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    16/10/2017, 11:10 AM · 2 replies and 115 views.
    Yes. Yes and no. Many of them are like you, just grinding out a maintenance count in the simplest way possible. Several hundred thousands of those tonnes are fast-tracked or script accumulated and delivered by saboteurs who are trying to hurt the Power by forcing deficit-causing control systems onto the Power's list. The lower a Power's weekly 'starting'/'standing' balance is, the more the players have to fortify to avoid turmoil and loss of standing. The entire goal of these saboteurs' fifth column is to force the Power to successfully prepare and expand into deficit-causing systems, thereby making the Power easier to turmoil. In the end, preparing 'whatever is number 1' is possibly the worst thing you can do, unless it's also the approved preparation target of that power's organisation. Essentially, tying this back in to 'what you're missing', is that given a hokey set of rules that were intended for players who only wanted to achieve the bare minimum for the module, the reality is that...
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    16/10/2017, 3:13 AM
    CYCLE PRIORITIES Arissa Lavigny-Duval Discord Server Cycle 124 16 October 3303
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    16/10/2017, 12:28 AM · 4 replies and 171 views.
    We all have our own theories about why conflict and expansion aren't happening, and my personal belief is that Powers were allowed to dominate too much space. Sure, you could argue that it's up to CMDRs serving other Powers to prevent one Power from growing too large, but we've seen recently that some Powers can endure a full scale attack and emerge victorious. Some blame the concept of fortification on that, but, well, that's pretty much the only way to defend and protect your own systems. And now I'll stop because soon this will become a thirty page rant, and I've a Dispatch to write.
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    15/10/2017, 11:05 PM · 869 replies and 74814 views.
    INRA base Klatt Enterprises - Transcription logs History Will Decide 1/5 Finally, we have a breakthrough. A researcher at the facility in the Hermitage 4A system has found something - stumbled onto something, by all accounts - and it's pushed our research forward dramatically. Essentially, it's a kind of fungus - one that appears to have a significant effect on Thargoid technology. We knew their tech was partly biological, but until now we couldn't find a way to use that fact to our advantage. The theory is that if we could somehow get the fungus into their starships - specifically their hyperdrives - we could shut them down. They'd be unable to leave their system. We could end the war in a single stroke.
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    14/10/2017, 8:23 PM · 4 replies and 171 views.
    Welcome to the game! As much disappointment with current PP mechanics as you'll find on this forum, the fellows still using it are still involved with PP and with the game in general. So keep that in mind as I answer your questions with the bitterness of a two year PP veteran. We still enjoy the game, but Power Play isn't really about the rest of the game, unless you've formed strong bonds with your community or want a specific module. Yes. If you want, we can host a rant, ignoring the dullness of this mechanic, and focus entirely on how imbalanced it is, because it allows saboteurs to pour billions of credits on ruining a Power's economy, unless that Power also competes credit for credit with them on top of other tasks that help the Power. This is one of two big reasons why most Powers don't expand anymore. Yes. Populous (profitable) spheres are rare, and that's the second reason most Powers aren't expanding anymore. Only a few powers still try expanding, and those systems become rubbish tips...
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    13/10/2017, 3:35 PM · 190 replies and 13810 views.
    Corrigendum replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Remembrance Week (Rares) in Community Goals
    Be advised, per Micheal Brooks' Dev update (dated 07/01/2016) Lockdown has a 3 day minimum length (unless there also happens to be a war or election queued to interrupt that timer). Clearing a CG Lockdown has been done before solely through player action (see the Prism CG from March of this year), but it does require coordinated effort. Good luck, all!!
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    We are a PVP group, we don't do fortification. We are not organizing it, fortunately though i recognize that the system is passively growing. That's why i chose it =). I'm a lazy, no-good player exploder.
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    Thanks for the spreadsheets, links, effort etc.
    I'm getting better at spending resources at the right systems.
    Can you tell me the significance of the RED text in the Preparation dropdown?
    My guess is that the systems with white numbers total the maximum with the 479CC available to spend?

    I saw the discussion re: Hez Pef, HIP 43688, Contie, etc.

    Thanks again Oxbow
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