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    Today, 12:36 PM · 42 replies and 596 views.
    IMHO the System that's currently being evaluated (Rebuy most expensive Ship used during murder spree) is 100.0% ineffective. What's the point of an increased Fine (Credits) if most "murder hobos" literally swim in Credits and can afford to throw away Cutters or Vettes just for fun? It's entirely pointless and merely cosmetic. At its core - it misses the key issues and goals of a functional C&P System entirely - it merely creates a small modifier on the cheap, fake pseudo-C&P System we already have; cosmetic in nature and resembles "putting lipstick on a pig" Wake me up when the Rebuy is increased proportionally scaled by the amount of Damage dealt, then we'd have an actual limiter, even if blunt and only Credits-based. And a limiter is what's fundamentally needed.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 2:02 AM · 36 replies and 1110 views.
    Wooooot! Thank You Frontier! Trinity - you look great with that haircut. I was pretty annoying about Long Hair. My case was that 56 out of 60 Female astronauts had long hair, and that only 2 out of 340 male astronauts had beards.
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    Today, 12:45 AM · 41 replies and 1189 views.
    Gaaaahhhh! My Eyes! Too much basking. In fact this whole thread has too much gold. It's like - a golden shower. I'll go get my coat.
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    Yesterday, 11:59 PM · 35 replies and 1340 views.
    Considering we got such an incredible amount of unused real estate on Planets and all around them... Permit Players to start building stuff. Purchase and haul a small Construction Facility to any allowed place in the Galaxy (limits set by Frontier, i.e. must be uninhabited and/or minimum xx LY from inhabited Space, max. such "Seed Kit" per Player = 1) - turns into a Planetary minimal settlement (no Landing Pad, drive into Hangar with SRV to interact and command) Continuing to support it with the needed Resources turns it into - a tiny Nano-Settlement with S Landing Pad - a small Settlement with M Landing Pad
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:35 PM · 41 replies and 1189 views.
    I see your Liberace and raise you Saddam Hussein's palace. I believe the tern you are looking for is "Golden Hand Shake"
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:28 PM · 9 replies and 559 views.
    All my 12 year old money went to this, and I was ALWAYS rubbish. So many buttons. Oh wait athat's th Atari version. uh i meant this - wait is that a COBRA?
  • FalconFly's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:13 PM · 2054 replies and 145426 views.
    Silicate Vapour Geysers EOL PROU JB-M C8-47 2 B A Coordinates : -2.19 | 136.20
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    Yesterday, 12:30 PM · 4 replies and 108 views.
    So uh, that thing didn't happen then? Okay - I'll go back to my day job.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:33 AM · 5 replies and 255 views.
    And then you start noticing how far the jurisdiction of a non-ruling minor faction extends from a coriolis. You fly in somewhere and know from the look of the station interior what you can expect in the commodities market. When the ATC controller tells you to watch for incoming traffic, you slow down and look instead of boosting out the slot. When you're in witchspace you'll know whether the star you're about to arrive at is scoopable. There'll be bodies you approach a certain way because you recognize the craters. And you won't even be Elite. Even this task will be trivial:
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:15 AM · 26 replies and 982 views.
    Ed IS the hamster.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:55 AM · 26 replies and 982 views.
    Nooo! Wont somebody think of the hamsters?
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