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    Today, 5:31 AM · 7 replies and 120 views.
    I take a fairly strong stance against slavery. But I have sold 33 slaves so I'm not clean. Two batches. One and 32. See the Diplomatic Corps were trying to target a specific system. At the time there was a mechanic where if a faction's influence was below 2% you would expand into their "slot". And we didn't want that. We wanted to go into a system further away. With a higher population. Better economy. And this half dead anarchy faction was sitting in the way. So I took on the task of running a few missions for them so that they would gain a percent.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 5:07 AM · 1 replies and 117 views.
    I dunno, sometimes you need to poke about a bit. I like to see who the hollow squares are and check their paintwork. It can can take a little time if you have to check INARA for their license.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 5:06 AM · 217 replies and 6474 views.
    Never, ever do that. You only line up *after* your FSD is recharged, at which point you are set within 1-2 seconds. Way too short a period for a torp to trigger.
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    Today, 5:04 AM · 217 replies and 6474 views.
    Interdiction was changed (in 2.2?) based on ship mass and SC agility. Basically small agile ships are great at interdicting, huge ships are not. So Haulers escape easily, and Eagles interdict easily. T9s are screwed, as they should be. :D There is a weird 'cheat' that breaks submitting to interdiction. Its super-lame and you recognize it instantly. Beyond that it works as it should, FWIW.
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    Today, 5:03 AM · 217 replies and 6474 views.
    Yeah, thats the depressing part. Legit pirates are left in the cold between insane murder hobo's and skillless unshielded traders. :(
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 5:02 AM · 217 replies and 6474 views.
    FSD recharge rates havent been changed. A simple heat sink counters all issues (except heat cannons). Torps are a non-issue to anyone with any situational awareness due to trigger time and projectile speed.
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    Today, 5:01 AM · 33 replies and 4430 views.
    IMHO, Stellaris sits between EU and Civ, complexity wise. Its not 100% pick up and go as with civ, but it isnt nearly as absurdly complex as EU.
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    Today, 4:51 AM · 217 replies and 6474 views.
    Or rudimentary skills. The game simply is not providing massive advantages to 'griefers'. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the game becomes pretty much immune to being killed unless they want to stick around and risk their ship. Your claim is like saying "the ultimate F U to pick pockets is staying in bed!". Well, no. Just move your phone and wallet out of your back pocket into the inside pocket of your jacket and you're golden. Dont take no amazing skills or talent. Just common sense and you're good to go.
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    Today, 4:40 AM · 29 replies and 919 views.
    Some of us like to be challenged. ;)
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 4:19 AM · 217 replies and 6474 views.
    Did a couple of runs with a mate yesterday, both of us in Pythons. Number of interdictions: zero. Quite disappointing, really. Guess it really depends on your neighbourhood. What it is it for me to hunt people in anarchy zones who kill people in anarchy zones? Nothing. Its your job to keep your ship in one piece and you failed. Dont shift the blame on other people. A proper cobra shouldnt be griefed anyway, its way too fast and small for it.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 3:54 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    Interesting, thanks for sharing. Makes you wonder about their earlier 'manifesto' they posted here about 'zero tolerance' and 'taking responsibility'. A shame, really. I wish there was a ED player group that consisted of 'legit' borg-like dangerous people. But every time you think you found a group that could fullfil that role and add some danger to Open you discover its tainted with cheats, exploits and lame behavior. :(
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    Today, 3:45 AM · 138 replies and 17579 views.
    Manticore replied to a thread [PLEASE READ] Powerplay 2.4 Un-Pledge Notice in News and Updates
    I find that happens a lot when people create something, design the product and package and own the IP. Ten pages of posts on this topic? Does it really matter that much?
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    ha, I know. Just to be clear, is this the 'got caught combat logging and giggling like a schoolgirl' thing? If so, AFAIK he is no longer with SDC.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    I can only talk about what I experienced myself. He was hanging over an engineer base (cant remember which one) with his cutter and attacked me for no apparant reason. Considering I was hundreds of m/s faster, had chaff and flew a tiny ship, it was pointless in every conceivable way. I dont have any proof, so he can claim as he wish. Btw, didnt they kick the cheating/logging leader of SDC away a year ago or so? Or is this a new cheating/logging leader of SDC? :P
  • Manticore's Avatar
    Today, 2:51 AM · 116 replies and 3684 views.
    Says it all about this thread...........
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 2:26 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    Fine, as you wish. You are, by the way, not the only person who has a different forum name compared with the cmdr name...
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 2:22 AM · 26 replies and 671 views.
    It depends on your ambition level. I have a humble Hauler that does over 600m/s when loaded, and has chaff. It is so tiny and fast, noone's is gonna hit it so its essentially God Mode. Downside is that you only get to move 10 ton with my build. Still, if you want to go Open CG and you dont want to risk too much, this is a good way to start. Even if you fail a few times, the rebuy is basically negligible. The latter. As the re-load of chaff is exactly identical to the duration, having two of them means you can perma-chaff for a couple of minutes. As 'gankers' tend to fly slow, lumbering ships with gimballed weapons, flying tiny ships with double chaff and enhanced thrusters basically mean you can ignore those 1 billion credit griefers. :P
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 2:19 AM · 7791 replies and 769813 views.
    That is classy, really. +1!
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 2:16 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    Sure, but he isnt a PvP'er. He is someone who just learned to fly FA off really, really well. And inspired a lot of people with, which is commendable. I am not sure if you'd understand this, but its a lot harder to have any kind of respect for someone who tries to kill me when I fly a Sidewinder, they fly a Cutter, and they fail. Followed by them taunting me over comms when I went out of range in a rather infantile way. You know? Dont get me wrong, it is nothing personal. Maybe you have cleaned up your act a bit and you are a legitimite PvP player now who communicates respectfully with other people. Fighting actual PvP ships and actually hitting them, and not questioning people's sexual preferences, for a start. I wouldn't know, because I am not a PvP player. I fly Open because I enjoy people actually putting me at risk, which the AI is simply unable to do as we all know. Jason seems positive about you, and I take his opinion into account. But my numerous experiences with you so far left me......
  • Manticore's Avatar
    Today, 2:04 AM · 2427 replies and 510164 views.
    Manticore replied to a thread Elite Memes in Dangerous Discussion
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 1:59 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    Ha! I dont even get the point of this. Why 'misremember' what 'griefing' is, or even how it is spelled, what ships he flies, or his typical use of gimballed weapons in engineered ships (heck, YT can show you that easily)? Its just plain weird. If you spend so little time building a reputation, why not just say:"Yes, I like trolling people with my gimballed weapons because it is easy and I like it when people complain about me." It is allowed, it isnt cheating or exploiting and its very well known. Why go through the effort to pretend its about anything else? Surely he didnt attack my Sidewinder at an engineer base in his cutter because he was looking for a challenge? And surely he didnt fail because he is such a Master of Fixed Weapons? It is fine. We aren't Isinona with his FA off skills etc, noone will look down on you when you are just honest. Weird stuff.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 1:48 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    Well, I guess I met another person from the Wizarding World then. What a coincidence.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 1:47 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    Huh, amazing how much your fixed weapons were bothered by chaff. Then again, I am no lord, so I dont know much about such things. :)
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 1:42 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    My foot, this was presumably for Engineers, and you were using it to grind mats. I presume jumping around in your PvP ships was a hassle for you then, I dont blame you. For what it is worth, you did try to trash my Corvette. And Asp. And Sidewinder. And Viper. Usually at engineer bases and around maia. You failed every single time, probably because I mastered the trick of 'chaff' and 'hi-wake'. But feel welcome to 'protect your reputation' here, whatever you think it may be. Yes, you'd have access to less engineers.
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