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  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 AM · 30837 replies and 3261278 views.
    Agreed. I enjoy following the intended trail with these things if possible. Semi-related; Does anyone know if there is a limit on how many inbox messages we can have at one time?
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 8:11 AM · 7371 replies and 620301 views.
    I hope you aren't serious, that would defeat the whole purpose of the listening posts - - - Updated - - - Thanks cmdr o7 Looks like I need to read "And here the wheel". I have it purchased through amazon kindle, haven't gotten around to starting it yet though.
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 8:10 AM · 41038 replies and 2691639 views.
    The rocket surgeon in me says that they have tried to be too smart for their own good and they're wasting time and money building something that will have no tangible advantage to gameplay... pretty much like all the fidelity that they're adding.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 7:06 AM · 19 replies and 217 views.
    Just try zooming out with your scanner. You can see in the pic you are zoomed all the way in, but if you zoom right out you can see way more of the rocks. I always set mine to the middle and zoom in/out if needed.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 6:58 AM · 55 replies and 1364 views.
    Yes it doesn't come up every time for me, but at some point it does has to sync the save file from frontier servers to your console and xbox servers right? Or perhaps once you delete your save from "console only" if you cancel the sync with ms servers it downloads the frontier one instead, which in turn overwrites the ms one? Either way it doesn't matter really. If when attempting the fix the box comes up saying its syncing, try and cancel it. If it doesn't come up with that box well no worries. It clearly has worked for some people so is worth a try if people are having trouble with the fix.
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 6:29 AM · 820 replies and 68679 views.
    Steve O B Have replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    Personally I have two observations. 1. Everyone is entitled to an opinion (even if we don't have to respect it) and it costs us nothing to respect that right to express it. 2. From a long time backers perspective, they have not only delivered above and beyond expectations but continue to build on what they have started. Whilst I do not agree with all of their design decisions, I respect that this is their vision that I bought into, not the game that I demanded they make according to my meager contribution during the Kickstarter. In my opinion they have conducted themselves with humor and integrity even when making missteps (goodness knows we all do) and from my own personal perspective, they have more than earned the right to express a little humor. We're all a salty bunch, don't even try to deny it, but the difference is in whether you have the ability to take life with a mature and measured sense of humor or if you choose to take offence at whichever you decide is a 'red rag'. Each to their...
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 6:01 AM · 44 replies and 2990 views.
    So what is the closet nearby nebula? I just went out to the Venusian quickly to get the logs, but had to go offline before looking for nebulae on the galmap. It may be possible to track down these pirates and deliver justice. Maybe even find some of the crew, if it isn't too late for them all...
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 5:21 AM · 44 replies and 2990 views.
    Is there any timestamp associated with the ship logs? Supercruise didn't exist until around 3297 ... which means that someone had to have been in contact with this Generation Ship to let them know about it. It also means that they must have been breached by pirates fairly recently. Maybe someone from the modern era made contact with the Venusian and agreed to keep their location secret but not until after they shared knowledge of modern technology with them. Think about it: You've got an entire society raised for centuries to live and die on that ship. Abandoning the dream of their ancestors may have seemed like treason ... or even sacrilege. They may have wanted to finish the journey the way that they had all been reared to do since birth. The pirates who attacked ... saw a golden opportunity for slave labor. None of the people aboard officially exist in any galactic registry. Capture them and sell them. Nobody ever needs to know.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 4:06 AM
    Just a heads up, the latest update (2.3 the commanders) has altered the requirements for the "Well Trained" achievement, making it much more reasonable to unlock. Now just complete the 5 training missions and that's it Did anybody ever beat Incursion Advanced legitimately? I know some people used a bug to do it but I refused that personally.
    3 replies and 106 views.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 3:28 AM · 37 replies and 1023 views.
    I liked it when flying with fligh assis off was a true measure of skillful flying. I was rubbish at it but used it on my T9. I enjoed havning to find black markets rather than just looking them up. I liek the dagressive and acutally dangerosus NPC hunter killers that tested both comabt and flying. I i liked the slow credi progression becasue gaining something like a paython was a real big deal, PLayer wirten articles ion Galne made the gaem more alives rather than the meaingless feed about ecnomc booms etc in systems that no one cares about and empty CGs that boild down to go grind over here for x thsi week. DOnt worry it wil be a win and teh narriative wil be pointless or predetermiend. Im goig to bed. Im clearly jaded
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 2:42 AM · 7371 replies and 620301 views.
    Did anyone ever find out if this tourist beacon lead anywhere - "Secret Base Tourist spot 0508 This is rumoured to be the site of the CIEP base. Some stories claim a combined Human-Thargoid project took place here." I only was just made aware of this tourist beacon as a friend of mine spotted it in Soontill and mentioned it in conversation. Were there any bases found in soontill? Also, did anyone know what is the CIEP?
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 1:59 AM · 7 replies and 346 views.
    No matter. She has a heart of stone after all, so I believe she will take it like a man. Haha ok that's four in one. Sorry, i will stop.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 1:14 AM · 7 replies and 346 views.
    Guess she wasn't quite strong enough...
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 1:09 AM · 7371 replies and 620301 views.
    Just send her a pic of your holo-me, she surely couldn't resist such divine beauty xoxo7
  • flanker1985's Avatar
    Today, 12:37 AM · 7 replies and 172 views.
    I don't think you know what you are talking about. In your logic, my co-pilot should feel this "motion sickness" as well since he/she has no control of the ship, but they don't. In fact, I have been playing DCS and IL-2 semi-professionally in the past 12 years, and sometimes as gunner, I have never experienced any of your "motion sickness", nor have I heard anyone else who has. No horizon means even more blurry back ground, means less "motion sickness". Skybox will be ignored during the play as the gunner's focus is either on the ship or the target. (besides, you so called "skybox" is just a blackground with some white dots anyway) If you have a visual nerve issue, that is OK. But please don't presume everybody else has the same issue as you. True motion sicknesses are usually caused by G force or other motions. The "motion sickness" you called is rather just a nerve issue where some people's visual nerve can't adjust focus fast enough to fit a 3D image and can't differentiate the simulated range and...
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:28 PM · 820 replies and 68679 views.
    Steve O B Have replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    Never lose your sense of humor. I love that mods and devs interact like humans. Keep it up and thank you for the hard work.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:48 PM · 22 replies and 1511 views.
    Thanks for heads up o7 Also...
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