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    Today, 3:06 PM · 191 replies and 7851 views.
    If you are affected by this, and know you have cheated, then allow me to gloat for a moment by congratulating FD in stopping you from using your ill-gotten gains:
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 11:13 AM · 83 replies and 3098 views.
    Definitely going to join you in supporting Frontier with some paint job purchases after this :)
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 11:11 AM · 535 replies and 13361 views.
    Wrong. I am going to buy a crapton of paintjobs now to show my support for this action of swift justice.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 11:09 AM · 535 replies and 13361 views.
    Punishment for the crime. If all they did was remove the cheats, then there would still be incentive to cheat. A temporary benefit with no downside is still a net benefit. Frontier's choice was very mild imo. No one was banned. They got to keep their unrelated mods. That's extremely generous.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 11:02 AM · 139 replies and 4073 views.
    Lol, yup. PvP should be a lot more satisfying now that things are a little cleaner! Though there is still plenty of imba stats left in the game. Progress is happening :)
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 10:45 AM · 191 replies and 7851 views.
    Excellent. Beautiful. Wonderful. Faith has been restored. Thank you Frontier!
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 10:35 AM · 83 replies and 3098 views.
    The screen shot is extremely encouraging. Would love to hear some official word from Frontier though. Preferably on a stickied thread with comments disabled. :). Or this one would be good!
  • Arindor's Avatar
    Today, 9:01 AM · 191 replies and 4981 views.
    Exactly what I inferred from the OP. It's time for me to enjoy the fun parts and hope the bad parts are removed or improved. :)
  • Arindor's Avatar
    Today, 6:56 AM · 24 replies and 321 views.
    Beige planets. I love 'em and can't get enough of 'em. :D Seriously, though, it's the scale of the galaxy that gets me, and the variety of systems out there: a pair of binary ELWs, four black holes in orbit around each other, a system that has 15 stars around a parent star, etc. Sometimes the galaxy throws you a "Wow!" moment that becomes addictive, so I get that buzz every time I explore. :)
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 3:32 AM · 8 replies and 228 views.
    They come in spurts at stations as well. One day I got 16 in a couple hours, the next 3 days... nothing. It's hit and miss, mostly miss unless you have hot tip on a loaded spot. And even then, that's no guarantee.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 AM · 8 replies and 228 views.
    That's as good as any G5 dirties that I've gotten, but I haven't put my back into into it yet. Finding CIF is a PITA... but if you can get enough, then a roll of 140% should be possible. The optimal mass penalty mostly hurts if you're doing a tank build or if you're trying to build for speed. The Corvette isn't going to win any races though so it having +142% won't make a huge difference. For a "combat ship" it's pretty darn slow.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:19 PM · 27 replies and 1314 views.
    Supremely well done for great justice! Takes a long time to acquire a 1M CR bounty :D.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:23 PM · 16 replies and 749 views.
    Hogan Class Bulk Carrier - Tapirape A2
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:40 PM · 52 replies and 1498 views.
    Of course it would contribute, and with FA and RA off, it's only force that can. Imagine the station is a centrifuge filled with fluid. Any bit of dirt floating in that fluid would be moved by the rotational current of the fluid. Air is a fluid. And the ship is a massive bit of dirt. The rotation itself is what causes the appearance of "gravity". And without attitude or rotational correction the ship is subject to this "gravity" and the only force left that can transmit the spin of the station to the ship is the "wind" created by the difference in the inertial reference frames.
  • Arindor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:38 PM · 169 replies and 9835 views.
    Secret project?! Elite V, perhaps? ;) :D Good luck Michael! :)
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:59 PM · 52 replies and 1498 views.
    Sounds like a cool book. But that question precedes any scifi by at several hundred years and still hasn't been fully answered, since you can't answer the complete "why" of it without traveling outside the universe.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:54 PM · 52 replies and 1498 views.
    That answer was not entirely correct though, otherwise why would you still experience "gravity" inside a station with FA and rotational assist off. Hence why I bothered to chime in 3 pages deep since no one had gotten it right yet.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:42 PM · 32 replies and 1442 views.
    Cool idea OP. Back to the small ships! Love it
  • Arindor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:24 PM · 191 replies and 4981 views.
    Thank you, OP, for the reminder why I bought into ED in the first place. It was a risk to buy PB + LEP, and I decided to go with the flow and enjoy the journey. It's time for me to take a step back and get out of ED what I can and remember the good old days. Rep to you commander! :)
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:04 AM · 104 replies and 4571 views.
    Open is apparently the most popular mode in the game, so no, I seriously doubt that Frontier are celebrating that Open player activity has fallen off a cliff.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:01 AM · 396 replies and 8846 views.
    It's funny that's not how I read this at all. It's not an excuse to legitimize Clogging. It's putting it on an even footing with the vileness of engineer exploits. Both are equally bad. And clogging in this case seems to be more of an unsavory protest move, like spicybois or heelies4feelies. My own protest option is a bit more benign. I just keeping pointing out how all of the PvP players and groups are now suspect as long as Frontier let's this farce of keeping cheat modules continue. And now all PVP is tainted and no one can claim bragging rights anymore for any accomplishments.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:49 AM · 52 replies and 1498 views.
    This is actually a really cool physics question and something of a philosophical debate among physicists of preferred inertial reference frames (google: Newtons bucket and Machs principle) But to answer your question, in the case of touching the ground, the rotational inertia is transmitted by the force of friction and whatever magnetic force is transmitted via the landing gear couplers. However, the dock is also filled with air. This air is being rotated as well, again because of friction with the inside surface. If you enter the docking bay without rotational correction and FA On, your ship will be buffeted by the "wind" of the rotating air since you will be entering via a different inertial reference frame. The wind is a friction force in the same way that the inside surface of the station is a rotating friction force. Does that answer your question?
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:53 AM · 104 replies and 4571 views.
    This is interesting. You say you guys are still trying to get new players? And yet you let a cancer of engineer exploit modules remain in the game? The fact that grandfathered exploit god-ships are still roaming the galaxy would be enough to drive off most new players. I really hope you guys realize (and soon) how important it is to communicate your strategy to resolve this issue in a very public way. Confidence in the integrity of the game is eroding, faster than you can say "Thargoids have Returned!"
  • Arindor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:50 AM · 133 replies and 4435 views.
    Arindor replied to a thread Rebrand time in Dangerous Discussion
    The disparity between some of the trailers and the actual game is so vast that they can be seen as a blatant lie. Most trailers do lie to some extent, but not as obvious as ED's do. :)
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:04 AM · 139 replies and 4073 views.
    The thing you have to understand is that once you cheat and pull up the cheat-ladder behind you, it's harder to retool your ship via engineers because now you have to do it legitimately. So going sturdy mounts or shielded would mean going legit. That's apparently a bridge too far, and so of course the only "viable" solution is that Frontier must nerf cannons so SDC can keep winning. Nevermind that it's one of the few effects available to non-cheaters left that can actually combat god-roll griefers.
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