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    Yesterday, 10:58 PM · 12 replies and 144 views.
    Always so entertaining, who couldn't love Sir Roger. RIP Sir.
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    Yesterday, 9:14 PM · 437 replies and 18532 views.
    Amagerd did you SERIOUSLY just say that? The previous Elite games were ported to increase coverage and revenue BECAUSE THEY WERE FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no extra disks were issued to patch - downloads didn't exist - so you got what you got and although the games were more simplistic in a lot of ways, they were still top quality games. FDev are having so many problems with complaints on thier forum because ED is being judged in 2017 (and since 2014) by games that delivered far more, and in part because DB had previously released top quality games..... fks sake HE INVENTED THE WHOLE GENRE, HE'S THE CO-PROGENITOR OF IT ALL !!!!!! ED as it stands isn't even remotely finished, and a LOT of people, I'd guess all of the peple whom have ever played ED, would say this has everything to do with FDev sidelining the implementation of features / content / fixing stuff in favor of the console ports and CQC. new players to ED will have to spend the 50+ hours in the game just to get some credits, do the...
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    Yesterday, 8:38 PM · 558 replies and 24907 views.
    I'm actually quite surprised that there hasn't already been an item added to the cash shop: "alien red crystal - valued by engineers for it's ability to be tuned to specific harmonics to ensure an (X %) chance increase when upgrading modules" Or maybe they are just holding onto that, and a few dozen other variations taken from current MMO's, until they officially change the payment model to microtrans. and you know what the worst part of that is? ppl WILL buy them, and those of us with lifetime expansions already paid for will be bent over, for the second time. I would bet the entirety of my man-parts that this idea has already been mentioned in the FDev offices as an alternative model to the seasons fail system. I cannot see how a DLC based system can work because to play in open your version will have to match everyone elses, but microtrans will not require this as the variations will be entirely personal to you, not the environment.
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    Yesterday, 6:00 PM · 22 replies and 455 views.
    See? :D Build a mining rig but only dig beyond the bubble edge in unexplored space? (Get to know your geologies, explore like a surveyor and fight pirates, all in one go) Go pirating yourself, somewhere off your own turf? (If you're a Fed attack Imperial Traders, and vice versa). Become a Doctor and trade only with systems with medical emergencies or famines (Or attack traders, in systems only in medical emergency or famine, mwihaha). Shoot some security vessels and see what happens. Try to beat the Jump Range record? Try to find, and kill, Harry Potter?
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    Yesterday, 5:40 PM · 22 replies and 455 views.
    Grab an Eagle, make and overcharge load out with 0 jump range and start intercepting wanted ships around your system? (works like patrol sorties because reloads / repairs). Can also consider dropping in on every USS you see in it, no matter the threat level. Also enjoy scavenging in SRV myself. Pretty relaxing, might climb a mountain or just pick up what you find while working on your drifting skills. If you happen to find escape pods .. maybe consider burying them at sea, by dropping them into a star?
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    Yesterday, 10:41 AM · 7 replies and 158 views.
    You can get a permit for the Sol system by gaining Petty Officer Rank with the Federal Navy. You can land on many planets in the solar system but not Earth because it has an atmosphere, not Mars because it has atmosphere too (has been terraformed in the timeline of the game) .. and not the Moon unfortunately yet, because it's a special.
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    Yesterday, 5:07 AM · 558 replies and 24907 views.
    No my friend, the only people that will "lawyer this game into the dirt" will be FDev if they (continue to) make design choices that are not up to what they said they would deliver. I make bespoke furniture for a living, and if I was commissioned to make a 12 seat farmhouse style dining table out of reclaimed oak and charged ĢĢĢĢ for it, but on the day of delivery what I provided was a sheet of plywood nailed to 2 tree logs at one end and 2 old truck tyres at the other and then said I would come by every 6 months to "patch it" for the next 5 years - even though it may still FUNCTION AS A TABLE, it's NOT a table. If that customer asked for thier money back and I said "sorry dude I spent it on making this lovely 12 seat farmhouse style dining table out of reclaimed oak for my sister" (i.e the xbox and PS4 versions I didn't want or ask for) I would absolutely expect him to take me to court, and I wouldn't have a leg or wheel to stand on in my defense. I'm truly staggered at how many people cannot...
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    If you get that chair made, and working well, would you be keen on making a second? I know you can't sell per se, but you'd be rewarded for the cost of everything (depending on cost lol) I'd be so interested in one.

    My only issue is space between the door and the desk, as it's a very small man-cave, and would probably need some wheels of some kind, and the ability to push under the desk.

    or publish your design when complete (getting ahead here)
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