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    Today, 10:56 PM · 1 replies and 33 views.
    sorry, as you have said, you cannot do wings/crew at the same time. But what we do in my group with new people is wing up with them in a RES and get them to just scratch the bounty and the rest of the wing finishes off the target. This works really well now that bounties are shared not split. A new person can make some big cash in just 1 night. It is also fun looking after the new person like this and keeping them alive!
  • CMDR Richard Daystrom's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 PM · 35 replies and 689 views.
    I agree with you 100% and everything you stated is unfortunately a reality of Open Play. I also agree that Open Play is "not just for PvP'ers and Griefers", but for most of us reasonable players, like yourself and the OP, it has become just that. Most, myself included, no longer play in Open and are looking for Private Groups which host those who have had bad experiences there, or who don't want their game experience ruined by those you mentioned so prominently. To this end, I can only protect my own game experience by staying away from Open and finding alternatives within PvE's and Groups. Today, I limit my play to three PG's, MobiusPvE, Big Daddy, and Canonn. I don't use Solo or Open for any gameplay at all. The fewer folks in my game the better. As I remember, the original Elite was just you, your ship and the galaxy. Anything you did was to NPC's. That's the way I like it. Be well.
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    Today, 6:14 PM · 35 replies and 689 views.
    Hello CMDR's With respect to "Open" play, you play at your own risk! There are the same nuts in Open as in the real world and tragedy is certainly going to befall you, especially at the starting gate, as everyone just has to get their "gun off" for the first time while playing with all the parameters of their new game. I almost want to state that FDev or the players themselves, need to agree or adhere to a set of FDev enforced "Rules of Engagement" like world military and air forces do (most of the time). Those violating Rules of Engagement would face some sort of game sanction. Establishing a set of Engagement Rules, and enforcing them for "Open Play", may not be so different than moving to a Private Group that seems to do just that, although not enforced directly, but by application and personal consent. If the reason for leaving Open is ruthlessness by established game rules, or unfairness by those using exploits or tricks within the game, then welcome to the real world, right or wrong,...
  • Marcus Machiavelli's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:51 PM · 5 replies and 139 views.
    1. Well done for staying and fighting to the death. 2. There has never been a fair fight in elite. Bigger ships vs small, tank vs multi roll and now engineers vs non-engineered. 3. I do not mind as i want my galaxy to be dangerous.
  • Marcus Machiavelli's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:37 PM · 3 replies and 73 views.
    yours? yes. click on it then delete. .....and ninja.....
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    Yesterday, 9:21 PM
    Hello CMDR's VoiceAttack has the ability to play your music collection within the game Elite, and a few spoke words will have you enjoying your favorite tunes. Having a playlist of my favorite tunes lined up, I decided it would be nice to take Carl Sagan around the galaxy with me. I created both an audio file and playlist for VoiceAttack, and by speaking the phrase, "Hey Carl, What is the destiny of mankind?", he will respond. When I find a water world, or see a spectacular site, he recites his speech, The Pale Blue Dot, as recorded by Erik Wernquist. Edited by Erik Wernquist, Narrated by Carl Sagan with Music by Cristian Sandquist, the audio track alone is nice to hear in the game as you explore in his spirit.
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  • Marcus Machiavelli's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:10 AM · 3 replies and 97 views.
    Good luck and let us know how it went.
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