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    Today, 8:46 PM · 6 replies and 146 views.
    I turn my headlights on to gage how close I am to the roid.
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    Today, 8:36 PM · 21 replies and 320 views.
    There's heaps to choose from. DBX are cool. The Fed ships do have their uses. Cutters really put the hammer down on trade and fortification. And then there's the ranking ships like the T-6 and the adder. Vipers get a lot of love, and you can take my Vulture from my cold dead hands. i kind of agree about those three being "core" ships - but I think the variety is there outside the core. Example - put G5 dirty thrusters in an eagle and go racing.
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    Today, 2:44 PM · 16 replies and 1054 views.
    Meanwhile The AllIance continues to develop the California Sector. With 2.3 there is a new base at Redmarch and a new asteroid base at Darwin. The system at Darwin isn't Alliance yet. But is soon will be. If you'd like to help flip the system, there's a guide kicking around. PM me or ask at one of the Alliance discords.
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    Today, 11:12 AM · 266 replies and 4124 views.
    Reminds me of this story: Using the military police as static guards for objects can be done imo, but regular troops without special training courses aren't suited for such situations.
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    Today, 5:19 AM · 2644 replies and 151413 views.
    Redmarch an Alliance System in the California Nebula: Little Blue with California Nebula in the back ground
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    Yesterday, 11:30 PM · 9 replies and 222 views.
    Well these things are prett small. For example the Cordyceps Growths are a little fungal fruiting body that grows near the base of Bark Mounds or Giant Pumpkins. You can scan them or shoot them for materials from the SRV But the Bark Mounds themselves are a few meters tall and they come in a big field about a kilometer square. You can see the field below about 2.5 km. If you don't mind a thousand light year trip - there are fumeroles, Bark Mounds, and Pumpkin patch out in the California Nebula. Thread with details here: and CMDR PanPiper hosts a geology thread in the Explorers sub-forum. He has lots of tips about finding these sorts of things. You can look for certain characteristics of bodies in the system map. Temperatures sizes volcanism etc. I don't have the patience for that type of exploring, but full respect for those that do.
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    Yesterday, 11:25 PM · 9 replies and 222 views.
    It's worth packing an SRV for any of the things like ruins or Fumeroles or Bark Mounds or Brain Trees or the pumpkin patch. There's always close up stuff to get from these structures that don't show up from your ship. Fly right Safe CMDR o7
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    Yesterday, 10:02 PM · 266 replies and 4124 views.
    Any country in a state of war will use all means necessary if it finds itself in a losing position. And unlike France, Russia has enough nuclear potential to devastate the world a few times. That said, I trust the French way more with their nukes than the Russians. There is no such thing as a war were you agree on not using nukes beforehand, which is one of the reasons why todays conflicts between superpowers are fought out with proxy wars. "Senselessly stupid" could well be the less known second name of the Homo Sapiens though, so I guess a proxy war is better than having a direct conflict even if it shifts the whole crap to a different region onto different people. Cybersecurity, fake news and propaganda fall in the jurisdiction of the national security and intelligence agencies and only partly into the jurisdiction of the military. No, if needed we should indeed increase spending on our conventional sources to keep them on a modernized and adequate level without a major increase of man- or...
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:36 PM · 266 replies and 4124 views.
    The pledge to increase to 2% within a decade was made in 2014. I read somewhere that it was merely a reaffirm of an earlier pledge to reverse declininig defense budgets, but I couldn't really find something more detailed on that. However, the point that this increase is due until 2024 is still standing and before that timeframe is over, you can't nail a specific member on how much they should pay or not. Trump might imagine that a country can simply double its defence spending and get Mexico or the magical money tree to pay for it, but reality begs to differ. There's no real need to do it that fast either. As Fuzzy said, apart from Russia there isn't any real threat to the NATO which you could fight with such a military force. Not sure what you mean here, could you clarify? It makes a considerable part of the spending, but I'm not sure whether it's included in our actual defense budget. Afaik there are already some bigger modernisation measures underway and planned, such as replacement for the...
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:59 PM · 266 replies and 4124 views.
    Only if you count the russian nuclear weapons out. And even then it wouldn't be certain.
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:58 PM · 266 replies and 4124 views.
    He obviously refers to that agreement. Where else should he have gotten the 2% in combination with financial obligations for the NATO? He referred to that agreement when he addressed the matter in the past. He also somehow got to the conclusion that not spending 2% of your GDP equals indebtment to the US, which is a pretty ridiculous point for itself. Yes, Germany should honour this agreement and aim for those 2% by 2024, but the criticism is pretty unwarranted especially when the only reasons he gives in the speech itself are: and
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:04 PM · 266 replies and 4124 views.
    Exactly this. The whole argument seems like Trump (yet again) refused to read/get the whole text/briefing. When Germany hasn't reached its 2% by 2024 then he has a reason to complain.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:00 PM · 68 replies and 2265 views.
    Taking a recruit from the Azores to Darwin:
  • Futuristic Kung Fu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:40 AM · 1232 replies and 164712 views.
    Futuristic Kung Fu replied to a thread Fer-de-Lance Fer-de-Lance Owner's Club in Ships of Elite
    Beams use up a lot of power and turrets do little damage.
  • Futuristic Kung Fu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:35 AM · 1633 replies and 94842 views.
    The problem with long weekends is that you forget which day it is.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:36 AM · 111 replies and 3245 views.
    I don't think you should need to visit an engineer again but in principle I agree, that mods logically should disappear on ship death. So I'd support rebuy of engineered ship costing more credits and taking a random selection of materials from you, with an option to rebuy the ship without the mods. (So no return to get the mod but a higher penalty added to a modded out ship). People might think 'immersion' (if that's what a nod to consistency like this would be) is not important but threads like this keep cropping up. That's because it's an inconsistency that makes you think, "huh?" whether you're happy to ignore it or not. If it jars you out of the game, I do think it's worth looking at, for as long as it bothers 'a number' of people. (How many people decides the priority). imo. ED could be stronger in taking things away from you, especially once you reach higher ranks and if you're not bothered about consistency it shouldn't worry you either way.
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