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    Today, 6:58 PM · 286 replies and 7345 views.
    And why do you think do I not have any problems as shown in the video above (post #278)? There *must* be a reason that we could at least try to track down. It's probably something trivial like quality settings of the gal map...
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    Today, 5:45 PM · 286 replies and 7345 views.
    I still struggle to see what you mean with "fully zoomed in". I made a short video from the current GalMap and as you can see there's no trouble to highlight any stars above 10000Ly. At first I wanted to reproduce an issue that I sometimes have and which I thought is what you are talking about, but couldn't reproduce it for some strange reasons. In which case, whenever the mousepointer fails to catch the dot (this sweet spot sometimes feels extremely picky or slightly displaced), I switch to 'realistic' where it never failed me. If you could try to get a little more positive about the case we could try to nail down your problem perhaps? For a start, have you already checked different GalMap quality levels?
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    Today, 5:32 PM · 286 replies and 7345 views.
    Neither one or the other. All I can see is that the pre 2.2 images are a lot more red than brown but does this make it already more colorful? If so, I seem to have another understanding of the term 'colorful'. In the first 2 pre-2.2 images I can spot some faint gleam of green in the background (on the left side). These are just shadows that are still there and plentiful, just not seen on these (post 2.2) images (for whatever reason, I don't know). Meanwhile I've seen places (with video evidence!) where the shadow areas are in fact more colorful than those bathing in the light. Some of them are looking downright as a bug or glitch. I've even got an example where a colorful rectangle seems to tell all the rest of the scenery how beautiful it possibly could look like... All in all I certainly don't want to swap the current surfaces with those of pre-2.2
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    Today, 4:07 PM · 286 replies and 7345 views.
    If you could please stop this superfluous and camp-building white knight drivel? We could have much nicer conversations without this stupid "camp thinking"...
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    Today, 3:45 PM · 286 replies and 7345 views.
    The old image looks sharp and crispy, no doubt. But that's the horizon. Now give me some close-up examples, I mean: really close. If you only could bother you would be in for a surprise. ;) Of course it's quite possible that you never was (and still not are?) much interested in close-up views (nothing wrong with that, all a matter of taste and personal preferences) in which case you'll probably never know. edit: The only close-ups that I recall having seen from one of your images showed awful terrain textures. If that would be the price for interesting horizontal shapes I'm unwilling to pay that price.
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    Today, 12:29 AM · 2752 replies and 177979 views.
    Multicolor ice planet Metal rich NO ICE!
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    Yesterday, 11:10 PM · 286 replies and 7345 views.
    The old veterans are the clear winners here... we've waited sooooo long, who cares about a year or two now - or more if it has to be (and preferably before I die) :D
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    Yesterday, 9:31 PM · 286 replies and 7345 views.
    This I can 100% sign. Unfortunately I'm aware, that something like procedurally generated objects, events, miracles... are sadly probably just a child's dream that I don't want to give up. And to be honest, I'm not so much fascinated by hand-crafted stuff. They are good, no doubt! But it's not what I'm looking for... these things are getting old too soon, no matter how much FD will create. Diversity has to come from procedural generation - and this needs to be improved, massively. IMO.
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    Yesterday, 6:41 PM · 286 replies and 7345 views.
    The Gal map certainly isn't perfect but there's nothing you can't find a workaround for. And surely not worse than that of 3 years ago. Ach herrje! There's currently a lot of turmoil about this so called "beigification", something the pessimist in me would even call "pastellification" as it not only affects HMC and MR bodies (yes, it's even *that* bad). You've already identified a part of the drama (typical forum over exaggeration coupled with player burnout), mix this up with the fact that a lot of these poor souls are well known and respected celebrities and VIP explorers (each one with a certified importance of 3, that's how it often gets across at least) and their huge horde of fans and buddys that can't wait to rip someone apart who's not exactly blowing into that very same horn. They all are currently building a giant echo chamber that, if you dare to put more than one toe into it, have the strong potential to keep you from *any* form of exploring right now. That being said, exploring isn't...
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    Yesterday, 2:47 PM · 1706 replies and 49964 views.
    Thanks! And woooosh.... away. :)
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    Yesterday, 2:20 PM · 1706 replies and 49964 views.
    I stopped reading frequently this echo chamber of a thread, but as long as there's some interesting info snippets like that it may be still worthwhile. Any developer statements about these planetoid types that I've missed? Or what are you referring to?
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