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    Today, 5:18 PM · 36 replies and 1019 views.
    Yours, in exchange for a Cutter .. RSV Avogadro is Winterwalker Enterprises Scientific Sidewinder. Still carrying her original loaned fuel tanks, Avogadro has been used to characterise silent running heat character for her ship class, calculate power plant (hydrogen fusion) efficiencies for fuel consumption per mega-joule and has been taken to Spica and back, with no worries. Currently residing in a stripped down condition at our remote research base, Avogadro could be transferred to your location in a matter of minutes if you can afford her. Which you probably can't seeing as she's priceless. /Message Ends.
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    Today, 2:41 PM · 1278 replies and 124935 views.
    Did you expect me to follow the developments of every software? People know where to find me for updates ^^ EDIT: Updated market data, anything else I should be aware of?
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    Today, 2:19 PM · 5 replies and 78 views.
    It's probably worth having 'a couple' of rebuys in the bank, just in case. (I'm not happy unless I have at least three). Biggest problem is being in a hurry to get into that new ship, overdoing it in the outfitting store or struggling to fit your new ship into a money making career niche (eg. thinking you can kill everything in sight and then finding, you can't). Flying without insurance can get very expensive, really quickly so 1) good question and 2) good luck! o7
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    Today, 2:11 PM · 64 replies and 1667 views.
    Winterwalker replied to a thread [ANNOUNCEMENT] Frontier Expo: October 7, 2017! in News and Updates
    Likewise. I don't live anywhere near London (am a neighbour of Kerrash) but I'd be up for volunteering too, if helpful.
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    Today, 12:26 PM · 64 replies and 1667 views.
    Winterwalker replied to a thread [ANNOUNCEMENT] Frontier Expo: October 7, 2017! in News and Updates
    Wow. Cool. Eat your heart out Tony Stark! :D edited .. for the glimmerman;
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    Today, 11:35 AM · 44 replies and 7987 views.
    To all whom it concerns. After extensive discussions last night, the high command of The Winged Hussars made a decision to leave The Border Coalition. Please note all the TBC treaties no longer affect us, however we will respect Patreus rights to operate in Phra Indji system, as discussed with Cmdr Misaniovent. If you wish to negotiate any individual treaties with The Winged Hussars, please contact Cmdr Fenyl de Lechia directly. Rest assured we have parted with TBC on good terms and we are still friends :)
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    Today, 11:35 AM · 36 replies and 1019 views.
    Forget that jezebel .. take a trip on IZABEL (Saud Kriger Dolphin) Named for 50% of the survivors (of the 2010 off-planet comedy sequel, Predators), Izabel provides luxurious rapid transport for crime bosses in a hurry! With classified top speed in excess of all but the fastest Eagle's and defense stealth capabilities on board, Izabel is optimised throughout to get you where you're going, both on time and without getting 'whacked' en route. So if you're in a hurry, don't mind loud rock and roll in the cabins and enjoy a need for speed, bribe the agent at a space station near you, tooooday! Saaay OP .. whatta you some kinda wise guy!? :D
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    Today, 11:12 AM · 188 replies and 4453 views.
    Maybe. The BGS is at least 'a reason' though .. (I like to support the NASTIEST sounding corps and religious sects, all else must die and I'll find them, wherever they might be hiding! lol). Yep, unfamiliar 'to me' .. of course that is, yes. I wonder if it's an obsession with 'discovered by' tagging that leads (in some sense) to seeing long range as the only exploring in the game. Going back to mining for example .. I do that beyond the bubble edge and it needs exploring (possibly more accurately described as 'surveying') to # find that metallic ring system # make sure it's pretty # make sure it's in reasonable range of some good markets .. and so on. It's relatively short range, you don't need a souped up FSD, it's survey .. but still exploring (for me it is, anyway). Still .. all occupations should have a drawback imho. (If you're a pirate you'll be wanted, so on and etc). If your game of choice is 'discovered by' tags (and bearing in mind you'll be tagged in the game for ever and a day) then...
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    Today, 10:44 AM · 188 replies and 4453 views.
    Threat 4 USS? And distress calls ... they're good (imho)! And often times really quite hairy. Not to mention black box recovery and faction mission murdery ofc. I actually think tourist missions make quite compelling exploration gameplay. Most explorers might not see them as such, because OK you're not a million miles from nowhere but the beacons are a cool read, the demands suitably annoying, wanted passengers 'interesting' .. plenty of new systems to explore IN DETAIL and with a time limit imposed on you (an exploration twist). ps. I LOVE my Dolphin. Sure the expanse of the rest of galaxy is empty but isn't that rather the point? I'm not saying either, that I wouldn't like sweeter sensor arrays and such, too .. but 'no love for exploring' is a bit of a red herring, given the content of passenger missions, imo.
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    Today, 10:29 AM · 188 replies and 4453 views.
    Or Explorers, apparently. FACT :rolleyes: All barking up the wrong tree anyway .. MINING .. is the mutt's nuts, and all other occupations are for big pink girls' skipping rope handles. Mwuhaha. :D
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    Today, 8:43 AM · 9 replies and 125 views.
    Check Points exist when there's a Civil War (Combat Areas) in the system, so probably not directly linked to your mission. (I'm not sure what Check Points are for actually .. but would 'a deserter' would be found in such places anyway? Surely down the pub! :D) Was there any time associated with mission? (He will be there at 14:00 - 15:00 .. time out maybe??) Not to be defeatist but it's also not impossible you did everything right but an intermittent bug stopped your guy from appearing. Sometimes it's better to call it a bad job (someone else got him) and start again, certainly if it's getting frustrating. It sounds to me like you were doing fine, following breadcrumbs .. but the trail went cold. Not much help I know.
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    Today, 8:32 AM · 3 replies and 93 views.
    I believe the asteroids replenish when you return (new instance) though of course there are MILLIONS of asteroids in a ring, good luck finding the same one twice. The technique is better if you're visiting asteroid fields. Fields and RES inside rings are reputed to give better yields (though of course, in the latter you might get more pirates). The best yields - in all cases - come from Metallic asteroids and rings (and there seems to be a pattern that these are more likely to be found in systems with K class stars). Carrying prospector limpets, fired at asteroid, also improves yields. Your arrival, when mining, seems to spawn pirates. Myself I mine metallic rings outside RES (and in my case just outside the edge of the populated bubble). When you arrive you might see a miner ship and a pirate (wing) who will check you out. You need a KWS if you're in uncharted space like me and want a bounty, or if you wait, they will eventually leave, if you've nothing in your hold. You'll then be left in peace to...
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    Yesterday, 11:09 PM · 143 replies and 3937 views.
    Is this right? Pips to shields and approaching the pad at somewhere under 100 m/s limit .. is out of the question? ---
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    Yesterday, 10:48 PM · 8 replies and 194 views.
    Nice one Commander. Doing as much research as you can is a really good step. You'll find lots of help on forums too, with groups doing everything from finding the best ringed systems to go mining in, to getting the best jump range for your ship. Passenger Missions too, are a really good way to explore with a purpose, and because ED isn't exclusively an exploration game, as you'll find out .. though hopefully NOT by finding an Alien on your six o'clock! Welcome .. and see you in the big bad black.
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    Yesterday, 10:24 PM · 8 replies and 198 views.
    Ouch. Hmm. Yeah. By the time you've got 0% thrusters, chances are your hull is hanging by a pretty thin thread I guess .. And on top of that, with 1% health, thrusters are unlikely to be very, trustworthy. Sorry about your bounties, nearly got you home, but not quite .. but think of it this way, 'I accidentally hit boost inside the station' is a rite of passage in ED. Welcome to the club! o7 :D
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    Yesterday, 10:09 PM · 188 replies and 4453 views.
    Exactly my point really .. kickstart backer too .. at game release EVERYTHING was an exploration. Genuinely feel here that 2.3 was a much more serious update than it appeared. It even sent the station flight controllers into a spin (welcoming you when you were leaving) work THAT one out! I've no doubt Frontier are well aware of areas that took a hit when avatar creation added another level of networking though. (Or even material compositions, generating planet surfaces? That's AWESOME! Seriously, I can live with a little medium term beige for that upgrade, too). But if it helps, I truly don't think we'll ever see another update again, as deeply fundamental and backend heavy, as 2.3 was.
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    Yesterday, 10:00 PM · 8 replies and 198 views.
    Reboot / Repair, it's a life saver .. Not ideal in a weapons hot situation but needs must and it has saved me once or twice, even if it is totally counter-intuitive, to drop your shields in a combat zone ..
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    Yesterday, 9:46 PM · 188 replies and 4453 views.
    Hate to say this but 222, out of a poll of 468, does not constitute the vast majority, even of those polled (Not even a small majority). I ONLY point this out - ( and I'm sorry, this seems to be driving you to distraction OP ) - because the nature of exploration is that you can only discover something, once. For this reason, good content for explorers is extremely asset heavy and, though it may suck, and though everyone loves explorers and the milky way galaxy I think it's a mistake in the long term, to kick up too much of a stink in the short. Slightly chicken and egg .. do you want improved ways to explore the same content, or the same old ways to discover new content? Can you have both come concurrently? Maybe .. but it's twice the job. If you add Scientist/ Puzzle/ Mystery Solving to Exploration (in that occupations poll) then you do get your majority. But slated for 2.4 is the ultimate puzzlebook really, Thargs. For peace of mind OP, I'd really urge you to engage with content that IS being...
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    Yesterday, 9:18 PM · 1278 replies and 124935 views.
    Of course, see our FAQ for a list of compatible software: The easiest is ED Market Connector.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:38 PM · 63 replies and 1741 views.
    I have .. in Python and it was .. SCARY. Only half a dozen flights but woah mama. Let us know if your bug report gets fixed OP .. so we can get stuck in to teasing your silly silliness. Until then; It's not your fault. There there. Aww .. :D and meanwhile ..
  • rootsrat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:20 AM · 61 replies and 1102 views.
    See my post above yours, we must have been posting in the same time :)
  • rootsrat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:11 AM · 61 replies and 1102 views.
    I can recommend: Castle Must be Mine - - AMAZING tower defence type of game. Really, I didn't think it'd be so much fun. While I don't usually get early access games, this one is already fully playable, all they do now is add more levels. Can't recommend this enough. Cloudlands Minigolf - - not much to say - mini golf, lots of fun! Cowbots and Aliens - - comic-style multiplayer shooter. Funny and entertaning. Grab any item and throw it at your opponent, hide behind tables, barrels, window shutters (as in physically crouch or lean). Lots of fun! Holo Ball - - basically, single player Pong in VR. I treat this as my daily workout, it can get you VERY sweaty and the AI snarky remarks makes you want to kick his bottom :D Pinball FX2 -...
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    Yesterday, 10:54 AM · 3 replies and 129 views.
    Dodałem na razie za Ciebie :)
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    Yesterday, 10:39 AM · 16 replies and 421 views.
    There's been discussion in mining about having limpets that filter, don't collect stolen items and so on. I guess that's interesting on a 'special limpet' level but I kind of love how the basic ones are "nice but dim" .. and can get you into trouble because I also think they're R2D2 level of cute, in the noises they make too. Vvvt. Kang. Weoweow. Khgg. When they kill themselves (by crashing into something, asteroids especially) it's always a slightly tragic moment for me .. Sad I know .. but little troopers basically and really handy, in lots of situations.
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    Yesterday, 10:06 AM · 61 replies and 1102 views.
    @OP - watch a video I have linked in here: Very objective comparison of both as they currently stand. Personal opinion: 1) If you're buying for ED only - get the Rift. It has a slightly better screen quality. I guarantee you won't end up playing ED only, as VR is so awesome, you WILL want to play other games in it. 2) If you will be playing more seated games (racing, flight sim) - get the Rift. See above. 3) If you will be playing more "walk around" games - get the Vive.
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    Thanks for the rep Cmdr
    Fly safe- Fly sober
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    Gelukkige verjaardag! :-)
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    Tkanks for the Rep Cmdr
    And keep up the good work with site
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    Thanks for the Rep Cmdr
    Very little hope and no faith
    Fly safe
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    Thanks for the Rep Commander
    I guess we only have hope and faith left now...
    Fly safe Commander
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    Thanks for the rep
  7. Here your can find the TD EMDN data.
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    Hi fella, you wanted a reminder to share your market data dump on Dropbox

    Thanks again,

  9. Missed your post as I was away from Ed and the forums for a few days. Thanks for your kind words. Good to see that I'm not the only one with 'frustation'. Thanks for your trade routes, I will try them, if/when I have the money for them as they are quite expensive iirc. As I said in the OP or later on I'm using slopey's trade tool atm but even that doesn't get me going. Luckily next week on the 24th PB2 will be released with a 3 systems. I guess the market will flatten quit quickly again after that so I MUST play it directly on that evening.

    I will start this evening again if I can manage it. I will keep you informed. Thanks for the offer of flying with me in the future. Would be nice. But for that to happen 'communication' must be in the game first. I think comm. will change ED quit a bit.

    Cmdr Wolverine
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    Hi Wolverine,
    I just wanted to say thanks for posting your 'frustration' message on the forums. Your comments and the following replies have helped me a lot to stay calm and think clearly. I'm also PB-frustrated as an 80's speccy Elite player :-)
    I've been grinding on the Chango-Dahan route, making a relatively safe 343 profit per unit for trading Tantalum from Dahan to Chango and then with Domestic Appliances from Chango to Dahan for 79 unit profit. Not great, but good for docking training!
    Please let me know if you have any success gaining monies from the comments in that forum thread or elsewhere. I'd be very happy to fly with you into a scuffle in the future - but need to get a stick and brush up on my dogfighting skills first!

    Trader Ted (Ed.)
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