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    Today, 1:11 AM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    Driving from upstate NY through PA and MD to Northern VA is a real eye opener.
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    Today, 1:07 AM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    The whole income re-distribution, vote buying thing is fine when you don't have a dime to your name. But climb out and get yourself to a comfortable retirement and realize that your on the defensive from a government that wants to confiscate every asset you have to buy more votes from the lower class and your perspective changes pretty dramatically.
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    Today, 12:58 AM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    Well, I spend half of my time in the DC beltway and just traveling from NY to DC should enlighten anyone who doesn't get it. All the money, power, and affluence is concentrated in the counties adjacent to DC. They don't like Trump because he's not a member of their club. That applies to both Dems and Republicans. They both consider him an outsider threat to the pay to play schemes that keep them in power and living large off the public funds. Sorry you don't seem to get it. You're from NY - take a ride to Fairfax County VA sometime and tell me how that compares to Indianapolis, IN or Cleveland or Detroit or Buffalo, NY. All financed by 20 Trillion worth of debt.
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    Today, 12:38 AM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    No I need one professional that earns 6 figures per year to do the 6 returns I have to file every year. If you can explain and track loss carry over and college tuition deductions and want to spend several weeks unraveling the mysteries of trust fund accounting, be my guest, more power to ya. So you're trying to convince me that Trump is really just another inside the beltway DC elite?
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:37 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    What was he elected to, again? I must have missed something.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:21 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    Trump is the only President elected in modern times that has not come from the political class. I have no problem if he were to be removed for legitimate cause, but not in the way things are currently being pursued. The appointment of the Special Prosecutor seems to have been done on very weak allegations and has now turned into a team of people looking for something to prosecute. This feels purely political and contrived by vested media/DC insider forces for the sole purpose of overturning the election results - the same ones that Trump was supposed to accept prior to the election. If the witch hunt succeeds, I doubt we would ever see another president so clearly outside of the political spectrum. The 2 party system is largely a play designed for DC mentality to prevail regardless of who wins. Trumps election is the first opportunity to make a significant change. If he is removed we essentially have to conclude that true change is lost. For me the biggest issues are deficit, sovereignty, and...
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:33 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    That's a separate discussion we've already exhausted. Name the crime - the actual statute violated. Show credible evidence that the crime has actually taken place. Until that happens this is nothing but wild speculation based on media reports from unidentified sources obviously orchestrated by political opponents who are fighting to retain power once they learned that the anointed Democrat didn't win. It took them all by surprise and they are cornered and fighting tooth and nail to hang on.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:27 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    If you can't find your own reputable sources, you didn't look.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:22 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    What everyone seems to really be missing is that Trump was elected by "the forgotten" voters who have sent both houses of the legislature representatives who, among other things, promised to repeal Obamacare. Trump was not elected because he was a great politician, just the opposite. Middle America is fed up with the elitist DC arrogance that does nothing that voters have been asking for. Trump voters are largely disaffected with both the Democratic and the Republican Parties and recent events only re-affirm that voting for Trump was the only way to change DC politics as usual. It isn't so much about Trump as it is about upending the centralization of power and resources in DC and rebelling against the Federal Government continuing it's overstepping it's Constitutional authority into ever increasing minutia of the daily lives of the population. It's more a fight of centralized vs. local autonomy. Middle America sees an over-reaching Federal Government increasingly out of touch with "the will of the...
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:46 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    I don't know how much clearer it can be... The press was rife with speculation that Obama might issue a blanket pardon of Clinton prior to leaving office. Did you miss that? There is no correlation between Impeachment and criminal investigations or prosecutions in a legal sense. They are separate proceedings. The President retains all Constitutional power of the Office until no longer in office due to any of several reasons, expiration of term being the most common. Although allegations of criminality may be motivation for the legislature to pass a vote for impeachment, it is not a requirement. There are no requirements. It is solely within the the discretion of the legislature to present articles of impeachment for any reason they deem proper and has already been declared by the SCOTUS to not be reviewable.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:32 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    But everything we hear about Trump from the MSM - 95% from "unnamed" sources is credible? If you only accept what fits a media narrative, you should think about your own objectivity. If all the non-verified information is so newsworthy about Trump, why is the report of the FBI confiscating hard drives from the DNC former chairperson getting swept under the rug?
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:11 PM · 2 replies and 95 views.
    Just guessing, but you'd have probably been fine if you repaired life support separately. Probably doing all the modules together disabled everything to be repaired and that's what took so long that life support failed. I haven't done this in a while, but that would be my hunch.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:58 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    So it doesn't fit the narrative? Nothing to see here, move along? I would never have expected a reaction like this...
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:39 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views. FBI Seized Crushed Hard Drives From Home Of Wasserman-Schultz' IT Aide Bet you haven't heard much about this from CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo...
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:16 AM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    Has he been disbarred from practicing law?
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:17 AM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    No matter how many times I explain it, somehow it just doesn't sink in. 1st - By Constitutional authority, The President of The United States has the ability to Pardon anyone. "The power to pardon is one of the least limited powers granted to the President in the Constitution. The only limits mentioned in the Constitution are that pardons are limited to offenses against the United States (i.e., not civil or state cases), and that they cannot affect an impeachment process. A reprieve is the commutation or lessening of a sentence already imposed; it does not affect the legal guilt of a person. A pardon, however, completely wipes out the legal effects of a conviction. A pardon can be issued from the time an offense is committed, and can even be issued after the full sentence has been served. It cannot, however, be granted before an offense has been committed, which would give the President the power to waive the laws."!/articles/2/essays/89/pardon-power 2nd -...
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:51 AM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    And get Paul Ryan.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:17 AM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    I just love how many participants seem to have some sort of truth detector that they can use to determine who is and isn't lying. You should all be rushing to get a patent on whatever it is you're using. If it fits your narrative, it's the truth, if it doesn't it's a lie - is that how it works???
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:57 AM · 14 replies and 1513 views.
    I know this may be a bit old, but... I have the Dell 34" and I think I just might do the upgrade here and take my 34" to my apartment where I play on my second account. I just might need a 1080Ti to go with it.
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