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    Today, 7:25 PM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    Ugh. :rolleyes: Okay, then in your opinion that is too low. I am also sure in your opinion its all repetitive and dull. In my opinion that is your problem, not mine. :)
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    Today, 7:14 PM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    The thing that never gets responded to by the 'OMG grind!" folks is that there is no interim gameplay. The gameplay in the middle is the same as in the end and the same as at the start. If you dont like the gameplay, play a different game while discussing how to improve it. It makes no sense to 'grind interim gameplay' so you can then do the same stuff in a bigger ship. Not speaking for him, but I consider any 2m+ cr mission high-paying. What you find dull and repetitive is something you have to decide for yourself.
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    Today, 7:04 PM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    Nah, its just one of those 'really, FD?' kinda things. If anything, that is what I hope 2018 fixes. Not the main 'guild bases' and such high-investment features from the devs, but some low hanging fruit. Better NPC comms that make sense. Or having people, you know, actually interdict me when flying a combat ship. Make in-space mission choices meaningful and not just a 'hmm, 10k for selling out my faction by dumping refugees into slavery' novelties.
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    Today, 6:51 PM · 16 replies and 255 views.
    The reason for paying insurance is because you would have been killed if you hadn;'t cheated. Its fine if you dont want others shooting at you, but then dont play in Open. You dont get to arbitrarily define the rules whenever they suit you. Besides, anyone in a conda should be able to just fly away anyway. Maia is an anarchy system. You cant go into Open, fly to an anarchy system and then complain people shoot at your ship mate.
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    Today, 6:22 PM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    Well, some people consider 'find more beans every ten minute' to be a grind, and 'click 20 times to roast meat into steak' a grind. Thats kinda the thing: something isn't objectively a grind in most cases, its individual perception. If you think DayZ is grind-free, have fun. Honestly, I wont get mad, upset, frustrated, depressed or angry about it. I wont try to talk you out of it. I hold zero resentment for you not feeling a grind in DayZ. I wont consider it wrong, or right. It is just your opinion. When it gets weird though is when people insist others should start perceiving grind and have no fun, and apparantly get very upset when they see others enjoying a different game. Then it becomes borderline pathological. IMHO. :) The weird thing is that it seems missions can be improved during one dev's lunch.
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    Today, 5:57 PM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    That is basically what it always means, with the addition that the activity has to be trivial, devoid of challenge, cannot be bypassed in any way and there is no other kind of advancement possible. Killing a million rats would count typically in MMOs and older rpgs. In ED, those complaining about grind feel they have to do to get to . Only a few things can legit be called a grind (drag some unique luxury good back and forth of times to unlock some engineer) if we ignore the 'you dont have to do it' aspect. The latter of course is a bit of a slippery slope. Most things do are not: you can get money/rank/whatnot in a variety of different ways, and they are not fundamentally different than what you would do if you had reached that goal. It is linked with the 'there is no narrative' complaint: some people NEED clear-cut goals with clear cut roads towards them and a clear reward afterwards. Lacking that, they pick something 'and start grinding'. They know quite literally no other way, no alternative approach...
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    Today, 5:52 PM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    I think the only way we can resolve the 'is it a grind' Debate is by not defining the only relevant term and instead argue whether it is a simulation or not, without defining that either. Just to be safe, I would like to mention that Elite is a deep game. Internet discussions. Going nowhere since 1783.
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    Today, 5:14 PM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    I would love to have five billion players. Anyway, I had all the money I need long ago. I mostly fly tiny cheap ships, and can afford insurance thousands of times. But I am not someone who plays games for steam achievements or bragging rights, but only because I like playing them. Weird concept, I know. I have an alt account that rarely gets above +-2 million before a reset. Fun to me. Probably not to you. :) Anyway, you cant say 'survival games arent grindy' without looking daft, lol. Now go chop 1000 more wood for that wall, bro.
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    Today, 5:12 PM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    So you hound their forums and hope every day people stop having fun, right? What else could you do? Have fun yourself playing a game you do like? No, that is not what adults do. You pick one thing and whine until people make it fun for you. Thats the manly man way. Shame on you mike!
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    Today, 3:03 PM · 10 replies and 199 views. DARPA sound weapons.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 11:18 AM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    Meanwhile they have fun playing a game they like. Guess the joke's on you, as it has been for the past years. "Haha, look at those losers having fun!" Some here remind me of bartender Moe...
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    Today, 11:13 AM · 290 replies and 12308 views.
    Ratings of FAILING #ED down as usual. SAD!!
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    Today, 10:48 AM · 104 replies and 2505 views.
    Everything discussed at the expo is part of beyond. If you know about it, it isnt the premium content. They have not disclosed what the premium content is. They will do so at a later moment.
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    Today, 10:45 AM · 59 replies and 824 views.
    People might be more inclined to read it all if you didnt use so many ragey insukts and all caps. Anyway, if you act naughty people will want to kill you. If you are attacked while being clean, the attacker should become wanted. The attackers should be given fully engineereddd ships. The rest is irrelevant.
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    Today, 10:29 AM · 290 replies and 12308 views.
    The latest version of ED got 80% media scores:
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 10:25 AM · 18 replies and 534 views.
    A dbe with 4a thrusters can boost using a 2d pd, as long ad you use g3 engine mod.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 10:04 AM · 41 replies and 1419 views.
    You cant take the missions anymore. Landing was no issue as you already were landed. :p
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    Today, 10:03 AM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    This. But I never saw Elite as anything but the cliche 'han solo simulator'. You do a bit of this, you get a bit of that, you move on. Star Wars would blow if, after needing that engine for the race, he proclaimed:"oh no, I have to grind for 22 minutes for that!" In a sandbox game people have considerable freedom, but that doesnt mean everything will be fun, and certainly not to everyone.
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    Today, 9:40 AM · 290 replies and 12308 views.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 9:39 AM · 208 replies and 2836 views.
    It takes a few minutes with the srv. I have literally no clue what you could even be doing wrong, assuming you know the wavescanner.
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