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    Today, 12:33 PM · 93 replies and 1401 views.
    "you can completely ignore them". Not if you are playing in Open you can't! An unmodded ship vs a fully modded one will get stamped on before their FSD has even cooled down.
  • Arc's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 PM · 93 replies and 1401 views.
    I would be happy for them to be removed. Lots of PvP these days is not so much down to skill, (though it does play a part) its more to do with who has the most "God rolls". Ie bobs FdL has a higher top speed, better shield regency and more damage than mine. Also i have had a few friends return to the game who are interested in PvP and they can't take part unless they do the grind.....
  • Arc's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 AM · 103 replies and 2419 views.
    I really, really, really want to see "push" ship transfers. Yesterday i logged in, flew my DBX to Maia (well a system next door with a dock), transferred my Python and then logged out for an hour or so and played something else whilst i waited for my ship to arrive. Now if i could of told my ship to meet me at Maia as I made my way back from exploring, that would of been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better.
  • Maverick and Goose's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:58 PM · 7 replies and 249 views.
    Sorry you didn't like the tune. And it appears that he did. But with all the disconnects I get, I don't like to assume it was intentional. At 23% hull is a bit fishy though
  • freiheit's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:38 PM · 1 replies and 36 views.
    Did the in-station news show the Election as having failed, or did it vanish entirely? We had a similar unfortunate timing event with an Expansion from Karten and War in BD+19 2443 both (accidentally) timed to start on 5/23, and the Expansion vanished without a trace. Nothing in right panel, nothing in in-station news, not present in nearest system with under 7 factions, just no trace it had ever been there. While this current situation is probably better than the previous "instant" expansion mechanic, it's rather unfortunate and unfair to have an Expansion silently fail like that. I think in both the case of Election or War, it would be better if states timed to hit the same day would simply leave the lower priority state as pending until the higher priority state is completed. At the very least, if same day start means a state will fail, it should show as a recovering state and in-station news should say that it failed or was cancelled or something like that.
  • MottiKhan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:41 PM · 9 replies and 287 views.
    MottiKhan replied to a thread Anti Climax in Dangerous Discussion
    I agree that the Conda is sluggish and not very fun to fly. I don't own one. <edit> I had one for a very short time and sold it. Still have my trusty Python. </edit> But engineering might make it a more enjoyable ride. I've been led to understand that a lot of the engineered modules can swap right over to the Corvette.
  • MottiKhan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:11 PM · 114 replies and 2154 views.
    A way to change the HUD colors without messing up the rest of the display. 3rd fire button or keybinds for weapons. Ability to pledge to minor factions. Pause button.
  • MottiKhan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:46 PM · 42 replies and 1424 views.
    I use one of mine to store commodities like MAs until they're needed. I can also take that CMDR to the MA gathering area and still have my main and other alt in the bubble. I also use one of my alts to troll for griefers sometimes since it's a resettable harmless account. There are other reasons to have alts. I've never multicrewed, so I don't know if the extra pip thing works.
  • MottiKhan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:27 PM · 42 replies and 1424 views.
    It would be a small minority who would ask for refund. Those of us who have bought multiple accounts knew that this wasn't officially condoned by FD. We knew the risks and bought anyway. It's only money. Of course, small minorities can be pretty loud.
  • Arc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:49 AM · 2 replies and 136 views.
    Mod the armour and HRPs to be lightweight Take off the fuelscoop when you arrive in the system you are pew pewing in Maybe swap one of your penetraters to cascade Phasing has been nerfed into the floor, so put lockbreaker and dispersal on your PAs Mod your heatsinks and chaff for extra capacity Maybe B rate your PP for extra armour
  • MottiKhan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:08 AM · 42 replies and 1424 views.
    +1 for Ezekiel Hickenloper
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