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    Yesterday, 2:39 AM · 230 replies and 5873 views.
    HEY! JUST FINISH A RUN? CLICK HERE -> "It's only ten blocks to the finish! I have a feeling that we will be... TRIUMPHANT!" --CMDR Chaos My oh my, what a race it's shaping up to be. Bookies and insurance agents alike are running for cover. Today saw a bevy of CMDRs looking to make last minute history in an all-out struggle for domination which began with CMDR Polly's Finding Nemo coming back over the top at Bruski's Delectus Something Caffeine (really, guys, Latin is dead, haven't you heard?) just barely squeaking by the Spacebear by the thinnest margin and a PPS of less than TWO to take first. But then, OUTTA NOWHERE... CMDR Furrycat pounced, claws out, like a cat chasing the intoxicating, beguiling red dot of a laser pointer in his 500-ton capacity Purple Paw. Coming up an incredible SEVEN places on the leaderboard, Furrycat snatched first out of the air, batted it around, let it go, and then pounced on it one more time just for fun before catching his reflection in his cockpit window and...
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    Yesterday, 1:10 AM · 1703 replies and 100895 views.
    ElectricZ replied to a thread [EVENT] Buckyball Racing Club in Dangerous Groups
    I got no skin in this game. I've deliberately kept out of BRC business because, well, the BRC is yours, not mine. I don't want to make it mine. But as a guest BRC race organizer, I gotta say this: A rule like this should be, well, a rule. It should be on the page with how to make a BRC Race Banner, or something. As clever as Furrycat's 4.6 rule is, it's buried on page 9 of a race that was held a year ago. This is very much a "It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying Beware of the Leopard." Even discussing it here, in this thread right now is ultimately pointless unless it gets written down somewhere. How would a first-time organizer know this was a thing, or even a regular one for that matter, if they miss staff meetings? At the very least it should brought up when the race is being discussed, not randomly six days into an eight-day event. If I had known that BRC race organizers weren't supposed to run, I wouldn't have blown...
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    22/04/2017, 1:51 PM · 230 replies and 5873 views.
    Money's been your big booster, Polly... Bruski's been beating you on the clock. Leaving streaks of hull plating in the slot and on the pad are cutting into his profit. Suffice to say you two have the closest PPS of anybody this race after your last run. Heck if I know. I've been doing this since 3300 and it's never been a problem. But this is my first time running a BRC gig and if it's not an allowable thing that should be noted on the Club website with the race resources - or at very least brought to the organizer's attention before the final day of the race. :D That being said, I got no problem DQ'ing myself - it's not like I ever get more than a passing glance at the top of the board when I log the first run of the race. ;)
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    22/04/2017, 6:30 AM · 230 replies and 5873 views.
    HEY! JUST FINISH A RUN? CLICK HERE -> We're the artist! We get to do what we want. It's our party. You're invited. And we can destroy this thing if we want. I don't want you to destroy it. -- CMDR Ulrich Heavy Metal is on the home stretch, less than two days to go before a winner is crowned and the legal fees are settled. To celebrate, the Heavy Metal leaderboard now proudly displays each CMDR's PPS rating: Profit Per Second, a handy-dandy measurement of the pilot's profit for the run divided by the time in seconds. This is the gold (or palladium) standard by which we are measured. And now, you can each figure out how far ahead or behind you are from the competition as it draws to a close. The Big Ledger of Record closes at 23:59, 23 April so get those last runs in soon! First off, in the Nines...
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