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    Yesterday, 9:37 PM · 10 replies and 183 views.
    How handy are you? You need to pick the right chair, for a start, and DIY will likely be the way to go, I'll take a snap of my own chair when I get home tonight and post it. It's a bit rough, but was more of a proof of concept before building with better materials. The T16000 fcs is not really designed for mounting, so you may need to use longer screws for the base and under-mount it. Z..
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    Yesterday, 11:56 AM · 26 replies and 1233 views.
    Awesome attitude! I hope my little girl (currently 6) will give ED a shot. I'll get her an account if she does... Z...
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    Yesterday, 7:30 AM · 30 replies and 834 views.
    That's because character is what you build whilst grinding for it. Z...
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    Yesterday, 2:44 AM · 68 replies and 1646 views.
    I could care less... Z...
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    Yesterday, 2:26 AM · 36 replies and 826 views.
    Zeeman replied to a thread Exploration strategies in Exploration
    Interesting... I have always suspected it works something like this, but never put int he time to try and figure it out. I've always noticed that certain types of systems come in "batches" a lot of the time. there is an area in Ceeckia that I call the Ceeckia Ammonia Zone. On my first trip to that area, I found a region that just non stop spot Ammonia worlds out at me.. I noticed this with ELW's and WW/HMC TFC's also. Whilst selling my data after my first big trip, I noticed specific regions that constantly paid out large chunks of cash for all the systems in them. I'm glad someone has figured it out, I'll be paying more attention to this from now on... Z...
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    Yesterday, 2:19 AM · 36 replies and 826 views.
    Zeeman replied to a thread Exploration strategies in Exploration
    This... Is brilliant! Z...
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    Yesterday, 2:16 AM · 1070 replies and 37485 views.
    ...Dinosaurs? Z...
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    Yesterday, 2:12 AM · 36 replies and 732 views.
    Learn to scoop properly. Point the nose just above/below the green exclusion zone (opposite side to where the star is), honk whilst doing this, then set throttle to whatever works for the ship you fly. If you plan to scan the star, pull the throttles back to zero when the countdown to the jump starts, so you are already at 0 when you pop in. Much safer. Having said all that, I agree, and wish the controls would react while the map is loading. More than once it took too long for some reason, all the while I watched helplessly as my ship went straight into the exclusion zone. This was during my early days, of course, but the lack of control during these loading screens is *very* annoying, and has contributed to many a CMDR's downfall... Z...
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    Yesterday, 2:00 AM · 17 replies and 289 views.
    If you don't want to overclock at all, skip the K chips, and skip the Z boards in favour of cheaper models that don't offer overclocking. No point paying for an unlocked chip/chipset that you aren't going to push. That will also help in terms of saving some cash. Don't skimp on the cooler. Noctua make excellent air coolers that are quiet. They are by no means the only one, but I find them to be at the top of the heap, and easy enough to get hold of where I am - their fans are excellent. Also, consider assembling the PC yourself, lots of "how to" guides on the net, and it is pretty easy. You're not likely to ruin anything, especially if you pay attention to the guides. I'm sure you could also find someone that would help you out for a beer, I know I'd help someone learn to build for one. It's very satisfying, and a worthwhile skill. Your call though. If you can build a small lego kit, you can build a PC. As a rift owner, I agree with the Vive, in terms of tracking at the very least. Room scale with...
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    Yesterday, 1:33 AM · 73 replies and 1842 views.
    Like I stole it. Z...
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    Yesterday, 1:16 AM · 17 replies and 289 views.
    How much you got to blow? How soon? It's getting to the stage where the 10xx line is nearing the end of it's life, if you've already got a rig, I'd seriously consider holding out now, especially as there are some new VR headsets on the way too, the Pimax 8k thing being of particular interest. Otherwise, I'm not sure how warranty works where you are, but here in Aus, it's transferrable, so if I were to buy an 8700(K)/Z370, I'd probably by my GPU second hand, and save some cash. Edit - just saw the limit - which currency/country? For the record, I'm running two rigs. Specs are near identicaln - i7 6700K, Asus Gene VIII, 16GB Ram, Corsair Carbide Air 240 case with Noctua NH9L coolers and Noctua fans for the case. The differences are: GTX1080 and GTX1080Ti
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:09 AM · 13 replies and 291 views.
    Wow, that's a sweet set up - dual stick is something I've been thinking about - but kinda really enjoy having the throttle. Having said that, I suspect dual stick is *much* better for fine control for combat and high speed canyon racing type stuff. Plenty of buttons to bind, too... Curiosity may tempt me in the end... Z...
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    21/10/2017, 11:24 AM · 13 replies and 421 views.
    That is LIT .
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    21/10/2017, 11:21 AM · 8 replies and 169 views.
    Gully_Foyle replied to a thread Murder? in Newcomers Forum
    I carry 4 mod terminals in my FAS for baiting these guys. Had one yesterday, this feller demended 9500. of whatever over and overr so .... He shot first, went wanted. He got MC rounds and lasered. I scooped his cargo in front of approving cops.
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    21/10/2017, 9:15 AM · 842 replies and 40970 views.
    who's the guy next to Ed? Z...
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    21/10/2017, 7:13 AM · 28 replies and 821 views.
    None. As above, water worlds and HMC's. Worry not though, terraforming candidates of those pay about as well as ELW's. Z...
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    21/10/2017, 7:08 AM · 2834 replies and 111714 views.
    1m cr/LY used to be my way to estimate income (quite accurate too). At this rate, I'll double my worth by the end of this trip (currently about 3b cr). Such a change compared to the good old days... Z...
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    21/10/2017, 3:42 AM · 2834 replies and 111714 views.
    Yeay! 2 x ELW in a row... It's kind of frightening how valuable systems are getting now. I just did a quick back of napkin calculation, and I have found a few 4m cr+ (including bonuses) systems. The whole of DWE got me 100m cr... Yet this is over 10m in under a day... Good way to get allied with lots of factions on return... Z...
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    21/10/2017, 12:31 AM · 133 replies and 2327 views.
    I remember the good old days, when authority ships would regularly snipe player kills, and boosting in front of there fire had the rest of their buddies turn on them. It was all quite amusing! I so miss those days, now they can land as many shots as they like with no recourse... Z...
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    21/10/2017, 12:23 AM · 58 replies and 2157 views.
    It will only stop newbies, you know, the ones most people can easily fight off or escape from. For the truly dangerous ones, it will do nothing, because by that point, you'll have money to burn, and very rarely get destroyed. Honestly, C&S needs to stop focusing on money, it means nothing. Block people accessing stations, engineers, or even systems altogether, and it would start to get more interesting. Throw in station/systems/engineers *only* accessible by bad guys, and you make it super interesting... Z...
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