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    Yesterday, 10:24 PM · 437 replies and 13637 views.
    Approach from below where you are obscured by cockpit and boost across the guns of the kill-thief.
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    Yesterday, 10:20 PM · 437 replies and 13637 views.
    Hello I've been away up mountains, very healthy and invigorating. I've just read in the news that there were two emergency airlifts from snowdon less than 48 hours after I was up the summit (the summit has a coffee shop that mountain really needs to git-gud), not surprising really I saw more struggling people in jeans and trainers than stout boots and bobble hats (a bit like flying unshielded in open). It was never supposed to be just comms, that was a temporary fudged version after lots of entitled wailing I think. Now it's working as was always intended to purge the unclean. Block is a designed function working as intended, whereas clogging and 5-1 are cheats so it's not really the same.
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    Yesterday, 9:34 PM · 121 replies and 4047 views.
    You can tell it's SDC because they exploited self destruct for a quick return at the end.
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    Yesterday, 7:13 PM · 437 replies and 13637 views.
    Which is why my personal block policy doesn't apply, FDEV's block function does however he can use it or not use it as he see's fit. Every player can do whatever they like with the block function, it doesn't matter how upset that makes you as you have no input in it. It's not your choice. I agree with him shooting unshielded traders lacks honour, skill or challenge people who do it should be embarrassed.
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    Yesterday, 6:43 PM · 437 replies and 13637 views.
    Nope my line is block all station griefers and cheats, just like I've explained to you already on numerous occasions when you've made that up before. I never said that I always maintained I block station griefers as well as cheats, it's a semantic argument though as I can confirm that they are exactly the same players. I'll be perfectly honest back Jason, I like choice as much as you like trying to silence talk of things you dislike. I like exercising choice and I like explaining to people how they can exercise choice. Now the thing you are complaining at me about today is me telling a guy to use block rather than consider changing modes. I advised him to use block as in my judgement he doesn't seem a very "fighty" CMDR, so my block policy doesn't really apply to him as I'm "fighty". So I tailored my advice in the knowledge that the git-gud pro-bros would presently be along to whinge about his outfitting.
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    Yesterday, 6:10 PM · 437 replies and 13637 views.
    I like all the modes, but I prefer open more now I've eradicated station griefers and all the best known cheats. Don't wait for FDEV to do anything or change your mode choice, just get blocking. All the pro's non of the cons.
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    Yesterday, 5:57 PM · 437 replies and 13637 views.
    Blockings better, works across your whole fleet it's also permanent.
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    Yesterday, 5:52 PM · 437 replies and 13637 views.
    Just block players you don't want to play with, they should still be in your contacts history :
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    Yesterday, 2:22 PM · 225 replies and 6630 views.
    Surely the whole point of trying a CG in open was for him to decide what he thought it was like and if it was worth the bother. He decided it was toxic and not worth the hassle. I don't think open or CG's are toxic in themselves, but I do think they attract some players whose behavior could be described as toxic. I could have decided not to bother like the OP, instead I used them as a good hunting ground for a well structured block list. Details here, it's 100% effective at removing problematic individuals :
  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:05 PM · 225 replies and 6630 views.
    He tried something decided it wasn't for him and chose to fix it in future through mode choice, that's a very sensible approach. Certainly more mature, constructive and positive than rage-quitting and getting all cross in the forum.
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    Yesterday, 1:37 AM · 80 replies and 2979 views.
    It wasn't logical. And Sandro wasn't so much convinced as he was berated by jealous rants ad nauseum from people who would lose nothing if Open had slightly bigger rewards. If you Solo/Group you are only competing with NPCs, so what do you care what anyone else gets? And if you're playing "competitively" (ie passive aggressively) from Solo/Group then that kind of sniping from the shadows shouldn't be rewarded. It's just bullying without any personal risk. Ethically, it's no better than SDC invading PGs.
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