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  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 3:05 AM · 61 replies and 1258 views.
    I do play the game how I want to - and I make use of the play options that Frontier have offered us from the outset. I can more than afford to play in Open (and do, from time to time, on both my main and Alt-CMDR) - there's nothing special about it at all (unless one considers being randomly attacked by another player "special" - which I don't).
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 2:44 AM · 11 replies and 221 views.
    The debate regarding every player, regardless of game mode, affecting and experiencing the same shared galaxy state has been going on for as long as some backers realised that other players would not require to be potential targets for them to still enjoy playing the game. Frontier continued developing the game with freedom of player choice (with regard to whether they want to play among other players and, if so, which ones) at its core. The fact that Wings, PowerPlay and Multi-Crew were all implemented for more than one game mode would rather suggest that Frontier's stance on the topic has not changed. .... and players in Solo and Private Groups are just as entitled to play the BGS / Factions / etc. as players in Open - the single shared galaxy state made that rather clear from the outset.
  • rootsrat's Avatar
    Today, 12:57 AM · 33 replies and 3198 views.
    Just to let you know guys - Cmdr Dirk Brabeen decided to only use half of his 20 GBP prize in the FDEV store and together we've decided to donate the other half to Special Effect charity. Very noble of him - so thank you Commander!
  • rootsrat's Avatar
    Today, 12:57 AM · 224 replies and 14091 views.
    rootsrat replied to a thread COMPLETED CG Winged Hussars Appeal (Rares) in Community Goals
    Just to let you know guys - Cmdr Dirk Brabeen decided to only use half of his 20 GBP prize in the FDEV store and together we've decided to donate the other half to Special Effect charity. Very noble of him - so thank you Commander!
  • rootsrat's Avatar
    Today, 12:26 AM
    Popełniłem film z pierwszej odnalezionej bazy INRA. Kolejne części w przygotowaniu :) Do filmu dodałem też polskie napisy. Miłego!
    0 replies and 24 views.
  • Nomadski's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:53 PM · 82 replies and 842 views.
    Many people wanted the X series to have landable space stations we could walk around in. Then Egosoft made X Rebirth and thousands of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. Legs themselves have no discernable value unless the environments and gameplay are there to cater to it, and it must fulfil a job that the current UI does not, or it becomes a bad gimmick that noone wants to do after 10 minutes. The ONLY thing spacelegs would add significantly, would be in spacewalks around the ship carrying out deep space repairs. So atmospheric landings for me, just flying through gas giants clouds and weather systems, and seeing other worldy sights would be gameplay enough far beyond that of walking to a space bar and playing a sad mini game to get a drink.
  • T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:43 PM · 41 replies and 972 views.
    T.j replied to a thread 21000000 loss in Dangerous Discussion
    Play nice please, new posters need helpful advice you rotten lot. To the OP, If you have to leave the game always quit to the menu.
  • rootsrat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:37 PM · 99 replies and 1501 views.
    EIite games were always at the top of my "best game ever" list. So nostalgia, mostly. Plus, I love sci-fi.
  • rootsrat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:34 PM · 7 replies and 124 views.
    You need to point the ship's nose exactly at the link and be at a very specific distance, about 150m. They're extremely sensitive and equally annoying piece of kit.
  • Nomadski's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:53 PM · 99 replies and 1501 views.
    Because I can say "Make it so" and virtually travel light years. I even call my hyperspace control finger Data, but don't tell anyone.
  • Nomadski's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:51 PM · 136 replies and 4004 views.
    Nice to hear you didn't lose everything out there. I've done many a dumb thing before, not least accidentally wiping my save from the main game, rather than one of the betas. Fortunately the very lovely Natalie sorted me out and restored the save file. Things happen, at least in your case it was directly related to gameplay, and probably taught you a very valuable lesson in power management! Fly safe o7
  • INaeem's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:50 PM · 11 replies and 176 views.
    It will take a few posts before you gain access to additional forum features and the like. Take care and Elite!
  • Arn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:44 PM · 3803 replies and 316485 views.
    Грамотность не то чтобы снижена- она атакуется идиотизмом. Например вот таким как понты под "критическое мышление" :) Типа "ничимуневерю" Хотя на самом деле под этой важной штукой (крит. мышлением) часто прячется элементарная профанация и неумение перерабатывать получаемую информацию. И с появлением интернета здравый смысл и грамотность атакуется с удесятерённой силой. Когда-то Ньютон сказал " я стою на плечах исполинов". Сегодня исполины горько плачут. Хотя некоторые из современных находят время для стёба:
  • T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:40 PM · 288 replies and 7721 views.
    Xenforo is in the pipeworks, with testing taking place. No date yet so soon is the best answer I can give. Personally though I'm very fond of the community and even though we have the occasional rough patches it's still a great place to be involved with.
  • T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:53 PM · 50 replies and 2013 views.
    Good God no...... I'm a moderator.
  • T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:44 PM · 50 replies and 2013 views.
    Look, I was easily bribed with offers of my very own Thargoid Ship, three Chocolate Hobnobs and a copy of the Lacon Exchange and Mart. As for the ears, I got bored while ironing one day....
  • INaeem's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:36 PM · 3 replies and 57 views.
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    Happy birthday
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    Happy Birthday Alek, hope you have a great day
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    Congrats on the promotion!
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    Congratulations on becoming a moderator
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    Welcome new Mod
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    Welcome to the team.
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    Thanks for your helpful posts in the forums, Aleksej.
  8. Thumbs up for Aleksej's contributions to the forum, and also always a good chap to encounter in-game!
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    Hi Aleksej,
    thanks for the reply, totally appreciate your stance, it does you credit. As I only get 15FPS at best, (a slow player in my instance may cause it to drop to 1-2 FPS), I often have to turn and run or die. Have to use gimballed at the moment though. I tried pirating once, shot three players trying to scavenge the cargo, felt bad, so getting practice on cargo pickups in free for all, I found less players there seem to slow me down. I tend to engage if they start hostilities, like yourself. Your the only commander I noticed doing the same. I also find it more fun to be the underdog

    All best
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    Hi Aleksej,

    Just a nod to the most honourable commander I've encountered in Free for all so far. You're reluctant to shoot a player first either it seems from the couple of encounters I had with you (If I'm wrong let me know, I may just have been lucky). Noted and appreciated, thanks for my life
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