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    Today, 12:07 AM · 146 replies and 3293 views.
    More a case for me that a New Save can progress something like as quickly as any other who's under the law and see variety in doing so. HAVE to say though you DO need a standard market BEFORE you can add a hookey one .. as hookey is by nature less logical and not great to build in. Always bound to be a secondary 'mechanic' then, with inevitably at least some delay whether the goal is parity or not .. but yes to keeping the eye on, for 100% sure.
  • Jack Schitt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:41 PM · 866 replies and 24106 views.
    To be fair there aren't many other spaceship games out there, and this is the only one whose default mode plays like Rust: Space Edition. Add in this... ...and you have a recipe for turning the normal polarisation of PVE-focused and PVP-focused players into something much more toxic. In terms of percentages the original KS / Backers' App backers probably don't represent a huge proportion of active players (although I suspect many of them have stuck around longer than similarly disillusioned players who bought in later) but they dropped a significant collective sum in order to get the game off the ground, and in many cases spent the best part of a year discussing and voting on design ideas put forward by FD. Ideas that, three years down the line, seem to have been heavily diluted or dropped entirely in favour of simplistic mechanics that have created the very environment that those same backers warned FD about. While I'm happy to play in Solo or PG to avoid most of these frustrations, others might feel...
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:13 PM · 5 replies and 99 views.
    It would be unconventional but here are credits to make, collecting salvage, data point scans and mixture things you find in space (signal sources) while jumping from one planet to the next but it's going to be hand to mouth. Geysers fumeroles can sometimes be found too but basically as long as you don't go backwards. If you have less than I'd say three rebuys worth of cash on you, then probably a few standard trades to get that back up, but you should progress (exploration rank) and increase your cash slowly but steadily. As long as not too many crash landings to recoup is (always) key.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:25 PM · 146 replies and 3293 views.
    Two lines I reckon plus one look up. Agree to an extent. Only problem for me is a little predictable still. Small issue though, fun inside and with tip offs added - the mechanics work well already but ideally skirmishes will end up being a shade more transient.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:31 PM · 146 replies and 3293 views.
    Trouble (for me) is it's all stick .. and if ED get's too much of a reputation for being too care bear, then that could stick, permanently too. It might even help the situaion if people who want to play on the wrong side of the law are given at least some cannon fodder. Spitballing; An upside down RES area. Enter and security are shooting at pirates as per usual, only here your only legitimate targets are the security ships. Firing on them earns you ONE murder bounty (so murderball doesn't become a money making exploit, through selling your bounty to other players) and each security ship kill gives you a payout (with pirate assist if that's possible), somewhere in line with a regular, bounty per ship found in a regular RES?
  • Jack Schitt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:15 PM · 866 replies and 24106 views.
    You are right, it is. The whole mode is kill or be killed (or run and hide, in which case why bother?). But it need not have been, and was promoted and designed to be much more. This is part of why there's so much bad blood. Much of the anger directed at groups of players who don't share the love of a particular play style should be directed towards FD. It was they who pledged to create a nuanced game that should have supported multiple play styles without using modes as a crutch, but who have thus far failed to do so. Changes are afoot, but I fear it may to be too little too late. Those who embrace Open as PVP Everywhere are already happy with the game they have. Those like myself, who would have preferred a more nuanced Open experience but don't require it, rarely play in Open. Those for whom only the multi-style Open Mode (or Open Modes) that FD sold us on would do? Many are already gone. I don't see C&P or Karma tweaks changing much of that overall picture to be honest. I hope I'm wrong,...
  • Fenris Wolf's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:07 PM · 2 replies and 41 views.
    That's the Orrery view that was shown during the original Alpha phase. Sadly it didn't make the final product. Do a forum search for Orrery and you'll find lots of threads about it. Orrery View:
  • Fenris Wolf's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:02 PM · 7 replies and 129 views.
    The NGC7822 Nebula is perhaps one of my favourite places, spent some time around there some time ago and Star Falcon had already visited. Although I did get an odd planet/moon or two myself :) If you want to see all of them, I've got them on this page: Enjoy your visit :)
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:01 PM · 163 replies and 7350 views.
    Winterwalker replied to a thread [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Ship Rebuy Penalty Cost Discussion in 2.4 Beta General Discussion
    Sandy. There's a thread open that I'd like to flag up, seeing as the PF Bounty is basically an anti-pirate measure. Realise it's a bit more than that, but obviously the suicide-winder exploit is used versus active bounties. With Piracy being a legitimate form of gameplay, I hope there might be room for balancing measure. No idea if there's anything in the pipleine but would link you to the interesting OP of the thread quoted below. The quote is my answer to that OP and if not being considered I'd suggest the pirate's bounty (idea) at the bottom (a form of bounty on security ships) might be payable in blackmarkets, and would offset the bounties incurred in bagging them. I'm sure not the only idea in his thread, hopefully the quote will explain but I have put here so I hope it gets spotted. I think that thread an interesting and legitimate concern esp. given the PF Bounty change.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:21 PM · 146 replies and 3293 views.
    Nah. I definitely get where the OP's coming from. Basically I'm law abiding in game but count me in. Firstly, I do think post #2 is wise .. being a pirate IS going to be difficult but that's why there's a ton of kudos to anyone who plays the route, start to finish. In other words someone who doesn't rank up as a trader, only to turn round and 'become a pirate' (that's basically a kind of ganking, in a way). The route is open to extent that you can start out as a small time crook, smuggling narcs and so on, working your way up to homicide for cargo, if you can do it. Obviously some nefarious missions too but quite linear and slow going if you compare it to the target opportunities available to a bounty hunting combat pilot harvesting in a RES. I'd put forward the idea of some form of pirate's mechanic that pays you for every security ship you can take out. For a start. +1
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:46 PM · 43 replies and 1311 views.
    Second one first, I don't think it's your flight computer (necessarily) that's deciding this new enrty point so much .. more likely lore-wise it would be the shape of the gravity well, deeper if there are two stars (unless you're noticing the same thing at single star arrival too but single neutron stars throw you further out). If you're testing .. is there any lumpiness in your supercruise flight at all, if you fly in to scoop fuel from one of a binary pair? (that would be mint) Especially if you're in a hurry, I find myself more likely to make a mistake if I start a little further out than the standard 2.3 arrival point to scoop. Now try it with netflix in another window? At 3 o'clcok in the morning to simulate the chances of a brown trouser moment from this new arrival point?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:26 PM · 38 replies and 1279 views.
    I think there's plenty of strategic choices already in the ship loadout you use for the liberation mission in this case. Report crimes is a more tactical choice for me, akin to fight or submit to interdiction, fight or run, choose to fight alone or quick, help .. call the police! If there's a link between how quickly the call goes out to the cops and the time you sent distress signal, as Sandy has mentioned though, the game can potentially even accelerate average security response time .. while maintianing the flow, that stops them arriving the second you call out.
  • Slopey's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:18 PM · 3865 replies and 324924 views.
    Burndown is how many things you've done over time (i.e. you're burning them down until there are none left). Usually expressed as a chart, then you can extend the chart forward given the actual gradient, and where the projection line meets the axis (which is usually date), that's your estimated release date. See:
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:00 PM · 34 replies and 1197 views.
    lol ^^^^^ Time dilation and future echoes I thought .. either that or someone's been putting aspirin in my tea again!
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:30 PM · 13 replies and 216 views.
    For me the favour to reputation drop, really is heavy handed and actually not all that satisfactory even if mitigated by handing over more materials (chances are you might have tried several times already). If anything your rep should go up by calling a favour in this sense because you already paid your materials, so what now? It's a massive shame commodities got dropped in this sense, though what if you "happened to have" (regular) commodites that you could call favours in with; Could use your rep + mats + data modifier to randomise (and by that I mean demonetise) the value of say 3 commodities you happen have with you, by way of giving those commodities a value, to the Engineer. Obviously simplified, say today the Engineer wants 'some food', tomorrow Engineer might be more interested in a metal. Has to be 1 unit only though because sidewinder and pew-pew builds, based on smallest cargo rack. But is why I mention 'go get it missions' because a blueprint is a bit predictable if it's always a...
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:20 PM · 13 replies and 216 views.
    ++ Yes, you would do it by Grade (absolutely right, hadn't thought about that) especially if you were to go by the pure haggling (exchange this for this) route. Are there 5 grades of data too? (I forget, and also not sure how data (grade) gathering is distributed, across say pew-pew and peaceful activites. I assume for now general activity will bring you into contact with an even spread of stumbled upon 1-5 grades). Then yes, you have your Engineer Rep level, 1 - 5 again , so there's your 8-bit (5mats x 5data x 5rep) permutaion set of 125 permutations (Binary: 01111101). Nice n granular if combined (probably overly granular) .... but aka. Sky's the lmit.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:43 PM · 34 replies and 1197 views.
    .. and in a shockbounce (?) ex-plosion ... .. powerful enough to fuse anything under Iron (26) into all the heavier elements, from Cobalt (27) ALL the way up to Plutonium? (94 !!!!!!). And you thought a star was hot. That really is going to be .. quite a bang. hehe. So for 'collapse' of the local Faction Economy .. I think we might have to read, vapourisation? Still, quite good fun to go salvaging the debris field. That should raise a tidy sum.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:21 PM · 13 replies and 216 views.
    It would be good to see this expanded yes. I suspect most of the 'material assignation' effrort this time around has gone into the synthesis system, what material is right for repair limpets, heat sinks and so on. Not quite the sort of thing you can do in a heartbeat at engineer favours either because there would be a similar balance to strike between swaps that fit with pew-pew careers, and things explorers engineer too, FSD etc. (what materials does each career tend to have in their pocket?) This is still being finalised a bit I think in the synthesis system. (Also UI flow to consider too of course so (like most things) even though a seemingly minor system in game, would take some thinking through to develop I think). Strikes me you 'could' go one different way and get a mission to complete in return for your favour, with your roll held in abeyance until you return? (but again not totally trivial to do, even with a pre-scripted mission, as the favour would have to be held in memory + UI flow to do...
  • Luniticisi's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:11 PM · 123 replies and 4031 views.
    I came across this flat Earth thing a while ago, I've seen the curvature of the Earth .. so there's that. As to the "Faked" moon landing, come on now. Do you think the Russians (who were in a race to the moon with America, Not the best of allies to say the least at the time) wouldn't have noticed that the transmissions that were supposedly coming from the Moon, weren't? Or even make any claim that it was faked at the time?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:04 PM · 16 replies and 525 views.
    You know, that really is cool. When he said,"Hi Guys and Guwls" I was a bit concerned .. and then after a few seconds thought, why WOULD all the announcers be archetypes? .. yeah!!! I don't know about the OP because I can only imagine most of it being badly recorded filth. But the occasional, competition winners, or name like OA, invited to record at Frontier Heights, works for me.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:56 PM · 60 replies and 3876 views.
    I havent checked yet but does this change to mission volume mean that people wuill be able to fast rank in a fraction of teh time to get cutters, corvettes and permits?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:50 PM · 6 replies and 217 views.
    ... while singing Hi-Ho Hi-Ho I hope !!? :D Actually, Song of the Volga Boatmen, pwease ... Perhaps development effort is > quite a bit bigger > than gameplay attached on this one (as funky as it really would be). Keep buying the paintjobs, and who knows I guess.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:44 PM · 12 replies and 204 views.
    You'fd be surprised how mny folk ply power play and read those repoerts. Plus burying them would bury power play a little. I'd rather see the return of player submitted content. It was stuck behind a submission fomr and conseqently has become a dry spot in the game.
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