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    Today, 3:58 AM · 78 replies and 1447 views.
    I kinda agree. I think it should be a toggle option, much like EVE Online. Pictures are there for the peeps that want them, hidden for everyone else.
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    Today, 3:48 AM · 17 replies and 188 views.
    Me too - Saitek X55 throttle remapped to Full Range.
  • mkten's Avatar
    Today, 3:47 AM · 12 replies and 331 views.
    mkten replied to a thread [Ships] Control bindings in 2.3 Beta Discussions
    Mine were pretty much fine, apart from my X55 throttle was altered from 'Forward only' to 'Full Range'. Found out the hard way by splattering the HMS Banbury all over Jameson Memorial. Ooops!
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    Today, 12:19 AM · 6 replies and 73 views.
    mkten replied to a thread [Game Client Performance] Update Save Data for beta? in 2.3 Beta Discussions
    Did you read the patch notes?
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    Yesterday, 5:40 PM · 427 replies and 58290 views.
    Just checking it out - how do I get the Ship Name/Ship ID to display? Also, I don't think that we should be allowed to change the Ship Registration ID, for obvious reasons ;)
  • mkten's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:58 PM · 427 replies and 58290 views.
    Wowee - lots to test through, busy evening ahead Ooooooooh... any more specifics? If this is like the Registration marks on previous Elite games... Then... I LOVE YOU.
  • mkten's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:47 PM · 245 replies and 25795 views.
    Thanks for the update Ed - get some Domino's Pizza in for the lads/lasses ;)
  • mkten's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:35 PM · 1233 replies and 109925 views.
    See... there's the crux of my problem with this argument... nobody has said you aren't getting it. Most of the whiners on this forum can't hack delays, and personally aggrieved by any such delay... that such a delay constitutes some breach of this magical contract that they seem to think they have. You paid for it, yes. Will you get it, yes. Just not yet. Soon™
  • mkten's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:26 PM · 1233 replies and 109925 views.
    Oh god no... there's another one? I should clarify - I'm disappointed that the beta has slipped. But... in the world of delivering anything to anyone, issues happen and delays creep in. Don't let this one delay ruin previously good form with regards to content delivery. They are doing a great job, and I think some people need to respect that more rather that acting like they've been personally wronged. FDEV will not be inclined to share things if they constantly get shouted at. Think on that.
  • mkten's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:16 PM · 1233 replies and 109925 views.
    Woweeee... came here for an update on the 2.3 beta, seems I've stumbled into an office full of trainee Lawyers! I can only imagine that the sharp increase in civilians practising Law comes largely from those who have either pulled a sickie from work expecting FDEV beta goodies, or have absolutely nothing else to do other than watch Judge Rinder while sobbing into a Beef and Tomato Pot Noodle, reminiscing on times where things used to be... better. Honestly, have you ever seen or heard of a game...
  • mkten's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:14 AM · 294 replies and 26508 views.
    <sigh> I love the idea of naming a ship - it's one great way to personalise your own little floating palace within the Elite Universe. However I've spent too many dogfights with poorly named commanders such as 'CMDR 1337skillzorpwn' that I'm pretty sure I'm going to be even more curmudgeonly when I encounter 'HMS BoatyMcBoatface' in the void. Say, Frontier... any chance you could allow me to toggle Stupid Ship Names™ with something more immersive... something like the ship registrations you...
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