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    Today, 12:05 AM · 29 replies and 248 views. if only the Dolphin/Orca/Beluga Luxury Cabins made any sense and gave that exclusive Premium to separate these Ships from the other Multirole Ships outclassing them in almost every single aspect :D Oh wait, that was suggested a long time ago. Never mind. PS. To me, it never made any sense that rich VIPs or important Politicians would trust their trips even to a rusty and poorly maintained Type-6. That's like paying Millions for an exclusive Cruise trip - and then boarding a 30 year old bulk Container vessel.
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    Yesterday, 7:29 PM · 2149 replies and 187686 views.
    System name Planet ID Dist. from Sol (ly) First discovered by Contributed by System star(s) type Ringed EL? Moons Screenshot URL
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    Yesterday, 5:29 PM · 45 replies and 1973 views.
    It was...until the element of competition was forced upon the place :rolleyes:
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    Yesterday, 3:28 PM · 7988 replies and 803466 views.
    Iron Magma on the Colonia Transit Corridor, "Smoke Break" on my trip
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    Yesterday, 12:52 PM · 2298 replies and 172967 views.
    As expected, no luck with Organics for me in the Nebula I did a detour into, so it's back on my Route for me. (Colonia Transit Corridor) Iron Magma SKAUDE FH-T D4-32 C 1 Coordinates : 17.03 | 60.35
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    Yesterday, 12:06 PM · 85 replies and 1819 views.
    Because it's the easiest thing to do and implement. Very linear and basic. The product of 1-Dimensional Design. Everything else would require depth-of-gameplay and modern multi-layered Game Design. Can't have that, not around here.
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    Yesterday, 11:11 AM · 128 replies and 2423 views.
    It's a valid survey with a large sample size and the Trend based off older surveys is crystal clear. Please don't find work in a job that requires common sense or basic "connect the dots" tasks mate ;) (oh, and all those desperate calls of Open Players to others "come join Open!" all the time... pure coincidence I bet xD ) PS. Don't listen to me though. I won't prove anything to you - time will. All by itself. It's already doing it, but you're in denial mode. Which is completely normal human behavior for persons with limited Situational Awareness. It's fine though. No really, it's fine. I mean it. It's 100% working as intended.
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    Yesterday, 10:53 AM · 98 replies and 2672 views.
    Yup, that's the scenario where another Ship would just need to land (SRV Hangar installed but empty) and manually grant "Docking Request" by the stranded Player. Then forming an actual (non-Telepresenced) MultiCrew until the stranded CMDR disembarks into a Station, where he can purchase a Ship.
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    Yesterday, 10:01 AM · 43 replies and 839 views.
    Yes, absolutely. CGs are obsolete mechanic and just a PvP/Gankfest honeypot in Open. But even if I wanted (for some wicked reason) to participate in a CG, Open would be the last place I'd look. Other Players are of zero benefit and rebuys or Repair costs have never contributed to a CG so far. Galaxy felt pretty dead in the thousands of hours I've been in Open and (not surprisingly) it's no different in other Modes. Seeing a few funny names is okay. But it is worth hundreds of Millions in Rebuys? Hardly. All the last times I've sent just a basic "o7" to other CMDRs in Open, I didn't even get a reply. Not even when docked at Jamesons with a dozen others. And even if, what's the point? I'm a lonely CMDR, so I don't have nor need any Allies. Not interested in jousting Meta fights or "challenges" (as in : how long can my Mining Type-9 survive against a Meta Corvette Gank?). Now... if ELITE was an actual MMO with everything belonging to it and done right... Then things would likely be different. Very...
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    18/10/2017, 1:00 PM · 180 replies and 6507 views.
    Hmm... Maybe she got to work on System Authority NPCs? And maybe they went from this : To this :
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    17/10/2017, 8:58 PM · 2298 replies and 172967 views.
    I'm afraid I'm out since I'm just about to enter the PRUA PHOE AA-A H69 Nebula, where I'll only have a look around for Organics; mostly buzzing splash Craters to no end.
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    17/10/2017, 8:25 PM · 2298 replies and 172967 views.
    Hmkay, so at least it's not my (no so new) Hardware :) For Volcanism, most of what you wrote is correct. - check System Map for Volcanism - tiny Blue POI it is - Sensors Max. Range it is - I prefer picking individual spots from Surface Map or Visually in Orbital Cruise (usually ending up being a workable number), others use other Methods of Searching - all mentioned Methods in this Thread produce valid and confirmed results - based on Varonica's excellent writeup, Planets with a small Orbital Period (i.e. 0.x Days) are likely to have more Sites if I understand correctly
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    17/10/2017, 7:36 PM · 2298 replies and 172967 views.
    You know, that's another weird thing I can't get my head around. I didn't write it in my little Guide - but Craters for example hate me. Seriously. I must have checked many thousands by now. Even more so after reading that others frequently found something in these places. No dice. To me, finding Volcanism in a Crater remains a very rare event, even if there's sweet ravines or other details that would normally even make me classify them as Candidate areas by my own standards. So... *confused* All I can say is that one CMDRs experiences can vary drastically from another CMDR. I don't understand it - not one bit - but that's how I experienced it so far. I think we can safely agree on one thing : go with what works for you :)
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    17/10/2017, 6:10 PM · 2298 replies and 172967 views.
    I remember doing pretty much exactly that during many of my initial Volcanism hunts. Success rate : a stunning 0.0% despite well over a hundred hours invested. I guess that burned in pretty deep :D And when it comes to Guides trying to especially teach 1st time Volcanism hunters how to find something, flat terrain (which means >80% of an entire typical Planet Surface) would be the absolutely last place I'd send them. That's like sending someone onto a wild goose chase, expecting them to either get super lucky or invest a full day until they get lucky. Dunno, that'd seem very counterproductive from my perspective. It will work and we know these Sites exist, but I don't consider it very effective nor efficient. I'd rather find something after checking out 5-10 clear areas of Interest...than scanning some random 150000 kmē while having absolutely no idea if it's a suitable search area in the first place.
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    17/10/2017, 1:32 PM · 128 replies and 2423 views.
  • FalconFly's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 10:42 AM · 2298 replies and 172967 views.
    Hm, that randomness is a factor, but the vast majority of i.e. my own finds followed a quite recognizable pattern - which I attempted to describe. That's why I stick to it, fully knowing there's very likely other Sites in locations as described by Varonica. I guess my main concern is that these "oddball" locations are simply incredibly hard to find, since they're impossible to somehow ID and target as a Candidate. To me, they require either alot of luck or a massive amount of time. How would one single out a shallow Crater? Or flat terrain? In my book, it's either unfeasible or downright impossible. I'd rather visit candidate areas I can single out and check out one after another and find something within maybe 10-30 Minutes. (my typical goal is usually to find one/any location of Volcanism just to have the Elements accessible and move on; that's likely contributing to the way I do it) ----------------------------------------------
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    17/10/2017, 12:31 AM · 231 replies and 7014 views.
    AspS : TEV Huginn AspX : TEV Argonaut DBS : TEV Serapis DBX : TEV Maximon Anaconda : TEV Aurora
  • FalconFly's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 11:55 PM · 2298 replies and 172967 views.
    I guess it all boils down to search techniques, hence I emphasized that I'm just describing personal experiences and (apparent) lessons learned on the long way. Just stuff that works for me, although I'm aware it might succeed in some places... but fail just as fine in other places. If everyone supplies MadRaptor with their own respective techniques and he'd assemble it all into a cumulative Guide - the sum of all our individual experiences - I take it it'd make for one hell of a useful Guide :) If anything, it goes to prove that we all still don't know everything about the "Patterns in the Matrix" when it comes to Volcanism. Still lots of unknown variables and as MadRaptor wrote, lots of Questions but not many answers from the Devs. Kinda makes for some of the thrill hunting it down :) Since we're still just a tiny few, our Sample size will remain very limited for a long time to come IMHO.
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    16/10/2017, 8:48 PM · 2298 replies and 172967 views.
    Sounds good :) Oh, I still remember my first attempts hunting Volcanism. I think I didn't find squat for what? 4 months straight? It drove me nuts and was insanely frustrating. That learning curve took me a long, long time...
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    16/10/2017, 8:21 PM · 2298 replies and 172967 views.
    I guess it would also be useful to implement something comparable to those Example Templates I've shown, just to showcase what (visually) constitutes an Area of Interest for various Scenarios (Geysers/Magma/Organics; Icy vs. non-Icy). ...just following the old wisdom "an image says more than a thousand words", just to make things easier to understand (writing alone is IMHO often still too abstract) PS. That Text was purely written directly from mind into a Discord Server and I merely consider it an ultra-compressed "Quick & Dirty" Intro to finding Volcanism, based only on personal experience.
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