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    Yesterday, 5:42 PM · 39 replies and 2002 views.
    Yeah the Thargoid Scout is cool, but it's dead. The Thargoid Interceptors are cool and we saw a glimpse of the (Klaxian) Interceptors in the teaser trailer. I would like to see and interact with more types of ships than Interceptors.
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:10 PM · 180 replies and 6085 views.
    And the internet prize goes to JeXte. But sadly it's true.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:03 PM · 514 replies and 25869 views.
    New Idea: CMDR Customisation/HoloMe Faction themed clothing for Federation, Empire and Alliance. (It would improve roleplaying and machinima) Old Ideas that I REALLY want: PowerPlay Leader Bobbleheads (Aisling Duval) Official HUD colours.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:57 PM · 39 replies and 2002 views.
    Why is the story going so slowly? We haven't seen new Thargoid ships or new Thargoid interaction in several weeks. Still waiting for the Thargoid capital ship and something new at the surface sites.
  • Cosmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:51 PM · 12 replies and 717 views.
    Would be cool if we could visit their region.
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:07 PM · 37 replies and 799 views.
    Sorry mate they are all busy playing CQC. I let myself out..
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:01 PM · 180 replies and 6085 views.
    To my knowledge that is not the AI, it's other parts of the game that throws the AI at you. When the type of opponent is selected the AI program kicks in. But I could be wrong.
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:51 PM · 3 replies and 138 views.
    Any good?
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:34 PM · 180 replies and 6085 views.
    Someone got their cornflakes wet with the wrong liquid :D
  • %OnePercent%'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:49 PM · 180 replies and 6085 views.
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:42 PM · 180 replies and 6085 views.
    It made me laugh out loud .....
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:35 PM · 180 replies and 6085 views.
    Some people got such a thin skin it's ridiculous, Jesus! as someone who talk to many customers, the languages can sometimes get VERY rough, PC is not something that works in my field of work I guess, maybe you need to be a different kind of person to get offended by that.
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:19 PM · 387 replies and 18172 views.
    The whole purpose about this kickstarter campaign, was to show that you do not need a publisher, and for CR it was that IF he only had the right funding for his fidelius game development, he could make one of the best space games the world has ever seen. $160.000.000 and 5 years later we can see some of the effects, CR is NOT a project Manager, he is NOT a genius game developer, nor is he a guru for PC game, or even space games. He IS a splendid salesman, an excellent fundraiser who can sweet talk the pants off any Daisy out there, this guy could sell sand in sahara by the truck loads. I see funny people.....
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:40 PM · 180 replies and 6085 views.
    Slap me! I've been bad... you mean???
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:16 PM · 22 replies and 339 views.
    And that is the problem today, too many loonies running around screaming from rooftops that there are loonies running around Meanwhile the other loonies are laughing at the loonies while they conspire against the rest of the cracies.... It's a wonderful world, now where did I put my prozac pills?
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:39 AM · 387 replies and 18172 views.
    Well the number crushing is correct, however I would not drink water from a dehumidifier. Water my plants, flush my toilet that is about it.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:19 AM · 43 replies and 1531 views.
    Maybe so, but I remember that docking with rotational correction and FA off used to take me a minute or two just to line up, and now it's like there's a magnet that nixes the side rotation + centrifugal acceleration. Likewise, the landing speed conditions for surfaces seem a bit more forgiving. But yeah, maybe I am just more use to my new hotas because lining up for the mail slot is easier now too. Could also be because I was using a X52 Pro before, ha! Yeah that could explain it. That stick is very clunky and inaccurate by comparison.
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:18 AM · 146 replies and 2441 views.
    Me temo que continúas refiriéndote a tu visión particular de conjunto, y has usado apreciaciones personales de calidad y ritmos de contenido, con las cuales muchos aquí podremos estar o no de acuerdo. Yo no he entrado a debatir visiones de ningún tipo sino que te he añadido y completado los datos que tu has querido ignorar. Sospecho que interesadamente para presentar tu visión personal, lo cual me parece bastante criticable para empezar.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:09 AM · 43 replies and 1531 views.
    Just checking, is FA off easier now? I remember it being a bit hard. The Isonona video inspired me to try once again to go full FA off, and it seems like no big deal anymore to fly through canyons, land on planets, scoop cargo (off planet surfaces even), or dock at a rotating station with rotational correction off as well. I use Hotas and Pedals as well. ThrustMaster T.16000M FCS + MFG Crosswind Pedals. Stick is for Pitch + Yaw, Pedals are for Roll.
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:03 AM · 146 replies and 2441 views.
    En absoluto. Creo que el que ha intentado introducir su opinion subjetiva en el tema has sido tu al ignorar selectiva y completamente el contigente de LEP vendido en el 2013 y 2014 en tus cálculos iniciales. Yo simplemente te he expuesto los datos de todos y cada uno de los precios del LEP que tu has querido ignorar de primeras. Me parece bien si quieres discutir del compromiso medio que quieres aplicar en subsiguientes estimaciones, si no te gusta $150, pero yo por lo menos te he expuesto TODOS los datos en vez de ignorar y esconder los que no me interesan como tú. Lo que si que conocemos es la duracion de la disponibilidad de los diferentes precios del LEP. Como comento más arriba, los más bajos de Alfa, Beta Premium y Beta estuvieron disponibles desde finales del 2013 y en 2014, mientras que la oferta de 2015, más cara, estuvo limitada a unas pocas semanas. Creo que de ahi se pueden establecer ciertas estimaciones, aunque imagino que no son las que a ti te convienen.
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    thanks for the rep Cmdr! o7 :-)
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    Thanks again, commander o7
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    Thanks for the rep, Commander o7
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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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    Thanks for the rep Commander awesome videos by the way
  6. No problem, bugs need to die
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    Thanks for posting the link for the guys to report the bugs. I do not want the AI nerfed. I believe there is a bug problem with the interdictions and the interdiction ranking.
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    +1 Rep for the Sidewinder referece. Sidewinders are cool .

    Fly Safe,
    CMDR Jermus
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    Hailing all North American Commanders!!
    A network site has been created for all pilots residing in the New Word, giving you a better chance to find players in your Timezone. Wether you are in a group or a solo player you are welcomed to stop by. The only requirement for registration is that you live in North America.
    The EDNA project is now complete!!
    Check it out.
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