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    Yesterday, 10:38 PM · 36 replies and 369 views.
    I disagree with this because you'd know - from the CG blurb - what you're signing up for and this CG may or may not be for you, so on and etc. so I'm a +1 on the OP and I think it'll come. I hope so. When a CG gets anti-CG players camped (they don't always) that's the time to call SDC as things stand right now imo - and get them to 'gank the gankers'. I think anti-CG play is a good thing in principle though .. it's justvolunteers to militarily hlep the CG to succeed are thin on the ground (are there no white knight PvPers?). So basicaly 3 concurrent CG's - (1) the CG, (2) kill the CG and (3) defend the CG. That's not negligible to program though .. (notably, the 2.4 pilots-federation-bounty mechanic, could allow Frontier to count relevant PvP kills for it, and it could be just a standard add to all CG's I think, imo, and technically speaking).
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    Yesterday, 8:27 PM · 7 replies and 278 views.
    You're late to the party my friend. Ross 128 has been an Alliance system since July and it's late September now. Luhman 16 is full and won't take anymore inbound expansions. Sol is God-locked by Frontier or Hutton Truckers and Earth Defenese Fleet and that Alliance faction would already have gone in there; and the other Ross 128 factions are native so they won't retreat anywhere. Is this another "innocent trader caught up in someone else's war" thread? It seems to be a pretty regular trope with the Feds these days. Just to remind you: Ross 128 is a toxic hard labour maximum security Prison Mine. Where capital punishment was reinstated just to reduce the overcrowding. The lore around this place is nasty - and those defending it are not on the side of the good and the just.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:20 PM · 16 replies and 296 views.
    No it's a thing, and pretty cool actually. I run that load out myself on the trade ships, but I've never managed to hit anyone with them. Probably a mix of Thruster Disablers, Shield Disablers and extra damage. Something like this:
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:18 PM · 18 replies and 921 views.
    You think Saturn is not quite accurate? Try googling: "Juno images". The high res stuff coming from Jupiter right now looks like the surface has taken some really good acid at a great party.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:07 PM · 26 replies and 573 views.
    VR is killing my game. I've got an okay sim pit and big screen and recently got a Rift. The lack of connection to the real world is a bit of a problem for staying basically social with the family. The experience is compelling, but my situational awareness was already pretty good with TrackIR. And Elite requires a lot of stuff on the second screen. Discord, comms, team forum, copying destinations into galmap, trade sites, and a film for the repetitive sessions. I've been in game a LOT less since I picked up VR, even though the experience IS amazing. But maybe that's just my life getting in the way.
  • Avago Ero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:34 PM · 3076 replies and 233387 views.
    I got wood from that ;)
  • Avago Ero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:34 PM · 2 replies and 47 views.
    You can if you've got VR
  • Avago Ero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:28 PM · 8567 replies and 616315 views.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:26 AM · 53 replies and 1237 views.
    I will gladly pay for a potted palm for the bridge of my Anaconda, as long as it comes with a talking parrot named Ernie that I can teach to swear. Also can we get something along the lines of overflowing ashtrays with "Property of Nostromo". They can clean themselves periodically, and if you forget a cigarette in combat, it should roll on the floor and start a fire. Maybe chewed gum stuck under the console as an Easter egg for VR players with some graffiti saying "Ripley is a budju".
  • Avago Ero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:16 AM · 18 replies and 521 views.
    Repair your ship to 100% and it will be gone. It's wear and tear (scratches on windscreen).
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