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    Yesterday, 11:33 PM · 56 replies and 842 views.
    Good opportunity to buy my first ship kit. For my Cobra ofc. :)
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    Yesterday, 11:19 PM · 160 replies and 3522 views.
    Even moved over to Open for a few days from now on, something I'd otherwise avoid with a ten foot pole. Just to show how much appreciated this move was.
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    Yesterday, 9:47 PM · 944 replies and 30201 views.
    Now this affair starts to scare me. Am I in the end one of the very few non-cheaters that will keep his (100% legit and 100% grind-free!) Corvette (that I almost never fly as I love my Cobra Mk3 way too much, which also happens to be an excellent moneymaker btw) and has to defeat poor former cheaters in their Sideys? What a depressive vision. Guess one day, if that'll ever be possible, I'll donate my Vette to Harry Potter so all the fun can move on! :P Not kidding, I stay to my word. If Mr. Potter and FDev agrees we can make this transaction official, now or tomorrow. You can have it for free. Only requirement would be to think over your attitudes and work on your slightly distorted self-awareness.. :)
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    Yesterday, 6:50 PM · 944 replies and 30201 views.
    I take FD's statement a little different though, not as a matter of doubt but as the probably most thinkable mildest form of punishment. If those players affected are now still upset about that then they can kiss me goodbye, preferably forever. And as an extra bonus I'll punish you with this horrible song: That one was truly mean, I knew it. But you deserved it. :D And for the numbers of players that now would leave the game in heaps: what an utter rubbish! I bet the number of players that may leave now is trivial compared to the number of players that they have scared away from the game.
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    Yesterday, 4:06 PM · 944 replies and 30201 views.
    I guess the overall relief and cheering that we're seeing now mainly stems from a growing and unhealthy doubt that Frontier would take some actions at all. It was high time and I'd suggest let us celebrate the little (punishment) we can see now. Honestly, if FD has really pulled that off as they stated, without generating false positives and not letting slip any foul modules, that would already be a masterpiece on it's own!
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    Yesterday, 3:56 PM · 944 replies and 30201 views.
    Woah, you're quite on a crusade against the Engineers, got that. Your proposals though would just shift the grind into another direction and all I can foresee is a sea of boredom and unification. No thanks. But hey, more grip for your endeavor!
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    Yesterday, 3:15 PM · 944 replies and 30201 views.
    While it's been there from the very beginning ED was never meant as an e-sport game or some sort of Moba (you've got CQC for that). That's basically the direction what most PVPers seem to be trying to move the game into. PVP in small scale with some friends works, but in Open - just not. The sheer existence of Solo and Group modes should ring a very big bell to you. ED was never "PVP-centric" as you're trying to suggest, it was just one of many aspects of the game. I would agree in that PVP could be better than it actually is but to make this happen FD would have to re-write large chunks of the game, starting from the netcode and a change to one single central server (which would open up quite a lot of other cans of worms, including but not exclusive - the payment model. Hint: This is not and never will be EVE). That being said, I always found the blindness of certain PVPers to these facts fairly naive (or more friendly: wishful thinking) - from the very beginning on. Unfortunately I can't see any...
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    Yesterday, 2:14 PM · 627 replies and 52814 views.
    Wait, they're already introducing cargo? Just hope CR won't catch a cold from such brisk development pace. :D
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    Yesterday, 2:05 PM · 944 replies and 30201 views.
    Problem with the term 'RNG' is that in these discussions it's all too often abused as a placeholder for all and everything unwanted. Some people talked themselves so much into a rage that they now consider the RNG as the EVIL per se, right after IS, Osama Bin Laden, Donald Trump and the 3rd world war.
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    Yesterday, 1:34 PM · 277 replies and 18342 views.
    That would be great, but - having read countless threads about this topic and assuming you did the same I wonder how you still can ignore the fact that CL isn't an easy to "fix" issue. It's actually impossible other than the extremely clumsy way over statistics, player tracking, warnings and then - perhaps - in the very end resulting in some punishments. But if you have a better idea... Anyway, that's a great (albeit first) step into a brighter future of the game and the game got back at least partially its integrity. Kudos for our dev-team! To celebrate this lucky day I'll break my habits and will fly in open for a couple of days from now. Not that it matters, might be helping with some statistics though...
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    Yesterday, 1:27 PM · 277 replies and 18342 views.
    Which is a blatant lie.
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    Yesterday, 1:13 PM · 944 replies and 30201 views.
    I would take the "many people" in the OP with a pint of salt. Some guys are "many" already from birth on, they feel so important that each one of them should count as 10 at least.
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    Yesterday, 1:05 PM · 148 replies and 4705 views.
    Removed (one doth never post before one's first coffee dosis)
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    21/06/2017, 11:49 PM · 148 replies and 4705 views.
    These proposals aren't new though. If FD would actually follow these ideas (replacing RNG with sliders, no secondaries) they could just drop Engineers as a whole as it would foul them up beyond recognition.
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    21/06/2017, 11:21 PM · 107 replies and 3711 views.
    That's ok, just do not lose your second 't' again. :D Take care. ;)
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    21/06/2017, 10:21 PM · 83 replies and 1612 views.
    The high number of the probability of Alien existence doesn't reflect the extremely low probability of ever meeting up with one of them. It doesn't mean impossible though and then there remains the question "Do we really *want* such an encounter?". The chance that this would go well for us is about 50:50 since we don't know anything about technologically advanced alien races. While it could save our all future it also could end it in a blink of an eye.
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  • picommander's Avatar
    21/06/2017, 8:01 PM · 148 replies and 4705 views.
    What all futile attempts of marginalizing the "god-roll" exploit blatantly ignore is the simple capitalistic formula time=money. In our game I bet a majority would even be overjoyed if they only could buy some time (as in decreasing grindy activities) with credits. So please tell us once more how stealing our time is just a bagatelle..
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    21/06/2017, 6:48 PM · 52 replies and 1515 views.
    Perhaps we should, just for the sake of this topic, clarify what we are talking about: The physics the game is actually using here or the way it *should* be if 100% realistic. The latter would be a pure academic discussion as I wouldn't expect these things properly simulated in all it's complexity. For that to realize ED is still too much of a game - and right so.
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    21/06/2017, 5:46 PM · 52 replies and 1515 views.
    Arrgh, scrap my post you've quoted. Did I actually say "gravity"? That's nonsense of course. :o
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    21/06/2017, 4:09 PM · 148 replies and 4705 views.
    But isn't this, already by its own, the very definition of Cheating? Where have we arrived that these simple things need to be explained.. I've never heard someone ever suspecting a difference between legal and illegal god-rolls. Or hey, look mate. I admit I've robbed this bank but no, I don't have a huge advantage over you since you can easily earn the same money in the next 30 years. Where's the problem?
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    21/06/2017, 3:58 PM · 148 replies and 4705 views.
    Sure. If you ask that nicely...
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    21/06/2017, 2:54 PM · 148 replies and 4705 views.
    Then you are doomed, it's already a mega hit! :P
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    21/06/2017, 2:37 PM · 20 replies and 243 views.
    Guess I would be fine with that, assuming it's implementation is well done.
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    21/06/2017, 2:33 PM · 52 replies and 1515 views.
    I guess, your comment "quite real" was referring to the "pseudoforce" in the post you've quoted. This term (correctly written "pseudo force" in English, the poster seems to have used the German term) is actually a scientific term that I've first stumbled upon by reading a wiki article about gravitational forces. But there's also another page specifically about "pseudo force" in which there's even a reference to "Coriolis force": What-are-examples-of-a-pseudo-force
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