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    Today, 8:43 AM · 12 replies and 127 views.
    Yep. And the tendency for Elite to try and drop you into an instance with players in your Friends List was actually counterproductive for an event like this that encouraged Player-vs-player conflict. In fact, that kind of instance preference could have been as much to blame for Salomé's demise as anything else. I gather that Salomé and her assassin were (I could be wrong here) in each other's friends list ... thereby making the chances of them being instanced together much more likely.
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 8:32 AM
    29 APRIL 2017 On this day Frontier Developments, along with Drew Wagar and hundreds of players tried to stage the biggest in-game war scenario that Elite: Dangerous has ever seen. It was a wonderful attempt. A glorious experiment in the possible ... yet it failed on many levels. The game simply doesn't have the basic in-game tools to make something like this viable for everyone to participate in. It was really remarkable that Frontier Developments made the first step toward implementing some kind of fleet mechanics into the game. If you took the time to check your Multi-Crew options you might have seen two new options, inserted solely for this event. You had the option to join a multi-crew to support Salomé or one to oppose her. Unfortunately this only identified players wanting to participate in multi-crew. Everyone else was forced to either work off a white list or add some kind of tag to their ship name to help identify their allegiance. Frontier should have treated this as a war without a...
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  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 8:03 AM · 11 replies and 362 views.
    BluWolve replied to a thread Winter anyone? in Xbox One
    Yep, tried that too, no luck. Spent another couple of hours searching for the Distress Call Threat 0 signal source today, again no luck. I did see one distress call signal source but was threat 2 and just a standard group of pirates. Also saw another Degraded Emissions Threat 3 which contains a rare AI relic, hostiles attack right away in those instances though it is possible to "snatch and grab" if you are quick enough. Will have a bit more of a search later on, but I'm just about ready to move on to other things because hunting for signal sources isn't my idea of fun. I just really want to see these unknown vessels for once :)
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 7:56 AM · 8835 replies and 689252 views.
    So ... three hours trying to protect Raan Corsen (when I should have been sleeping) was all for nothing? I don't know about anyone else but EDF still had a lot of fun ... though organizing something like this without proper in-game tools really made things difficult from a fleet POV.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 7:50 AM · 179 replies and 3589 views.
    BluWolve replied to a thread The Event, Xbox in Xbox One
    To be clear, I never signed on for any fleet at all. I offered assistance to Yuri directly (who directed me to the discord, which I can not access on my current tech) and an event organizer that happened to be on my friends list already. I made sure to let them know I'm an independent commander but would lend a hand in a scrap if need be. I did not expect to be called upon, and was on my way out to 46 Eridani with my own plans of what to do for fun. On my way out there I received a comms message from the supposed friend/coordinator requesting I show up at a different system an hour before the event began. So 3AM my local. At the specified time and location I asked if there was anything in particular they needed of me, and was told to wing up with some mutual friends. So far so good, was great to speak to some of the same commanders who helped me get started in this game o7 We were then led on a wild goose chase for hours, with the promise of action just in the next system... This continued until...
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 7:43 AM · 15 replies and 407 views.
    Well ... if Brett just made all of us Admins by replicating the settings for his account then the bug should go away ... and all of our forum problems will be solved once and for all.
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 7:32 AM · 34 replies and 534 views.
    I was there, along with the EDF, doing my part to try and escort Raan Corsen. Instancing being what it was ... I never saw any of the VIPs. The attitude in the quote was designed to keep people away from the event and make it easier for the turncoats to carry out their plot. I feel sorry for anyone who avoided what was obviously a PvP event from the get-go simply because they felt threatened by possibly having to engage in PvP. I honestly don't remember seeing as many people together in a single instance in Tionisla today aside from maybe the first week of Gamma and the first week of Public Release. Despite being surrounded by potentially hostile Commanders I was only interdicted once ... and was never shot at.
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 6:49 AM · 8835 replies and 689252 views.
    And rants like this are exactly why we need this thread to get back on topic. The Elite Universe has always had a layer of dystopia covering it. "No society or species can expand while it kills itself." That's what the human race has been doing for generations and we continue to expand.
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 AM · 8835 replies and 689252 views.
    It was also an explorer who found Jaques before Frontier was ready for us.
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 5:09 AM · 8835 replies and 689252 views.
    WAIT! The Thargoids know Latin. Drew knows Latin.
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 4:48 AM · 8835 replies and 689252 views.
    In Drew's earlier Oolite fan-fiction novels "RAGAZZA" is the name that the Thargoids used to describe Rebecca. I don't think there is any hidden message intended by it aside from a salute to fans of Drew's early forays into writing.
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 4:39 AM · 8835 replies and 689252 views.
    I don't know ... from what I saw on the PAC Discord server before heading into work tonight ... I'm not sure where PAC ends and SDC begins.
  • theogilli's Avatar
    Today, 4:13 AM
    If you take a second to read about us I bet you'll find something you like! Sidewinder Syndicate is a player faction and wing centered in and around Elite: Dangerous The Sidewinder Syndicate, also know as Sidey Syndicate, is an organization that operates to fulfill its interests and the interests of its members. The Syndicate operates to help people in the group and outside the group to enjoy the game and have fun. The Syndicate is located in Ix due to its strategic location and convenient High-Tech services for our members to use. The Syndicate does not have affiliation with any powers because we allow anyone to join us regardless of their PP pledge. The Syndicate works with many other groups in effort to better fulfill the interests of the group and make the game fun for everyone. Our Mission: To promote the interests of the Syndicate. We as a group are focused on having fun and enjoying the game.
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  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 AM · 8835 replies and 689252 views.
    No. Please no. Not until after Premonition has been released and we've seen how all the pieces of this puzzle fit together.
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 4:08 AM · 8835 replies and 689252 views.
    "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." CoR (and PAC) are getting a lot of criticism for letting Harry and his friends join the allied forces to protect Salomé. This is unreasonable. While any fool could have seen Harry's treachery coming a mile a way ... not having welcomed him into the allied forces would have had the same result. Harry was going to show up gunning for Salomé no matter what. At least by having Harry in their own Friends list it helped level the playing field. Tracking Salomé was incredibly easy. So many of us still had her in our friends lists. And even if she wasn't ... her every move was being live-streamed via several channels. The only way to track Harry would have been to welcome him in with a smile. The Earth Defense Fleet took part as best as we could in the event. As far as I'm aware though we never got into the same instance with any of the VIPs. A few of us got interdicted by some of Raan's henchmen ... but as far as I'm aware nobody got shot at. From my...
  • theogilli's Avatar
    Today, 4:05 AM · 4 replies and 151 views.
    theogilli replied to a thread [LFG] LFG GMT+1 casual gamer in Dangerous Groups
    hey, Although most of my group is not in your timezone, you could check us out if you like. A couple of us are around your timezone but we would be happy to find a time to play. I've sent you an ingame friend request so if you are interested let me know or just let us know on the discord.
  • theogilli's Avatar
    Today, 3:58 AM · 3 replies and 73 views.
    Hey everyone, If you'd like, you could join my group! We are called Sidewinder Syndicate and we are welcome to everyone! Check us out here: I've sent you all friend requests so either hit me up or contact me on our discord!
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 3:24 AM · 8835 replies and 689252 views.
    Yeah, I dropped into Coulter City and found HQ hanging out there myself. Small galaxy. :)
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 1:58 AM · 179 replies and 3589 views.
    BluWolve replied to a thread The Event, Xbox in Xbox One
    Firstly, I'm only directing my comments to you as you are defending the actions as a necessary sacrifice that had to be made for the greater good. Whether or not you had insider knowledge is none of my concern or business. Do not take my comments personally, I still respect and admire you Icon, we just disagree about this o7 This wasn't a war, so your historic analogies dont really fit. I understand the point and concede that unfortunately some strategies do require sacrifice. However, this was supposed to be an event the community could take part in. What essentially took place was a game of chess - the organizers being the players and the community being the pieces. A game of chess where the player moved all the pieces over to one side of the board except for the king and queen who were paraded around the field. is not what the event was described to be, and I for one wouldn't have bothered offering my assistance had I known thats what it would be. I stupidly had more faith in the organizers than to do...
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Today, 1:19 AM · 179 replies and 3589 views.
    iconoclypse replied to a thread The Event, Xbox in Xbox One
    Ok, firstly, let me address your use of the word 'you' - Just WOW!. I never even left where I was. I was never involved in any of the evening's events. Anyone who thinks I had some inside track on this event is mortally wrong. And yes, I stand by my comments. In any conflict there is a degree of misdirection. Sometimes you even sacrifice people, for the greater good. Do the sacrifices know? NO, not typically - Coventry in WWII for example could have been avoided but the larger strategic goal of over-throwing the 'bad guys' was served by LETTING COVENTRY GET BOMBED. This is though still just a game, and given that there were 4 NPCS, only one of which was on the Xbox side, ask yourself, what level of involvement would have satisfied you? Instancing and RL kept me from taking part, BUT I'm proud I took a stand. I made a commitment, according to my principles and I feel no poorer for not having been at Yuri's side. Your screed, Blu, is particularly misplaced given the number of real-life veterans on here...
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 1:12 AM · 10 replies and 397 views.
    Still tinkering. Mdaae quite a lot of changes. Would be intereted in yours and other folks feedback.
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Today, 1:04 AM · 15 replies and 294 views.
    ANY and ALL! Embellish them and write them as prose! You've piqued my interest with the 'literally dumping poo' comment. I'm now expecting an ED-related Marty Mcfly-flavoured anecdote! :)
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 12:53 AM · 179 replies and 3589 views.
    BluWolve replied to a thread The Event, Xbox in Xbox One
    The bait are not team players at all. How dumb do you think people are mate? Oh we were used as bait but that's okay it was a means to an end? Never mind that for 99.9% of players it was a complete waste of time. People were used, but hey gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette right? Some of you knew obviously, and made the choice to act as bait but the rest of the commanders were just flat out taken advantage of, plain and simple. Yeah well the end results is it turns out to be an event for a select group of glory hound insider players, who then use the rest of the community like pawns to achieve their own goals. As if that isn't pathetic enough, the whole entire time the event is being advertised as something everyone can get involved with. Straight up lies designed to draw players in as bait so the cool kids can have their fun. And to top it all off people are actually defending the actions of the organizers? They should be ashamed of themselves for using people so selfishly and so...
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Today, 12:37 AM · 19 replies and 520 views.
    Man, out of rep. +1 virtual, Ezren.
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