saves wasting time commenting on them onlt to dioscover it's closed.
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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander. And "Allez les bleus !!!"

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    You have locked my save jacques station post and marked it as duplicate. Im nothing to do with the post you dirwcted me to and I want to run a seperate operation from theirs and Im looking for support. Please unlock my forum post so I can get the support I need to make my trip successful
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    Thanks for the rep! o7
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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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