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    Today, 8:09 AM · 683 replies and 78256 views.
    Bovomit, isn't that where the FRift "lurking evil heat signatures" came from? The Klaxians? :D
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    Today, 8:04 AM · 9608 replies and 968389 views.
    I think the use of Federation Blink Code may have a couple of connotations. (a) There is clearly some agenda between the Feds and the goids-either the feds have been faking goid attacks or the attacks were real but only the feds appear to have been targeted. Either way the Federation are deeply involved. (b) Thatchinho may have hit the nail on the head-the Oresrians are using a human signalling code which they became familiar with during the previous war hostilities, when they also learnt to communicate with humans, but they know that the Klaxians do not understand this. So they have been trying to communicate with us without the Klaxians becoming aware. May be a bug. You get those tiny scanner circles for outcrops, but you would normally then get them showing up with an audio signal on SRV scanner. Did you land and check with srv?
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    Today, 7:53 AM · 9608 replies and 968389 views.
    True, but this is only relevant if (a) you want to read forward & anticipate the plotline. Thargoids are returning in 2.4; you shouldn't expect much information on then before they appear on the scene, otherwise you're breaking the fourth wall. Of course we know (from previous history, possibly now retconned) they are ravening murderous aliens and by the time you get concrete information on them it might be how big and terrible they are as you die quivering on their mandibles. (b) Galnet appears to be controlled by the Club and Superpowers, and contains much obfuscation, propaganda, some hints but many omissions. It is the media reporting of 3302 and you shouldn't believe anything you read in the media without a lot of scepticism over the reasons you are being told something, what it is, and pondering on what is being kept quiet. (b) you only go by in-game information, however I think in this game the other sources of information (kickstarter books, plus Premonition) and FD messages on livestreams & the...
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    Today, 7:36 AM · 9608 replies and 968389 views.
    I expect they do, but FD aren't telling us that. Does make the payouts a bit nonsensical. I dropped off around 480t Resonating separators to OO, then got four CRCR and got Palin his four Technology samples plus two bio matter so last night was in the top 75%. Think FD should really have kept it to just Unknown Items.
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    Yesterday, 10:42 PM · 9608 replies and 968389 views.
    Am I correct in thinking for Liz Ryder's CG it is only the ancient relics (things on top of pillars, yes?) & not any of the other "ancient" things (totems, orbs etc). I didn't get involved with all the Guardians stuff & have only visited one site for a quick look see while I was visiting Ram Tah for some engineering mods, so am not up to speed on that side of things. and are any of the ancient things corrosive?
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    Yesterday, 1:31 PM · 13550 replies and 1427072 views.
    So you would consider it, excellent! ;) Guys, we need to persuade FD!! :)
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    Yesterday, 7:36 AM · 9608 replies and 968389 views.
    The current Liz Ryder/Palin CGs state the global rewards will be available from military installations, these are clearly the way to prepare the anti-thargoid equipment that will be needed come Winter. Didn't seem to be all that well supported yesterday afternoon.
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