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    Today, 11:20 AM · 65 replies and 1031 views.
    Nice tip. I like NeilF's idea of a quick link button in Station Services (though depends what else is planned to go on that page) and as far as the OP goes, a shipyard that can store but doesn't sell ships .. maybe? I get the convenience of it obviously but I think people will start to use engineer bases as a home base and even on a purely roleplaying level .. not sure he/she would appreciate that. I get the feeling Engineers are quiet, keep to themselves hermit types and the fact they're slightly remote kind of resonates with me. Besides how often do you visit an Engineer really? Not all that often in the grand scheme of things I think. Neither do I really. I have a bookmark for any unlocked engineer (eg. ENGINEER WEPS, ENGINEER SHIELDS) and also a bookmark for, ideally a Hi Tech or other shipyard next door (ENGINEER BASE WEPS, ENGINEER BASE SHEILDS) Scouted once, named like that, they sit together in the alphabetical bookmark list, very quick to find.
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    Today, 10:48 AM · 49 replies and 778 views.
    Been there! Obviously bad for your ship but good, in that engineering can go wrong on you. Reminds me of deploying hardpoints and the rest of your ship shutting down, for lack of power, when surrounded by a wing of Vipers, on your first trip out, and so on .. eek! You can remove the mod of course - I think in any outfitting shop (don't think you can do from ship right panel)
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    Today, 10:36 AM · 49 replies and 778 views.
    Yeah. You CAN skip through it though. <spacebar> works for me on my set up, once you've started the sequence. Sub-optimal I agree though. I think a bribe the engineer shortcut maybe - BUT I do like and would hope to preserve - that you can choose which blueprint you're going to take to push your tier up. Obviously you choose materials you don't intend to use later, saving those for the mod you really want, and the game wouldn't be able to predict which is which eg. by taking random materials to artificially tier up. He could maybe ask you to jettison, 20 materials for Grade 5 access but .. messy (and to program I expect).
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    Today, 10:28 AM · 49 replies and 778 views.
    +1 I also repeat that I think the sound effects make a huge difference to the perception here, especially so because the sliders aren't shown to scale. I've also suggested before a basic read out of your ship's new basic stats (jump range, mass and power up/down) with the modification, before accept.
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    Today, 10:24 AM · 49 replies and 778 views.
    Off topic Cmdr Zeeman but it's not a random setting .. ! When you choose the blueprint you KNOW power will go up by 5 - 10 % but intergrity will go down by 5 - 10% .. or vice versa but you are choosing the bias and that bias is what you get! The exact setting only brings into effect a fundamental truth - engineering tolerances.
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    Today, 10:20 AM · 132 replies and 2883 views.
    OK .. +1 As an extension - maybe - that's (1) more expensive, 3 of each material per blueprint not 1 (2) uses benefit/drawback balancing (eg. if power goes up this much, integrity goes down by that much) .. based off the experience FD gain from the system we have now. I wouldn't remove the RNG entirely - that's a shipyard - I would include ONE unexpected benefit and ONE unexpected drawback (possibly on different modules altogether) for the fact .. that engineering is NEVER an entirely exact science.
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    Today, 10:11 AM · 49 replies and 778 views.
    I do as well .. I'm kind of concerned that all the belly-aching might wreck it when it's "worked on" at update 3.0 - as rumour has it. For me all Engineering needs is a less game like UI but I actually like the UI .. I really mean improved sound effects. The tick tick and roulette wheel let it down but improve those sounds (a couple of quick suggestions here) and I don't think it's very far from the mark. I think there are legitimate - questions at least - on whether the blueprint outcome balances and recipes are exactly bang on .. and, suggestion 2, if you apply mods you intend to discard to tier up, maybe a shortcut that skips the generation animation (eg. "engineer training" button or "bribe engineer") - for me that adds some polish. The whole thing though? Good!
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    Today, 9:58 AM · 132 replies and 2883 views.
    A challenge like this - I think - expects the reply that I'll see you in Anaconda but that's the sort of arms race that - again I think - engineering in the form it is tries to get around. I might see you in iEagle, getting around you no matter how good your thrusters are (if you FA off I'd call that a successful flight defence), hammer your modded shield generator (pimped for power) but with loss of integrity. While you're rebooting that, I nail your FSD then thrusters, again given that chances are you went for a long jump range, and thrust power but lost integrity. Either way, I limpet borked your hatch .. in other words if you're talking tournament fighting, fine, more powerful ship has an edge, earned through engineering work but in game terms - working the background sim - I don't think it's as cut and dried if I don't have to kill you but nicking your cargo is enough for me to call it a successful encounter?
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    Today, 9:34 AM · 8161 replies and 588261 views.
    Under promise .. and over deliver - it's tried and tested :) Thanks all for the Multi-Various Pointers .. to MVP.
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    Today, 9:31 AM · 132 replies and 2883 views.
    Thing is lightweight does come with exactly that .. cost of integrity. Other drawbacks (and boosts) just add spice. I do think though if there was no overall increase in the modification, people wouldn't use it - other than hobbyist - and then only maybe. It can be done to death but if you went to the trouble to collect materials and travel to the engineer, a benefit is not a silly idea .. you could have spent that time making credits. It might seem you HAVE to have mods to make PvP viable - that's not ture though, you only lose a few viable targets and PvP users getting mods is a player driven thing. Question, why should all these be identical?
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    Today, 8:23 AM · 8161 replies and 588261 views.
    Sadly the 'media' probably won't .. yet. What does MVP stand for again?
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    Today, 7:12 AM · 132 replies and 2883 views.
    Are you sure you're using the right blueprint? :p I think first visit to an Engineer can be like you say because there's a certain skill in using Engineers, takes learning. You want level five access, so to raise your tier without spending the critical materials - you spent time finding - skipping through some low tier blueprints, with some wastage of less useful mats is a mini game.. your apprenticeship / training. Then all you need to do is bear in mind the purchase of any special effects .. which will cost you some tier unlocking obviously. So while I don't think you can mindlessly arrive with materials and expect good results - that you do need to work the system - to be honest I think that's a good thing (game). Where it falls for me is on the UI / sound effects which do scream "game" at you. The sliders (sounds at least) should be hammers, drills, milling machines and lathes .. the spinney spinney thing an oscilloscope.
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    Today, 6:02 AM · 65 replies and 2070 views.
    SRV's supersonic decompressions cause driver blackouts. Thought to be a known issue at Remlok.
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    Yesterday, 4:48 PM · 132 replies and 2883 views.
    Well, hmm. For me it probably could come down to sound effects, all joking aside. At the moment it's a generic fast tick on the sliders, and literally a roulette wheel, in sound and vision. For the main sliders; 1m 40s For the wheel (to emulate oscilloscope);
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    Yesterday, 3:09 PM · 132 replies and 2883 views.
    Yes, quite. I think there are drawbacks .. increase power means more weight less integrity and so on. Sure you might have a higher spec overall .. but you earned it by going through the enginering process. I'm really coming to think the only think that needs updating is the UI although you could argue that it's a shade over easy to climb the tiers. That's not necessarily an issue though, it might depend on your career. (and having lots of mats drop on you that you can clear out with an engineer). If you could buy tier unlocks with data - might help (if that's something combat players tend to end up with a surplus of)?
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    Yesterday, 2:23 PM · 132 replies and 2883 views.
    If you were allowed to change one thing in Engineering .. to improve engineering for PvP .. what would that be? The only thing I'd change from the Engineer UI .. I think would be; To forget the idea of pinned blueprints, simple as that. If all blueprints provided by unlocked engineers (maybe after you reached tier 2 or have upgraded at least one module with each) showed in right panel, that would be a massive improvement imo. I've spent the last day or two doing some mods on a couple of ships and being honest - on the mechanics of it - I don't know how Engineers could be made a 'more fun' mini game' than it already is is. Blueprints aside, I find it quite an enjoyable process. Obviously you're not going to be getting a real spanner in the game (and a spanner skill game would imo be lame) but I find the general process to be a good emulation and pretty fun to muck about with. I considered suggesting; After buying special effects and artificially climb up the access tiers after spending, I find...
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    Thanks for the rep CMDR!
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    Thank you for the rep CMDR!
    Safe and fun adventures in space
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    Cheers for the rep Commander. Nice one!
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    What IS your avatar? Its seriously creepin me out... First thing I saw was a half skinned upside down grin with sharp teeth.
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