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    Today, 3:25 AM · 469 replies and 14002 views.
    Read properly Mate. I said 100 Missiles not 100 Warheads. And lol.... Well Sorry to tell you. But The Hamas has proven over and over than defense systems are unrealiable even against makeshift rubbish.... Mate all your doing there is relying on luck.... Your gambling the Fate of Millions on NK missing with a Nuclear Missile?
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    Yesterday, 9:54 PM · 171 replies and 5019 views.
    I'll give him some on your behalf. I might as well spend my reps now before the forum is shut down due to Frontier being bankrupt and everything.
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    Yesterday, 9:46 PM · 469 replies and 14002 views.
    Well. Tell that NK lol. See Mate we dont plan throwing Nuclear Bombs on ourselves. But NK doesnt care we tell em not to build nuclear rockets...... And Mate. 80% is 1 System vs 1 Rocket on Best Weather. 20 Systems vs 100 Rockets on bad Weather means 60 Rockets get through.
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    Yesterday, 9:36 PM · 171 replies and 5019 views.
    Hmm... I think I'll go and buy a skin pack.
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    Yesterday, 9:31 PM · 469 replies and 14002 views.
    I'm not entirely convinced that NK could reach as far as Pyongyang with a nuke, let alone Seoul, Tokyo, and especially not Los Angeles. The level of technical expertise required to launch a load of fissile material and detonate it at the correct moment in another country is something that is above and beyond the ability of most nations. But by the same token anti-missile missiles are something I'm also extremely skeptical about. I'm 41 with a fascinatingly good long term memory (a function of mental illness in fact), and I remember well the SCUD attacks on Israel in the 1990 conflict in the Persian Gulf against Saddam Hussein. The Patriot missile batteries were deployed at the time as a bone to Israel in an attempt to keep them out of the war, thus preventing it from becoming an anti-Islam war in the eyes of many nations in the region, but did not destroy a single SCUD. They claimed they did at the time, but the reality was different. Yes, technology has improved since then. But factor in the lag -...
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    Yesterday, 6:47 PM · 469 replies and 14002 views.
    1. Unfortunately your the one Buying into Propaganda here. The only Ressource NK needs is stuff they pfoduce or get from China. And they already got 0 Money. So they Pay China with Workers which only cost them Food. If you havnt noticed. NK has in Fact easily Developed Thermo Nuclear Bombs and ICBMs. You cant fake the Seismic activity and tests they made to proof that. Assuming they go out of ressources now is naive at best.
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    Yesterday, 4:36 PM · 469 replies and 14002 views.
    Your making some Fatal and very Naive Mistakes there Mate. 1. North Korea Spends nothing on that Program. North Korea is a State Economy. It owns all Companies and all Workers. So it barely Pays the Food the Workers get. They aint a Market Economy. Unlike France they dont need to Pay Social Insurance etc etc or Buy Stuff from Companies and Industry.
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    Yesterday, 4:00 PM · 469 replies and 14002 views.
    In Short your Suggestion is we wait and hope that North Korea Bluffed. Thats Option 2. Because thats exactly what we did so far. And as you see it has worked Greatly. Thanks to that North Korea now has Thermo Nuclear Bombs and ICBMs. And is likely but a few steps shy of Combining these 2 things.
  • Sunleader's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:15 PM · 469 replies and 14002 views.
    Fact. The UN has Prohibited North Korea from Developing Nuclear Weapons. North Korea has Developed Nuclear Weapons and Continues to do so. The UN Prohibits Trade with North Korea at large Scale. But China gives a crab about it. And remains Unsanctioned as anything against them is just Vetoed. Sorry Mate. But the UN is entirely Useless here. To begin with the UN has always been useless if it concerned one of the Veto Powers. The entire system with allowing certain Countries Veto Powers made the thing useless. :)
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    Yesterday, 2:53 PM · 469 replies and 14002 views.
    Thing is. Just like so often in the World. The Police or in this case the UN is useless. Because some other guys who hates me and who has sway in it. (eherm Russia and China) is not exactly eager to Sign any actions against you :) Meaning that aside from telling you off nothing really happens. And since you got no Money to pay the fines anyways and dont really care for the sanctions. This is obviously not stopping you at all. :) Age Old Problem. I cant Convict you for Murder of my Family just because you threaten it. But as you might Understand. I wont be waiting till you manage to kill my Family. *gg* I will make sure your gone before that happens.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:31 PM · 3070 replies and 231982 views.
    There is a lot going on here....
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