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    16/10/2017, 6:11 AM · 6 replies and 344 views.
    Maybe. But they said Beyond would be free. Stuff not discussed may be "premium" which sounds like "paid for" update to me and outside what was discussed.
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    16/10/2017, 5:47 AM
    FD said they did not reveal all their plans for 2018 at the recent show. What is "Premium content"? When will we hear more about it? FD have been in Horizons for 2 years. The original expectation was quarterly updates, and that seems the plan for Beyond. Quite likely FD has spend some of the last year developing the "Premium Content" to be released in more complete state than a "Season". Is gas-giant game-play coming in 2018 by surprise, not being in the Beyond "Road-map"?
    6 replies and 344 views.
  • DarkMatterGenerator's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 5:11 AM · 1078 replies and 40199 views.
    Players have been providing feedback for a bit more than 5 months, don't you think? FD is hopefully going back to the DDF as step one, then new ideas (Neutron star jump boost was cool, maybe some more like that). The "throwing ideas to the wall" should be formalized like the DDF and not a random 1 hour forum thread participation.
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    16/10/2017, 4:29 AM · 458 replies and 22151 views.
    CR has an inability to make Pancake. Weird but appropriate story. +1 Pancakiness.
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    12/10/2017, 8:41 PM · 133 replies and 19332 views.
    This is all great and flows from the vast majority of forum complaints, suggestions and whining since v1.0. Kudos to FD for listening and being able to pivot back to these things after the multiple fun but prematurely released/ under-developed "headline features" committed to developing for Seasons 1 and 2. And SRV light-weight wheeled vehicle in 3300 with a 1940-technology scanner is something I hope FD will revisit along with what has been hinted. Although fun, it makes no sense when every other vehicle in ED flies, and the 1940s-era wave scanner needs a complete overhaul. Maybe really heavy-lift vehicles would still be wheeled or tracked for energy efficiency or safety around humans, but not personal transport for airless and un-populated worlds when there are heavily armed drones levitating around! Walking around should be last on the dev list, not least because it is a departure from the core of spaceship piloting. But mostly, it needs to be given many years of work to develop fun gameplay and...
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    Thanks for the rep CMDR!
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    Thanks for the rep Commander Fly smart!
  3. I don't see a thread linked?
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    Just learnt the rep system and noticed you gave me some, thank you and glad you liked my idea!
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    Hailing all North American Commanders!!
    A network site has been created for all pilots residing in the New Word, giving you a better chance to find players in your Timezone. Wether you are in a group or a solo player you are welcomed to stop by. The only requirement for registration is that you live in North America.
    The EDNA project is now complete!!
    Check it out.
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    Thanks for the rep
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