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    17/10/2017, 5:52 PM · 35 replies and 681 views.
    Hi, as has been said if you can post your current hardware then more accurate advice will be forthcoming as we can then see exactly where the money will be best spent. One thing I would say though is I've been buying and selling professionally Audio/Hi-Fi/Computers/Electronics for over 30 years so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to sound. Anyone who tells you to rely on motherboard sound obviously hasn't heard a dedicated soundcard! Yes they've made a comeback! I use a top of the range Asus on a separate machine for sound recording, achieving that level of fidelity would be impossible just relying on mobo sound. Even a modest card like this one from Asus or a SoundBlaster Z will make a huge difference to your experience and immersion! For under 40 quid with whatever speakers or headphones you choose the difference in sound...
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    16/10/2017, 2:07 AM · 2 replies and 115 views.
    Hi, have you checked the ED network tab under options? I'm no expert but I understand that if you have an ipV6 network and it's showing a connection in the network screen then the ipv4 settings need to be switched off. I don't have ipv6 set up so the connection shows blank next to ipv6 in my screen. Also does it show up as 1/1 next to ipv6 Direct under Connection Statistics? My other question would be has this happened since 2.4 was released? If you still have no luck then it's probably best to open a ticket into Frontier and send them a copy of you network log file. They may already be aware of the issue and perhaps working on a fix or have expert suggestions.
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    16/10/2017, 1:28 AM · 7 replies and 199 views.
    Conde replied to a thread Little Help Please in Newcomers Forum
    Hi Krogothic. Once you have a camera suite toggle button set up you'll find the view already defaults to a rear view look of your ship. The only exception is the T7 that has a reported bug since 2.4 was released, the camera defaults to looking rearward ( although nice when you lift of from planet or depart a station). Try this tutorial Malc I'm not sure what you mean about going back to the old debug camera? You can do all it did and far more with the new suite, on any external view you can rotate, L + R , Up/Down , Forward/ Backward, Zoom in/out etc. just as easily and with far less constraints than before. I used the extended keyboard to map the controls, (call it a free add-on MFD!) rather than the joystick which means for example if you press lock to world you can fly your ship like a an RC plane and so on. Ok that's not exactly Galaxy shattering but it can be fun!
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    16/10/2017, 12:30 AM · 11 replies and 314 views.
    Hi Tereva, I think a major reason why you crashed is because the 4A thrusters you fitted were simply not up to the job in an Asp X. The ship needs size 5 thrusters. I'm not sure why you chose the 4A, perhaps it was all the outfitters had in stock? If so try a Hi-Tech system controlled by Li Yong-Rui for a 15% discount. If it was to save weight then it's beaten by 5D thrusters which are 2t lighter (un-engineered) and far better suited, having a much higher optimal mass value. This means on that particular world you would have stood a much better chance of not crashing as the flight assist computer would have had more power to work with. On top of that the 5D's happen to be over 1.4 million cheaper! Of course for maximum performance your best bet is getting 5A thrusters and going to engineer Professor Palin to really pump them up, (once you have the right materials!) otherwise Felicity or Elvira can do something too. This is worth watching, Obsidian Ant landing on a 9.77g planet. ...
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    14/10/2017, 3:49 PM · 12 replies and 215 views.
    Conde replied to a thread message keep coming in Newcomers Forum
    It looks like they might be updates to your stacked and incomplete missions. Once the missions have been done they should stop.
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    13/10/2017, 1:42 PM · 6 replies and 171 views.
    Conde replied to a thread Hyperjump Problem in Newcomers Forum
    Hi, tell your friends that Alpha Centauri and the trip to Hutton Orbital is the most extreme case. That's just how it is, space is big, very big! The journey there is probably the most famous in ED, it even has it's own website! There are over 50,000 inhabited systems generating millions of missions. From my own experience, you and they will find that the vast majority of missions will ask you to travel reasonable distances, although since 2.4 there have been issues with trips to Colonia not worth the rewards and Passenger missions will often involve very long distances. But that's always made clear in the description so it's up to you to decide if you want to take them on. Of course there will be plenty of times when you would have to travel many thousands of ly for a mission, but as M00ka said check the mission descriptions and system map if available. If you have found a nice area that you like, before accepting missions it may be worth actually visiting and...
  • Conde's Avatar
    12/10/2017, 5:45 PM · 14 replies and 348 views.
    Hi, Just to be clear on that point, assuming your speed is good, it will always Safe Disengage when you are within 1000Mm (km). But sometimes depending on the target object you can be as high as 7000-8000Mm away when Safe Disengage kicks in.
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