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    Today, 6:23 AM · 1121 replies and 110168 views.
    Weekly Update #76 Originally posted by I-NovaeKeith CEO & Cofounder - source link Hey everyone it’s time for your weekly update. Flavien has made some progress on the remaining networking issues however it isn’t completely resolved yet. With game networking there are significant challenges around compensating for latency and synchronizing game state – particularly when it comes physics simulations. To summarize the difficulty at a high level, games use lots of fancy math to estimate where everything is supposed to be and then subtly correct errors when an authoritative update from the server is received. Throughout this process there are many places where additional, small errors can accumulate within these mathematical computations. In most/all other games this small accumulated error has no discernable effect on gameplay as it results in the position of an object being off by a few millimeters or less. In Infinity: Battlescape objects are moving at speeds of thousands of kilometers a second...
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    Yesterday, 11:39 PM · 27 replies and 2020 views.
    The planet engine is certainly a great piece of work. It deserves a lot of kudos. The approach used in the Thargoid bases, to add tunnels to the game. I'm hoping something similar can be done soon, with some kind of procedural cave entrance system, to join the surface system, with a procedural tunnel system. Lets face it, it has to be on the road-map. The surface gen, I believe is kind of height map based. So overhangs and tunnels are not going to happen. But still, you can hybridise that system, with another to generate tunnels and more importantly caves. Why do I prioritise caves?
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    Yesterday, 11:29 PM · 262 replies and 39963 views.
    Could it be a new type of contraceptive?
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    Yesterday, 11:27 PM · 20 replies and 672 views.
    Isn't this a BETA discussion forum? Meaning we discuss this features that are in the Beta? So, unless more storage is on the cards for 2.4. Our wants are moot, eh? On the other hand, if Sandro or whoever has suggested storage will be expanded to 150% of what we have now. Then arguing for 175% or whatever, is fine. Otherwise, its just doing, the old proverbial, in the wind.
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    Yesterday, 7:17 PM · 25 replies and 783 views.
    To me, I can see this making more sense, if the savager were some kind of limpet? Maybe one which has a number of uses before expiring. A one shot salvage limpet might return with less value in cargo than its actual cost. So that would be odd. If a salvage limpet had say 10 uses, then it has a decent chance of making back its cost. Possibly salvage limpets could be tuned to retrieve classes of materials, from standard scrap, to electronics, weapons, precious metals (used for heat shielding etc). The rarer the materials, the less change of the limpet coming back with a ton of it.
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    Yesterday, 6:37 PM · 147 replies and 15194 views.
    Time marches on. Win32 support SHOULD have been dropped an age ago. This is GOOD news, I guess it means FDev need more memmory headroom that the 4gb that Win32 allowed. That means more loaded in RAM at once, maybe higher quality models, etc. HOORAH!! Down side is, my machine has 'only' 8gb of Ram. So I wonder how much mem they will start using. It was built with another motherboard with 16gb of ram, but for some reason, only half of those sticks worked in the new mb. Hence the modest 8gb. Still, I need to upgrade soonish, like 2018, I wonder if the new AMD Threadripper chips are worth a punt.
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