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    Today, 12:41 AM · 19 replies and 430 views.
    Will send a PM :)
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    Yesterday, 11:50 PM · 19 replies and 430 views.
    Present in 31 (soon 32 *arg*), 27 we control (expected : 28 in a few days). The "Monster" has stepped onto the brakes, though, we're actively working to stop that Expansion Powerhouse we've been for the longest time and get some more control over it :) But yeah, our little "pet project" up north has evolved quite a bit over time :D PS. That Topic reminded me... I still need to re-format and update our Bounty Hunting Grounds list in our Guide to 61, we gained quite alot of BH Grounds in many Systems.
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    Yesterday, 11:20 PM · 19 replies and 430 views.
    HIP 61061 :D Distance from Station to the nearest HazRES : less than 1 Ls on a bad day (Gas Giant Ring rotation), ~0.5Ls on a good day ;) A HiRES is a few Mm away from the HazRES, if that's preferred, and so is a standard RES (i.e. for newer Players that like to take it slow). If Compromised NAV Beacons are preferred, the neighbouring HIP 60902 or Chaualkyrja are always available, same jurisdiction. Join 61 for all benefits! :D (no joking, good Credits to be made - and I'm not even a dedicated Bounty Hunter)
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    Yesterday, 11:07 PM · 106 replies and 1649 views.
    Hmm... I think it was when I tried one of the old ELITE Anaconda Kill-Missions. I had an almost A-Grade AspX, stuffed with the finest in Weaponry Credits could buy at that time. Unlike other CMDRs who got very lucky and encountered a rather Harmless/Defensive Target (as evident in many Videos from these days), mine was Ultra-Aggro and took my Shields off even before I could finish my KWS. Well, let's just say things only went downhill from there. At 68% Hull, it made a close Afterburner pass on me and insta-gibbed my Ship :D
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    Yesterday, 10:54 PM · 10 replies and 111 views.
    Considering I'm nearly always topped off (currently : 990 Mats/446 Data, despite making 2 large Mod-runs on the weekend), I'd agree. A Player-selected stash location would be perfect - the exact same requirement as with Engineer Commodities (when they come back). Although it pains me every time, I often have to leave Very Rare Mats behind, simply because I'm full. At least for the time being. Any bigger Engineer visit can and will quickly change that... and then the "don't need/no free space" Items quickly become "want and need!" items again. A rather ugly cycle. PS. And don't even remind me of bigger Mining Runs. Most frequent Ship Message? "Materials Storage full", coupled with multiple stalled Collectors waiting outside. Again and again and again and again and... :p
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    Yesterday, 9:20 PM
    Just wondering... Pretty much ever since PC V2.2.03 went live, I'm noticing an unusual RAM usage profile : - it keeps creeping up over time and tops off around ~6.5GB max usage - after 2-3hrs, I'm witnessing a constant and mode-independent severe lag (borderline playable) - only restarting the Game entirely solves the issue, until RAM usage creeps back up again and the bad lag sets in Am I alone with that or is this a known issue?
    3 replies and 86 views.
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    Yesterday, 8:39 PM · 39 replies and 1545 views.
    Hmm.. Your Arcade Rank still shows you as "Non-Participant" - thus you're perfectly clean :D If you meant something else... I'm an Independent - but like any other, I need the right tools for the job at all times. And given that certain Navies happily rank up even local neighbourhood Terrorists listed in their very own Top 5 Bounty Boards... The hell with it :D (and ever since Interstellar Factors started helping to cash in SuperPower Bounties - they all love me xD )
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    Yesterday, 7:33 PM · 24 replies and 747 views.
    IMHO the issue isn't the Backer perk of having access to the Founders World. The issue is that - System Authority is 100% incompetent and incapable of providing any "Authority", let alone enforce the law - "High Security" is a completely fake System label, should read "Lawless / FAA Playground" in Open Play ;) - Players causing these "incidents" never get their Permits revoked - Players causing these "incidents" never have anything to fear, for as long as there isn't any Crime & Punishment System in place that puts a limit and an ever-increasing price tag/risk onto such activities I consider the Founders World a mudhole, no better than Lave or Leesti in their worst days. A "Failed State" System, overrun by Terrorists since over a year now. The "Pilots Federation" has proven to be as incompetent and useless as any "Lead Faction/Government" when it comes to containing and reacting to rampant Crimes.
  • Turlorn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:02 PM · 4 replies and 163 views.
    You are doing it right. Right on CMDR! Handing in bounties doesn't clear the lockdown immediatelly but reduces its duration to a few days. There's nothing known about the time and money required, but I guess even a little bit of bounty hunting helps at reducing the lockdown. Handing in bounties of only one faction is advanced BGS stuff. For simply clearing a lockdown hand in all the bounties you collect in a system when using a KWS scanner. In my humble opinion the lockdown will be cleared after tomorrow's tick. :)
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    Yesterday, 7:00 AM · 32 replies and 1083 views.
    One of the most notable differences : the Flight Model. The DropShip isn't called the Federal DriftShip(tm) for no reason :D Being able to circle-strafe a Target at full Throttle - all while FA ON - is a very distinct difference to the FAS, which just goes where you point it. And the FAS does so very fast, even at 0 Pips ENG (FAS doens't care much about that).
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