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    Today, 2:56 PM · 7 replies and 167 views.
    Thanks. If people really wanted to help, I've got to go offline now, but expect to be back online again in about 14 hours.
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    Today, 1:17 PM
    I wasn't planning on doing any rim-running on this exploration trip. So I didn't spend time harvesting lots of jumponium before I left. I also didn't bring along an SRV, nor a mining laser. I had enough polonium for one Grade 3 FSD boost, and enough cadmium for four grade 2s. My ship has a maximum rated jump range of 46.3 LY. But I had an interesting stop on my itinerary suggested to me by Cmdr Marx, and it proved to be much further out on the galactic fringe than I'd anticipated. But I checked the route options; I could catch a neutron star down there, and use jumponium on the way back. Easy peasy. Or so I thought. Turns out, I misread the requirements and didn't realise a Grade 2 jump uses 2 units of cadmium, not one (I've never actually used jumponium before). I was down to one of each boost type when I noticed and now I'm stuck in a part of the galaxy where very few stars are within 46 LY of each other. What to do? Aha. There's a neutron star only two boosted-jumps away. If I can make it there,...
    7 replies and 167 views.
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    Today, 1:10 PM · 244 replies and 4611 views.
    This has been the case for a long while now, and was uncovered during the Salome event. It's pretty well documented. Denying it won't speed up the fix either ;)
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    Today, 12:34 PM · 161 replies and 4129 views.
    Has frontier said whether spacelegs will include VR support? I imagine that if they do have VR in FPS mode, that will be a major hurdle to the release, since creating a viable platform for FPS VR where you can reorient and translate in 6 degrees of freedom (x,y,z,φ,θ,ψ). Granted we can already do this in ships and in an SRV, but even that view is fairly anchored, and driving in VR already gives even the strongest stomachs a case of the willies.
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    Today, 11:52 AM · 6 replies and 165 views.
    In space, there are no walls. Or borders! :D Unless you count the exclusion zone, but hopefully Frontier are working on a cure for that too. ;)
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    Today, 11:38 AM · 244 replies and 4611 views.
    Indeed, that is one slow courier build. In reality, a well flown Courier even one that only went 540 should have zero problems evading any FDL. Even a rinzler type like in the video above. But yeah, as for the OP's plan, the idea to interdict is good, but if you are simply dying every time, then you will only slow them down maybe 10%. In these little "nothing ships", it takes them only 30 seconds to submit, kill you, and then jump back to SC. That leaves them with about 5 minutes of uninterrupted murder spree while you fiddle with the rebuy screen, and jumping back to SC and trying to reacquire a target. Now, if you instead build a ship that can actually chain interdict the snot out of them, and also lead them on a merry chase, or even fight them until you choose to wake away, then you are tying up a nearly unlimited amount of their time, the more gaankers involved in chasing you the bigger your multiplier effect. Remember, it's important to let them think they have a chance to kill you so...
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:36 PM · 421 replies and 14266 views.
    Sandro, this may be the best Exploration focused dev post I've read to date. When I heard you were reviewing the scan mechanic, I was thrilled, but reading this list fills me with renewed hope that Exploration could be a complete and vital game unto itself. I can see you have the design concepts well in hand, and tbh I'm even more glad now for having dropped an expansions worth of money in the store this week. As much as I love the kits and paint jobs, the main reason I buy them is to say: Thank you! to everyone at Fdev. Very excited to see what comes next. :)
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    Yesterday, 6:16 PM · 113 replies and 2663 views.
    Beat me to it :)
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    Yesterday, 3:18 PM · 16 replies and 516 views.
    My assumption - and it is just an assumption, but based on what we know of the permit system as far as we can see it - is that Universal Cartographics operates the permit systems. They are the ones that have programmed all our Navigational computers; the permit seems to be a "simple" software lockout, that unlocks when the correct key is transmitted. Now, obviously it can't actually be a "simple" system, otherwise hacking the map would be commmonplace; there's got to be a massively advanced unbreakable, unhackable system in place if even the superpowers can't hack themselves a permit at will. Have you ever wondered where Universal Cartographics gets all that money from? You know, the cash they give away for "exploring" a system that hundreds of thousands of other ships must have explored previously. They sure aren't making their profits from selling cartographic data. As I see it, anyone with enough cash - and we're talking trillions of credits, per month - can buy themselves a permit-lock; for as long as...
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:30 PM · 74 replies and 1997 views.
    I would say any of the big 3 are fine for PVE. For big ship PVP, I would say the Anaconda is on the no-fly list, but if PVP is your thing, an FDL or Vulture will do just fine vs any ship out there. So don't do a grind just for PVP superiority. But if you're up for a grind, I would say the Cutter is a straight upgrade from the Anaconda. The only downgrade is the jump range, but the Cutter can still jump nearly 40 LY, so not a huge loss. The Corvette on the other hand, is an upgrade for shields only, and a downgrade for everything else, so you pay a hefty price. So the Corvette isn't really worth the grind. Many people like it because it looks like a small star destroyer and has those 2 huge guns. Imo, it's a bit of a lemon, but one with enough covfefe to make it interesting to fly. For PVP, all of the gankers worth their (dry-eyed) salt fly a Cutter over the other 2 big ships, if that's any indicator of which ship is the king of kings.
  • pippo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:21 PM · 6 replies and 174 views.
    Not yet, no. In fact, Multicrew short comings and bugs are quite large still. But there's something about it... Can't... Resist... :P
  • pippo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:39 AM
    Howdy, Cmdr Sp3ck... gunner extraordinaire... Looking to join medium to small size ships for piracy shenanigans. I'll bring the Holo-rum.
    6 replies and 174 views.
  • Sapyx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:15 AM · 12 replies and 398 views.
    Sapyx replied to a thread Look what I found! in Elite Exploration
    At 37,000 atmospheres pressure, water ice would melt at about 120 degrees C (about 400 K). So whatever "ice" it is, it isn't water. Which would be surprising, given the 100% water atmosphere.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:49 AM · 95 replies and 1968 views.
    Avoid Saitek like the plague. Logitech or no, the saitek acquisitions will take time to rectify. I am using the Thrustmaster FCS. Pretty good, the centering on my unit is a bit inconsistent, but that can be fixed simply by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Great stick and throttle, even better price. Probably the most agile stick on the market. Would pick it over a Warthog for the price and the features.
  • Sapyx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:01 AM · 36 replies and 1125 views.
    The skybox is static for each system. Allowing true supercruise-between-systems would mean the skybox would have to become dynamic: flying from Sol all the way over to Sirius, you'd watch Alpha Centauri slowly creep past you, and the other nearby stars gradually change position. I'd be really cool (kind of a super-slow-motion version of the old Windows screensaver) but I'm not sure current gaming-computer technology and internet connections are capable of keeping up with that kind of dynamically rendered full-scale universe, especially given that it's be something you'd never even notice unless you were actually doing the interstellar cruising.
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