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    Today, 12:05 AM · 29 replies and 612 views.
    I agree. I know every person is a game developer now, but I don't see much point in deconstructing the game. If you're beta testing then fine, look at balance and content as a mutable thing but in the main game, engaging with what's there rather than worrying about what isn't, is far more enjoyable and can be done by leaving the responsibility for building the game, to the people building it. Especially recognising that avatar creation, networking and nesting is still really core. This doesn't mean authored content isn't important for the future but for now you can"interact with the BGS". Don't do that though, don't deconstruct (what BGS?), promote the people's alliance faction, kill salome, swear goodness to the empire .. in other words playing the game from inside is to enjoy the illusion rather than pretend it's clever to say "it's not real, it's a magic trick" (we know). My 2c.
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    Yesterday, 11:50 PM · 36 replies and 827 views.
    I agree with this very much, setting yourself little challenges means you don't have to engage with the major stories because there are little ones locally. Small examples, found a miliitary economy system and promoting some kind of corporate dictatorship to run it (and you have your own Black Rock) or even on the basic level I fell for the imperial eagle and it's the ONLY ship I've ever taken into a combat zone. It's got nearly no jump range, so has to be transported from A to B (stays off traffic reports so it's stealth) or just stays local system, interdicting bounties. This isn't the quickest way to make money of course, but there's the real trick to enjoying ED imo, but seeing if you can take out larger NPC gunships in Eagle is a challenge, rebuys are peanuts and I can play a couple of weeks at a time easily, before getting tired. If I do, I'll unpack the mining Python, data courier sidewinder, extreme sports Asp Scout (I go SRV base jumping) and kind of cycle through roles, I might be back in the Eagle...
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    Yesterday, 11:17 PM · 19 replies and 500 views.
    Thanks for, good summary. This might seriously disrupt my mining business! As if NPC pirates weren't enough of a pain in the cargo hatch, now it's blummin' 'aliens' ... no appreciation of the blue collar worker whatsoever! No doubt the major faction's politicians will be wanting to make hay of it, so I suppose if the price of Painite goes up I'll see the bright side, but thanks for the head's up .. I'll keep the engines of fast picket explorer running, and stay at least ready to bail!
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    Yesterday, 11:01 PM · 36 replies and 827 views.
    Think what's interesting is there's a big galaxy out there and it's fully impossible to do it all, anyway. Example, you can't be at Colonia AND in Maia region at the same time for instance. I'm not sure why xbox wasn't compatable with last night's event, though I believe it was more of a player event than an official one but the way I look at it, if I miss one CG or other, there will be another one along. Probably due to lack of time in game I haven't been alien hyperdicted myself yet, never needed a fuel rat or done a buckyball run either. I do like knowing though that there are things going on, and maybe hopefully catch the next one?
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    Yesterday, 10:49 PM · 19 replies and 500 views.
    I've had a busy real world weekend, away from the game but I hope Premonition has been entertaining Is there something I should know though? Has a station been destroyed or something? Why are people coming back with 'this is how I'm going to hide'??
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    Yesterday, 4:43 PM · 4 replies and 141 views.
    I'd suggest use the coordinates grid (make sure it's toggled on, in the options tab, in the map) and use the xyz coordinates on the grid, maybe to add some bookmarks of border systems, that you're going to explore between?
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    Yesterday, 12:32 PM · 32 replies and 868 views.
    Haha! Post of the day!!
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    Yesterday, 6:37 AM · 156 replies and 7127 views.
    Best ship if you unarmed though ... cheap rebuy, good at intercept and fast escape.
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    Yesterday, 5:46 AM · 156 replies and 7127 views.
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    Thanks for the rep Cmdr
    Fly safe- Fly sober
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    Gelukkige verjaardag! :-)
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    Tkanks for the Rep Cmdr
    And keep up the good work with site
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    Thanks for the Rep Cmdr
    Very little hope and no faith
    Fly safe
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    Thanks for the Rep Commander
    I guess we only have hope and faith left now...
    Fly safe Commander
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    Thanks for the rep
  7. Here your can find the TD EMDN data.
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    Hi fella, you wanted a reminder to share your market data dump on Dropbox

    Thanks again,

  9. Missed your post as I was away from Ed and the forums for a few days. Thanks for your kind words. Good to see that I'm not the only one with 'frustation'. Thanks for your trade routes, I will try them, if/when I have the money for them as they are quite expensive iirc. As I said in the OP or later on I'm using slopey's trade tool atm but even that doesn't get me going. Luckily next week on the 24th PB2 will be released with a 3 systems. I guess the market will flatten quit quickly again after that so I MUST play it directly on that evening.

    I will start this evening again if I can manage it. I will keep you informed. Thanks for the offer of flying with me in the future. Would be nice. But for that to happen 'communication' must be in the game first. I think comm. will change ED quit a bit.

    Cmdr Wolverine
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    Hi Wolverine,
    I just wanted to say thanks for posting your 'frustration' message on the forums. Your comments and the following replies have helped me a lot to stay calm and think clearly. I'm also PB-frustrated as an 80's speccy Elite player :-)
    I've been grinding on the Chango-Dahan route, making a relatively safe 343 profit per unit for trading Tantalum from Dahan to Chango and then with Domestic Appliances from Chango to Dahan for 79 unit profit. Not great, but good for docking training!
    Please let me know if you have any success gaining monies from the comments in that forum thread or elsewhere. I'd be very happy to fly with you into a scuffle in the future - but need to get a stick and brush up on my dogfighting skills first!

    Trader Ted (Ed.)
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