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    Today, 6:19 PM · 49 replies and 673 views.
    When the Commander inside is aglow with pride. That's a Moray.
  • TartanDragon's Avatar
    Today, 6:15 PM · 49 replies and 673 views.
    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie. That's a MORAY. :D
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Today, 3:41 PM · 224 replies and 3216 views.
    So what motivates so many to commit suicide as a means of killing innocent bystanders?
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Today, 3:15 PM · 224 replies and 3216 views.
    Hmmmm, Don't recall seeing that in the New Testament. Perhaps you could point that out to us.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 1:51 PM · 13 replies and 200 views.
    Would love to hve PS4 plyers in this group
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 1:47 PM · 5 replies and 110 views.
    This link might help you if you re in to bounty hunting
  • Comrade Napoleon's Avatar
    Today, 12:25 PM · 28 replies and 616 views.
    OP: It has not got it. Sorry. But a good effort, I think. Too long and boring intro, peeps are already lost. This is how you work up : And if techo is on your mind there are plenty more, THAT HAS ENERGY... :) Yours have not. Sorry. Cheers Cmdr's dit: posted a new link. and just wanted to add. Your music is lifeless. Sorry
  • Comrade Napoleon's Avatar
    Today, 11:53 AM · 345 replies and 9220 views.
    15 pages or not, it certainly did rock the boat. In some ways ingame I feel like Miller, you know Miller ?.He is in your head, or should be. I am here, but not really. As CMDR Siobhan said I should prolly have a drink of water. Cheers Cmdr's
  • Comrade Napoleon's Avatar
    Today, 10:22 AM · 345 replies and 9220 views.
    hmm I read a lot of envy here ;) OP found a purpose, I suppose, a better one than mine anyway. He at least made the news or kinda news. Most of us have not. We are just faceless anonymous flecks being there and not being there. If this is convoluted its because I am not quite sober :) Stuff in this game does not make sense if you are sober and thoughtful. So its best not to be. Sober. FD made a game for drunkards, a game for CMDR's living in the now, with nothing to care for tomorrows bright shining unreal light of sanity. Sanity does not exist in Elite. Elite is like a movie put together randomly with no interconnections to tie it together. Op has tied it together, it makes sense to him. That's cool. For him. For the rest of us there is nothing; ships , credits, reputation, all are just excisting in the NOW of the moment, it does not matter tomorrow or ever. Cogito ergo sum. Or maybe ergo sum cogito. People are funny, CMDR's are funny, but imagining a game with a 10 year life span, with the consequences...
  • Comrade Napoleon's Avatar
    Today, 8:35 AM · 124 replies and 4872 views.
    Op + rep for the effort. But it really is just a band aid. On a chest wound. The patient is unfortunately bleeding out. Cheers Cmdr's
  • Comrade Napoleon's Avatar
    Today, 8:07 AM · 102 replies and 3169 views.
    Ho hum Op.. Getting blown up is a threat in this game is also an occupational hazard. Like flying drunk into a station and getting blown up or forgetting to ask landing permission and then paying your debts. Forgetting to be careful has implications, serious implications for you personally. Being a jerk and and psychopath has almost none and can be wiped within 6 days or through a suicidewinder. Your actions in game has far greater consequences for other CMDR's than yourself. Unless you self destruct. This game supposed to be in the far future, has reverted to middle age thinking... Say 10 Ave Marias and dont do it again.. Ok say 20 and you can do it again one more time. Indulgence by the truckload. Cheers Cmdr's
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 AM
    Severity Severe Frequency All of the time (100%) Time of occurrence alltime Date of occurrence
    0 replies and 28 views.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Today, 12:26 AM · 224 replies and 3216 views.
    Yeah, we're all stupid... Please enlighten us.
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:09 PM · 345 replies and 9220 views.
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:43 PM · 345 replies and 9220 views.
    dat voice :D It sounds like a Tnager who really need GF. digital mutation
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:34 PM · 345 replies and 9220 views.
    No. its kindergarten. It has been done 9304750934750 times here. Surprise us. Want pure evil? Look for NaCL movies. Nobody heard of you here, nobody care, and your modulated voice on movie is funny. Go, play, earn for evil rep and then people will know you. Self-interview will not be necessary. Now you got us ROTFL'ed.
  • Comrade Napoleon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:11 PM · 60 replies and 1442 views.
    Thank you all for the comments and rep. I appreciate it very much. what I was trying to do was to put in a perspective on this game from a philosophical viewpoint.. Especially since the long term goal of Elite i being here in 7 years time too. Will that happen? I do not believe so..... Lack of consequences, as I started this thread with. In this game I am Comrade Napoleon. I have read George Orwell now for forty years, that's why I am Comrade Napoleon. A tribute maybe. But also an acknowledgement of the fact that the mind is weak even if the flesh is strong. :) Or was it the other way.. When I turn to look in Comrade Napoleons eyes I need there to be something I recognize, not just emptiness. Hoolo- me is emptiness. It is not a complete build, it is as shallow as an android. More Empty than Miss Ex Machina or the dying Roy in Blade runner.. This is not what I wanted back in 2014. I wanted a persona not a shell. I have more persona on the Forums, than in the game. I care more for what I express here on...
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:56 PM · 345 replies and 9220 views.
    Most hated? by who? Never heard of this folk. Another evil wannabe? hell is coming to be funny. Ok then. Remember - if you wanna be evil, then be evil instead of talking about it. "And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:14 PM · 345 replies and 9220 views.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:30 PM · 25 replies and 677 views.
    OP You won't feel it's a waste of time if you buy a stock FSD to engineer and put the previously modded one into storage for use later on another ship. It's possible to get 50% or higher increase to Optimized Mass on a G5 roll. The odds of getting a great roll are not dependent on whether or not the FSD has been previously modded. e.i. If you have the FSD on you Python already modded with a 45% OM improvement, your better off storing that FSD, installing a stock FSD to take to the engineer. If you get a 50% or better roll, you now have two modded FSD's you can use. Of course, a lot depends on your play style, the size of your fleet, and so on, but using a stock module you're less likely to feel like you efforts are wasted as your gains are at least giving you more options in the future for outfitting other ships. HTH
  • Comrade Napoleon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:18 AM
    So I am playing this game and not playing it….. New readers or Cmdr’s with less than 1000 hours should stop reading. Now. I do not play any more because of longing to play to search…… I play because of a feeling of despair, because there might be that glimmer of of meaning to it all all there, that faint thread of cohesion in this mess. We go our ways, Explorers, Traders, Bounty Hunters and Pirates and achieve nothing. We do know we are not saviours and accept that, we know we are are not at the center scene making the the universe turn at our gist, but our actions accomplish nothing anywhere, not even in our own digital life and exsistense. We can get blown out of the vacuum and we respawn again and if rebut is ok, everything is ok. Digital life is without consequence. Here so also.Here so also, so much it is detrimental to how we as real humans function. Iron man mode is a crutch, promising nothing, but ever ending Sisyphus’s repetition. It is not a solution and not a cure. What this game needs is a...
    60 replies and 1442 views.
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    Thank you for the kind words!
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    My pleasure!
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    Don't seem to me that you actually have to try.
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    thank you for the rep!
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    Thanks for the rep CMDR!
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    haha, when i read your post, bad luck brian instantly jumped in my mind.

    Thanks for the rep too

    fly safe o7
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    We should hook up in 2.3... Do you think?
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    Thanks for the rep, Commander o7
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    NP. Things are so toxic lately that finding good posts to rep is a lot harder than it used to be

    Now I'm going to wait to see what "surprise Sunday 28th" will be *dammit, it's 8am in the UK already! WHERE'S THE SURPRISE?!?!?

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    Thanks for the rep, too (the future rep xD)
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